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Quality of Life EK or EY

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Quality of Life EK or EY

Old 27th May 2011, 11:21
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Quality of Life EK or EY

Hey everybody

I’m new to all of this so go easy with the bashing... I am just wondering if anyone could shed some light on the quality of life to be had in The Sandpit.

I am thinking strongly of Heading towards UAE and i am looking into either EK or EY.

You hear good and bad form both ,but would just like to hear from some People who are down there and living the Sandpit experience.



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Old 27th May 2011, 14:17
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...but if you show him the finger you go to jail even if it was because of his dangerous driving...

Seriously though IFL, without going into it too much EK is the better option at the moment...
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Old 28th May 2011, 01:47
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Ok, thanks for that Info guy’s... was gonna go visit on leave soon enough but i am a wee bit scared now. Are the locals friendly towards “Outsiders” ?

Ya from trawling through all the stuff on here it seems not Many People happy in both Outfits but As you said Sec, Conditions for Loss of licence, Medical, Education that bit betterin EK and is definitely something to consider long term.

Is there any chance to Join onto Boeing with Airbus Widebody experience seems that bit better.....

Thanks For Comments

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Old 28th May 2011, 04:08
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As far as locals being unfriendly to outsiders, I've never experienced any overt hostility to me for being an expat. They do suffer from a sense of entitlement. Most times I've dealt with local female civil servants they've been fairly helpful and accommodating.
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Old 28th May 2011, 05:51
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What NGK said, but I am from a Western country .I have not walked in the shoes of an expat from countries East of here, but I suspect their treatment is not as cordial.

There is a definite "pecking order" here and one must always be mindful of that or one's personal situation could turn severely brown in a very short time.
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Old 28th May 2011, 06:31
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There is no quality of life at Etihad. You can not expect any balance in your monthly rosters. The request system is a joke. Our management dont have the brains to copy a good system like the one at Emirates or cant because they are purposeffully running the fleets short of pilots to save money. The following is a typical missive:

We are anticipating a large amount of training to be completed on the A330 fleet throughout July and August. Therefore we encourage submitting A330 types of requests during this period that we will try and utilize for LFUS. We have over the past several months allowed requests for flights and days off over training in some circumstances. July and August we will require line training to clear A330 LFUS. Therefore particular July and August requests may be declined in order to complete the necessary A330 LFUS. Please avoid requests for A340, ULR, long A330 trips over 4 days in length, and augmented trips where possible.

So the most senior guys in the company cant request anything good in the summer, half of them where denied leave and the rumour is August leave will be cancelled for some as we have a danger of parked planes. Thanks for the hard work boys, here's a 500 dirham bonus. What did Emirates get?

No question here. If you come to the ME the only game in town is Emirates.
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Old 28th May 2011, 09:11
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Stay away from EY! seniority does not come into consideration and rosters leave a lot to be desired. If you must come to the middle east go to Emirates, same workload but at least you get a bonus at the end of the year and roster stability. Etihadghostrider hit the nail on the head ref quality of life etc in Etihad , our bosses are purely focused on cost cutting above anything else inc morale,so be warned!!
As far as locals are concerned, I have always found them great to fly with and polite and helpful at most government departments, good luck
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Old 28th May 2011, 10:31
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And what about Qatar Airways? EK seems to be the num.1 choice but between QR and EY?
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Old 28th May 2011, 10:57
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Can't comment on the work conditions at QR but having been to both countries, I would give the UAE the definate thumbs up, so EY probably would be the best lesser of two evils
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Old 28th May 2011, 16:01
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We get one basic request only roster-wise at EY. 4 days off. You know... Sons birthday... Wife needs you home for something... Etc. Basic life needs.

You know how many xxxxing times I got my request ... So I can handle my important personal biz ... In the last 18 months... 3 xxxing times!!!!!

I can barely contain my discontent at this point with this place.... I am reaching my limit.
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Old 28th May 2011, 17:53
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World's MIS'Leading Airline

The above clearly shows the kind of management you will be dealing with when you join EY. Almost all of these guys rose from the ranks and some joined because of their connections with Hogie Bear. The lack the qualification to run an international airline and hence what is happening to EY.

Go to EK, you will be far happier and you will be thanking us for the info.

Quality of life does not exist in either place to be honest, but if you are going to have to work your arse off then you might as well have a nice place to come home to, take home a better salary, be well covered if you get sick or unable to work for a while, get driven to and from work, have your utilities paid for(albeit capped), request the roster you want to fly, have stability and knowledge when your turn for command is coming up and most of all whenever you are going on leave, know that you will get served a decent meal without having to take what's left over because they didnt load enough for all the pax.

None of the things mentioned in the previous paragraph exist in EY, total mess and they want us to convince our friends to attend their road shows in Asia. I value my friendships too much to put any of them through this hell hole.

Good Luck in making a choice.

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