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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 5th Dec 2007, 14:05
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EK Roadshow

Go anyway. EK needs over 500 pilots next year and do NOT even have that many applications. RJ guys (glass) have a history of doing very well whilst going thru training. You never know, you might just get an interview, sooner than you expect!
Good Luck
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 17:16
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Im still planning on going and I don't have my ATP yet, just the written. If its absolutely required I could get it in a couple days. I doubt they will black list you.. if anything it will show your interest in the company. At least thats what I tell myself.
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Old 5th Dec 2007, 18:09
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They must be definitely drastically short on crews. Initial application Nov 15th, placed on the shortlist Nov 17th, invited to initial interview in Atlanta U.S. on Nov 23rd. TT 3700, 2000 jet, A320 current and typed. Pretty exited.
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 01:29
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I don't meet the Capt. requirements but I've got 2200 hours PIC in 717/MD80 and 13,000 total.

How long would it take to upgrade if hired as an FO? Also, how long from interview to training?

Thanks. TC
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 04:52
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Read this and weep all you who want to come here. When I joined, it was good, but now, inflation is killing me. I now live paycheck to paycheck, just like I did back home. And for the record, I do not get any ERP.

I copied this from the "EK Salary Declines" thread. Have a look at it.

Published: December 05, 2007, 23:14
Frankfurt: The UAE central bank said yesterday it would leave its dollar peg unchanged for the "foreseeable future" after Gulf rulers agreed to keep any currency reform talks secret to calm markets.
UAE Central Bank Governor Sultan Bin Nasser Al Suwaidi, who complained last month he was under growing pressure to drop the peg and track a currency basket, said yesterday there was no need to allow the dirham to rise against the tumbling dollar.
"No change is going to take place in the near future, in the foreseeable future," Suwaidi told Reuters on the sidelines of a conference in Frankfurt.
Asked if the dirham's exchange rate was going to stay the same, Suwaidi said: "Yes, yes. No change. It's better to stay as they are."
So our salary will definitely decline to new lows.
They sell their oil by as much more as the dollar falls, so they balance their sheets. The locals get a 70% to compensate the inevitable inflation, so they are compensated as well.
What about the expats? "What about them?"
As long as there are newbees to come, only to get our warnings confirmed and their wet dreams dried out, there is no need for the greedy to have us join the compensation bandwagon.
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 11:11
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to 777boca

but there is still everyday's selection quite a large amount of candidates who are eliminated.so it seems that there is still enough potential reservoir of candidates.
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 15:12
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You could get the accelerated command which is a minimum of 18 months of service. As for your second question, it all depends on the time notice you put on your app and which class/fleet they are going to assign you. From what I hear, it's pretty close to the time frame you give them.

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Old 6th Dec 2007, 18:31
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When is your interview?

New interview process, day 1 Paper work, company info and testing (Memory, knowledge, math, sico and something else), day 2 Personal interviews, if you pass you get invited to the sim on day 3. Sim test Straight foward, no tricks and you get all the info need it for the assesment.

Great people and great company

Good luck
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 21:01
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uspilot757 what are the criteria for this accelerated command that you are talking about and how often does it happen?
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 21:09
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8000 hrs minimum and 2500 PIC in an aircraft over 50 tonnes. 18 month from DOJ and 2 PPCs with a passing grade.

Now, 4 months training, 8 months as F/O and you might get the call, end of final line check by your 18th month.

I have seen it in the 777 and some lucky guys in the A330.
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Old 6th Dec 2007, 23:01
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Emirates secret selection criteria


Recently joined the selection program at Emirates.
They changed the schedule, now day one and two are interviews, assessments, Advanced Compass Testing and psychometric tests, day three is simulator check and medical.
Apparently because about 50% of the new hired pilots leave again in the first three years, the term "Emirates flight crew selection program" is better discribed as "Emirates motivational selection program".
You do not get any feedback why you are not invited after two days of testing to continue to the third day, where simulator and medical are planned.
From our group of twelve people only four got through. When you carefully look at the people that passed, all four had cut the ties with their homecountry, sold their house, lived abroad etc. The others all still lived in their home countries and were apparently not eager enough to cut all ties and thus are prone to leave Emirates early.
The first two days of testing are a fake, one of the candidates that got through was in everybodies opinion not suitable, however allready lived abroad.
I personally went in for DEC and was not eager enough to fly untill 65 and told them that I would not sell my house in my homecountry.
So, when you apply, be sure to say that your house is on the market and you are really eager to fly long after 60.
Otherwise you will be called in your hotelroom on the evening of the second day and get the message that you do not meet the requirements to pass to phase 2 of the selection process, the simcheck and medical.
You don't get a reason, but when you look at all the candidates a clear picture comes out that the only selection criterium for phase 1 is motivation to cut all ties with your home country and fly long after 60. (retirement age is 65, free rollators when you are over 60).
I am convinced the selection program is changed because you can't see during a simcheck or medical if a candidate is motivated to stay longer than the avarage three years now apparently normal for newly hired pilots.
So now they first check motivation, and if motivated enough, they check you on the sim and have your medical.

I wish everybody succes in the selection program, wish I had known this one day earlier. Apparently, with the rules that no feedback what so ever is given, and probably a sort of Free Macon's outh to never give out this secret when you join as a interviewer, nowbody ever finds out why he or she is rejected.
Everybody focusses on the technical and psychometric selection and motivation is forgotten. During the interviews and tests interwoven in the questions like "when did you last learn something from your copilot" the real question about motivation to stay with Emirates long after 58 are hidden.

Good luck
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 07:55
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Emirates Vision Requirements

Can anybody tell me if Emirates has an uncorrected vision requirement for their company medical exam and if so, what the requirement is? Also, does anybody know if Lasik is disqualifying at Emirates? Thanks
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 10:06
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jetrunner makes some excellent points. I think it is very telling that they have completely reversed the emphasis of the selection process. It has always been heavily weighted to the sim eval on the first day, with candidates being weeded out on day 1 if they have problems...wait for it...FLYING/MANAGING THE AIRCRAFT! Remember that part of the job?

Now it's like an afterthought. As long as you can say the right things and tick the right boxes on the psych tests, why, then maybe we'll let you have a go at flying!

Totally bizarre...the inmates are truly running the institution. Well, when all else fails, lower your expectations I guess.
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 17:03
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Emirates Interview

I have an interview w/ Emirates in the new year. I have read answers to questions concerning the job, changes, inflation etc. I am currently on the 737 with a major in the states. I hear about long days, flying the backside etc. On the 37 Ican have 12+ hour 4-5 leg days. I have flown 747-100/747-400/777/767 so I have flown frontside/backside of clock etc.
I don't believe there is any real stability in the states. I have 13 to go until 60 if they don't change rules here. Emirates 65, chance to regain lost retirement etc. Emirates has made a profit for the last 19 consec years. So in short I am looking for a carrier that has the potential to be around. Unions are good, but they can create problems too.
So: how do you enjoy your trips? The people you work with, layovers? As a single person living there, how is it? Anyone golf?
This one bothered me. Someone mentioned a pilot was scolded for flying up to 15K. Are you kidding me? What is the company's SOP for flying the jet?
Thanks in advance for your time.
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 17:19
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good luck with the interview - i guess it is for a DEC job?

job is good , money is good , DXB is what you make it but I like it - and I am an Aussi. Having said that lots of folks might disagree so guess that says it all - different strokes etc etc..

I have been here 8 year and the main thing that is frustrating is the fact that they dont really listen much to us. many folks have suggested remote rosters/basings etc but seems that not much success there even with persuasive fiscal arguments. That would cover the DXB side fo the equation - then it would jsut be money and lifestyle to complain about!

As an american they bandy about the tax free salary a bit - and it isnt totally that way esp. for you guys. But all that said I and several other guys have managed to make a shed load of cash on the property market here so I am 43 and could semi retire now - and I came with not much after a divorce...not all stories the same but fortune favours the bold!
see you in the pit!
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 17:30
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This sounds awfully like Alaska Airlines. Don't really care if you can fly just as long as you don't start training and leave as soon as you get hired at Southwest. Basically have to sell your soul to the Alaska interviewers saying that Alaska is the greatest place in the world and you don't even know of any other airline.
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 18:29
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Thanks woodja and warlock. Yes it is for a dec job. Spent 6.5 on 777 and 3.5 as a capt. Seems like land has gone up so the opp to get in low and sell for profit quite slim. I am glad life has treated you well. Does favor the bold. I was hoping to save much to recover losses here. Divorce took the savings. Anyway, appreciate your response. Fly safely.

By the way, single life good or dicey around there? Better on the road?
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 18:34
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excuse my ignorance, but what do you mean by "15K" ?
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 18:54
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Sorry, no worries, 15,000'
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Old 8th Dec 2007, 19:00
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Good points about the possible motive for changing the format. It is starting to sound like the Cathay interview, having to sell yourself to the country and the company.....

Would you mind giving more info on this Advanced Compass test, not much info out there about it. What kind of technical questions were on it?? Some math questions???

Thanks for any input on the new stuff..
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