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Qatar Salary

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command upgrade prospects.

Hey guys would like to know what are the chances of being upgraded from FO 777/787 to command.
-how long does it usually takes and are the chances good?
i jus wanna know what is the command prospect in qatar for a new 777/787 FO.

-and is it from right to left seat on the same fleet or they will send us to A320 for command?

-can we do the command course when we have enough hours or is it based on seniority?

thanks in advance.
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but this question is no about the qatar salary..
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is there pay while on course? Flying 787 and 777 mixed, or separate..

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Lots has been changing in this part of the world! Any insider willing to share their new 5 stars deal?
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In what respect?
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Money dude!
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Hourly flying pay is 138.

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Old 13th Dec 2015, 22:33
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Hi all...

I'm interested in SO starting salary and also how long roughly will it take to go from SO to FO? I am a prospective SO for the A320 fleet. Any info on this would be greatly appreciated. Also, what are current flying hours for a new SO per month on the A320 fleet? Or if you don't know, best guess??

Once again any info would be HUGELY appreciated!
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If you join type rated with 2000hrs and an ATPL what is your rank SO/FO/SFO?
How does this change with training, hours, line check etc

What is the basic monthly salary for SO/FO/SFO?

I'm sure these questions have been answered before somewhere in the thread so thanks.
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Hi All,

I am currently with the mob that shall not be named to the east.
Seriously considering moving out. Any up to date information for widebody airbus Captain appreciated ie roster salary allowances cost of living.

Feel free to post or pvt msg me.

Thanks in advance

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Gatbusdrivers post around Jan2015 is still correct with just one alteration, we are now receiving a housing allowance of QAR15,000 for Cpt.

Life on the big buses is not as stable as the Boeing, but no guarantees as to which fleet you will join.

Life is good here at the moment but things can change! The grass is not always greener in the desert but I am very glad Emirates took too long to offer me an interview.


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Cpt salary seems to be around $15k a month if you sort out the housing on your own, it increases in steps and then there's a completion bonus at the end of it.
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With the overtime, does it mean than if you fly 900 hours in a year, 630 will be paid at 138 and 270 will be paid at 276 giving a grand total of 161460?
How many hours should you expect to fly on the 320?
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Expect to fly 630. They try to level off the hours and they do it quite well.
If you get to 630 you will be flying less and new guys will be topped with 80/90 hours.

777 is different, they fly a lot more
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So then would it be fair to say that a new Captain averages about QAR55-60k/month including salary, flight pay, and housing?
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As QR 320 new captain your salary will be:

QAR 33.527 Basic Pay
QAR 1.500 Transport Allowance
QAR 300 Utility Allowance (will not get this if you decide do live in Holliday Villa which is a company accommodation in a hotel)
QAR 500 Hotel Meal Allowance (average, not many layovers on 320)
QAR 8.280 Hourly Flying Pay (60 hours average, QAR 138/h)
QAR 1.676 International Savings plan (this money is deposited on an account and will be released to you at the end of contract).
TOTAL of QAR 45.783

3% pay raise on basic per year.
Overtime after 630h payed once a year on May. Average is QAR 5.000 to QAR 7.000 only (777 guys are getting up to QAR 30.000)

Housing allowance is QAR 15.000 but currently there is plenty of company accommodation available (some very good ones for captain), so unless you have a good excuse you will not get approval to opt for the allowance instead.

School fee reimbursement:

a) Child's age must be equal or above 4th birthday and less than or equal to 21st birthday.
b) Eligible to claim a maximum amount of QAR 125,000.00/year
c) Maximum number of 3 children.

No additional payment for Deadheading, training, standby, simulator, etc....

I hope this helps, good luck!

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It helps a lot.

I thought year 1 basic is 32550 and transport allowance is 1800.

It's good to see that yearly average hours are circa 700, it's less than what I currently fly. Unless it's factored hours and not actual block hours?

With current exchange rate it works at EUR 10500 net. A lot more than what I earn now.
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Housing allowance is QAR 15.000 but currently there is plenty of company accommodation available (some very good ones for captain),
I know they use the holiday village but anything else they use?
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Any chance to publish First Officer Salary and Benefits Please?
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Qatar Airways pilot jobs news for airline pilots and aviation schools
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