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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 1st Aug 2007, 06:43
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with all due respect...do you WORK at Emirates? Or did you just do the selection process? That is one department that is operating on their best behaviour...they need BODIES!

Not a prophet of doom and gloom...I was just chuckling at the innocence of the inquiry about not hearing back about travel details. Believe me, that's only the tip of the iceberg. My comment and amusement was at the contrast between selection and post-joining.

Guys like Paishinel amuse me, with their theories..."selfishly hoping to keep all the good things to themselves"...wtf? Believe me, there are plenty of "good things" to go around if the fleet expansion plans are even remotely correct. If you really believe that attempts to tell people what it's like - and the selection process is slickly designed, naturally, to only highlight the positives, and totally disguise the negatives - are just "mischievous attempts", etc, then...?!

But hey...believe what you want. You can choose to believe people who are trying to sell you a job, or you can believe the people who actually work here. I know whom I would consider more credible, but frankly, I don't really care what anyone chooses. *shrug*
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Old 9th Aug 2007, 07:13
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I have an interview with Emirates on the 19th of August. After reading the posts I am wondering if anyone can tell me the profile used for the sim ride or some of the different profiles used for the sim ride.

I had a friend of mine go for the interview and he told me about his sim ride, although I don't know if that is the only profile used for the sim ride?
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Old 9th Aug 2007, 11:03
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Very likely the profile will be the same with some minor variations.
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Old 9th Aug 2007, 13:24
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Can you PM me with the info your friend had about the interview? I leave tomorrow for DXB and start my interview on the 13th.

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Old 14th Aug 2007, 22:31
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EK interview process

Hey folks,

Anybody went through the EK interview process recently and willing to share the experience? For some reason this kind of information is hard to find on PPRuNe. Folks on the fragrant harborare a littlemore chatty about their interview gouge with CX
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Old 14th Aug 2007, 22:47
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Spend 10 mins of your day for a life time investment and do a search. You should not ask people to chew the food for you so can just swallow it.
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Old 16th Aug 2007, 11:04
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Check out AviationInterviews.com
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Old 17th Aug 2007, 19:39
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Question Timeframe for EK interview...??

Hey guys,
Been with the EK hold pool for quite a while....ie more than 10 months.Applied for a DEC position.Am TRI on the 737NG's.But quite funnily,I haven't got any response to my application yet.Have more than 13,000 hrs on jets.
Moreover,nowadays when i update the application,i dont even get a computer generated response back.
Any input on when i might be able to expect a favourable(?) response.A time frame from previous candidates would be helpful.Thx in advance..........
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 06:17
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Maybe just maybe you do not have the right experience to be an EK DEC!!
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 11:49
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What's he missing? Space Shuttle Command time?
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 14:36
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Oh BTW......about 10,500 of those 13,000 odd hours are Command time on medium jets.Still no word.......
All input welcome.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 16:08
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How many aisles did these 'medium jets' have?
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 16:23
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Latest info is the DEC recruitment is almost complete for the next 2 years In all the time i have been here this has been the most the morale sapping issue for the pilot workforce. Your 10500 hours command on a medium jet does not mean you are entitled to the LHS at EK and to be quite frank it is an insult to the F/O's some who have been here over 4 years that you think you should be employed as a commander with EK.
If you want to join i would suggest applying for a F/O position as with your experience you would be fast tracked into the LHS in about 18 months with the necessary Emirates route experience.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 17:08
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When I read about a "TRI", with "thousands" of hours on jets who is so suprised that he hasn't got an interview with Emirates as a DEC that he finds it "funny"....all I can say is that you picked the wrong forum to try and impress anyone and Emratty has made it quite clear what the facts are.

However, just who is this "TRI with thousands of hours". According to one of your previous posts from June 2006, you used to work for EK anyway?

Nope.Never used one of those in EK either.Neither in my previous company on NGs.
And you would like someone to help you out with a time frame to interview?? Sure, 15 years.
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 20:12
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I've never been employed with Ek.And why do u think i would be wasting my time with frustrated,incompetent and permanent FO's like yourself,trying to get valuable info on a premium airline like EK.
You obviously sound like a permanently side stepped FO with the company.Good riddance then that they need expats to fill the LHS of their expensive machines...!!!
Thanks for the info tho.I'll be looking for you then buddy.Talk big when you get the relevant experience bro.Let your deeds speak.....not your silly keyboard.... Cheers.
Sane info welcome.....
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Old 18th Aug 2007, 20:25
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You're addressing the wrong place here...If you want answers to your question, call (or e-mail) EK recruitment....You will not find anything here....Maybe animosity...Please remain nice, a lot of EK pilots are reading this forum....Its a small world...Just a friendly advice...
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 04:45
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Gloves off...

So if you have never worked for EK, why did you claim to have worked here in the first place? Answer that question if you can. Sorry old boy but you have zero credibility on this forum after that statement.

I can only laugh at the rest of the post, you're shadow boxing a ghost of your imagination.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 06:59
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Were you lying about working for EK last year (as your quote suggests), or are you lying now (by denying that you ever worked for EK)?

Either way, that kinda makes you a liar - and if you are caught out so easily on an anonymous forum, you can bet your bottom dollar that the people at recruitment will smell the proverbial rat and pay extra-special attention to your logbook and references.

You might have to wait a little longer that you initially anticipated.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 07:24
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Something doesn't quite make sense here:

The following post was made on 17August 2005 by Boeingdream787:

Can somebody help me please.I had appeared for a B777 F/O interview with EK in Dubai approx 11 months back.Did'nt get thru......... .Dunno why.........Question now is that NOW i qualify for the Direct Entry Captain slot.

Then the following post was made by the same guy 3 days later, 20 August 2005:

Thanks Birdie for the Bail.Was getting kinda lonely in here.BTW,got that interview date I was lookin for....( DEC ).Coming month.Thx all.Cya in DXB. ........ And then in EK....!!! Cheers.
That means that the guy already had 2 shots at the interview, about one year apart. (So he says, if I recall correctly, there was no "second chance" in those days). And now he expects a "third" go! (or should that be "turd" go...)

Someone is a big fibber here. Naughty boy Dreamer. Dream on.
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Old 19th Aug 2007, 11:45
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Turned down as an FO applicant two years ago, but now has over 10500 command on a medium jet? So why didn't he apply in 2005 as a DEC, he would have qualified.

Not that it really matters, unsuccesful as an FO applicant (see I'm kind and didn't say "failed") would not put you in a good position as a DEC applicant. Probably end up on file with no response....oh, isn't that the case anyway.

Pathlogical liar springs to mind.
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