Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

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Thank you for the detailed answer Casablanca, I do appreciate.
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Casa , your experience been good . That does not mean to say that what has been said on PPRuNe is without basis . Just as you have had positive , quite a few have had negative . There is a saying in QR , your job is only as secure as your last flight .

It is quite common to see wannabees suck up the positive as balanced and informative , but are quick to dismiss the rantings which usually have some basis in fact . You joined DEC 777 , and have had no issues , doesn't mean others before and after have not suffered some injustice . Can you say that no one has been rail-roaded there ? No questionable stories at all , must be Eden as you imply .

QR pays a reasonable package , and the airline is never going to close ,but workers are workers , without any protections or rights . If you can stay low profile you can have a long shelf life , otherwise .....

So your post may add balance , but don't dismiss others bad stories .

The last COO , great track record for pilot dismissal's , right ? Any other Management changes recently ? SNAFU .
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Stone_cold is right.

QR is no utopia. People leave here in droves as better offers come in (or they are dismissed!). Especially FOs who seem to be constantly deficated on from a great height as unknowns like myself are brought in as DEC.

For me.......I'm happy enough, but I want to be out of here before my kids start secondary education. This is no place for teenagers (in my opinion, of course).

The long and short of it is you will meet people who have been here 15 years and are very happy, you will find people who have been here a year who don't care about the bond, they need/want out. It is generally what you make of it.

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So, you guys all say, it is "come and see" situation. Maybe a DEC option is another perspective instead of dreaming flying longhaul. I usually do 4 landings and fly 8 hours, domestic and international. I see I need solid reasons to apply.
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Hi all

Regarding tuition fees, you must pay all out of your own pocket and then wait for reimbursement, or there is some kind of direct billing agreement between companies and schools? If you have to wait for reimbursement, how long it takes to get the money back?

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You pay and then submit claim on line. If you get the claim in before the 15/16 of the month you will get it in your next pay.
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Thanks a lot 320goat
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Details of Qatar Staff Travel

In the process of joining QR as an FO. Would someone be kind enough to share staff travel details? just wanted to know if In Laws are also entitled to discounted tickets? if not, is there any way in which discounted/special fare tickets can be bought for distant family members?

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Would have to say that staff travel is one of the best - not perfect but very very good. The not perfect is that there is no friends and family. So InLaws get nothing. Rumour had it that "they" where looking at it, but naught as of yet. I am not familiar with any discounted or special tickets for distant family members.
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Inlaws are on the list, but not brother/sister-in-law. Just the mother and father-in-law.

There is rumour of 12 tickets which can be allocated to anyone (or something like that, but as stated....just a rumour).

Annual leave ticket for the wife and kids to be booked between 1st Jan and 31st Dec.
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Where there is smoke there is fire and the 700 previous posts speak for themselves. I'm sure everyone on PPRuNe is very familiar with all of the bad stories.
It is definitely not Utopia
I feel the cost of living may cause many to no longer view this as a long term option, however just to offer an alternative to all the bad, neither I nor the majority of the crews I fly with have had a bad experience here....it may not be the norm or as bad as it was previously.
There is lots of fear here.. Stories of people being fired for total bs...but I have seen others screw up, get re-trained and back on line. It may be purely coincidental but I think they often look at the bigger picture, and one's track record.
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Hi Goat 320,

We have had the 12 tickets now for about 2 years. They are good for in laws, and brother and sister in law.

Hope that helps.

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Hey I've been leafing through this thread and have a few questions about Qatar? I noticed some of the info on this thread is over a year old so I just want to clarify if it is still accurate?

1. I'm flying for a 121 US carrier currently, FAA ATP 4500+TT 2 Jet PIC type ratings (RJ and DC-9), and 2000 Jet SIC time, no TPIC time. Am I competitive with the guys that have been getting hired recently?

2. Pay. I see there's been an increase but not the actual numbers, I think I saw 5%? So is the full annual yearly salary package (including housing, flight pay, schooling, etc) represent a monthly and annual pay of around 8,835 USD/month and 106,000 USD/yr for FO's?

3. Schedule. Is it still 7-9 days off per month with days on the road? Is this what the 777, 787, A380 etc schedules look like? The info posted on that was a little old. As I'm unfamiliar with Middle Eastern Airlines, do pilots bid on pairings and schedules per seniority? So say can a more senior FO bid a better schedule with blocks of days off and enjoy 15 days off per month? Or is this not recognized at all?

4. Aircraft, I'd prefer to be on the 777, 787, A330, or A380 because I'd rather do long haul flying than short hops and with sits (I do this at my current carrier). Is this possible right out of training? If not is there a seat lock? I see there is a training bond, I assume this needs to be paid down then before switch A/C? I thought I read earlier this has been extended to 5 years instead of 3?

My biggest priority is schedule. I have a rough one at my current employer and I'd like to see an improvement with a company that generally respects seniority. I can start over with a rough schedule on RSV somewhere new for awhile but as time passes and I'd like to enjoy a better QOL.

I understand most people posting here want to stay anonymous including myself. But is it possible for someone to post what a "sample" week or month might look like for a junior or senior line pilot at Qatar? Again mostly interested in the long haul stuff if it can be held right out of training.

All that said, I just want to see if Qatar is the right fit for me. I'm not actually available to move abroad for about 6-8 months, but I'm planning ahead. I really appreciate the info and see what I'm getting into. I have been to the Middle East before and am very familiar with the cultural differences and lifestyle. I just want to see if Qatar Airways would be a good fit for me.

Thanks a million!
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Sorry, just to clarify.

I was thinking about my wife's siblings.......they don't get staff travel.

BDD is correct the brothers and sisters in law get staff travel.
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Not sure of the exact requirements for A320 DEC (the website will have them) but a widebody command here requires min 2000 hours widebody experience for a DEC position.

The roster varies immensely depending which fleet you're on. We have a bidding system that is not seniority based and requires a couple of months of experimenting to get to grips with, but generally good. You can bid for almost anything, destinations, specific patterns, dates, report times, etc, as well as blocks of days off. That and, like someone said, staff travel, are great.

Salarywise, a new Captain is on QAR34,000 basic, which includes transportation allowance. If you fly 80 hours add around 11,000, plus maybe another 5,000 in overnight allowances. Roughly 50,000/month = USD13,700. A First Officer would probably be on roughly 37,000 = USD10,000. Perhaps someone has a correct figure. Of course if you don't fly it's basic only.

If you have company accommodation and not more than two kids, your expenses in Doha are your food & essentials, your V8 and entertainment. And there's not much entertainment...

If you are renting your own place you will get 12,000/month in housing allowance but expect to pay 18,000 for a villa in a good compound. Apartments are around 12-16,000 in The Pearl, which would be the expensive part of town. The housing allowance is grossly inadequate.

Hope that clears up some of your queries.
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thx, got all the info I need!

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I think you'll find that the requirements for DEC 787 (a wide body) have changed recently and you can get it with no Wide Body time if you have 737 NG time.
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Can someone confirm that the housing allowance for CPT is 17000QAR and 14000QAR for FO?

Also is transportation allowance the same now for CPT and FO at 1500QAR?
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One can dream.........

Capt QAR 12,000
FO QAR 10,000

Car allowance is correct.

You also receive utility allowance at QAR300 and phone at QAR33.

Just to clarify. The above starting salary is incorrect. Captain starting salary is QAR32,550 (up from QAR31,000 as of pay rise backdated to September).

My average meal allowance and flight pay for the year is approximately QAR11,000 per month. I did make QAR15,000 last month, but I was very busy with a lot of time away from home.

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thanks gatbusdriver

wrong numbers from my source then. What is the overtime above 70BH?
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