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Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates (EK) Interview - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 1st Jun 2007, 12:59
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wait till your honeymoon is over, have seen it several times before.
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Old 1st Jun 2007, 17:30
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Crinkel might be on a honeymoon, but gotta admit he"s right about the deep pockets. EK will last a long time.
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Old 1st Jun 2007, 18:35
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Actually the airlines with deep pockets are Etihad and Qatar, not Emirates.

Abu Dhabi has around 12% of the worlds oil and Qatar has huge oil and gas reserves as well.

Dubai, the owner of Emirates has virtually none left as it has all been pumped and sold to finance the growth of the country in the hope that Dubai will become self sustaining through business and tourism.
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Old 1st Jun 2007, 18:54
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As an outside observer I've been following this thread and feel moved to ask
who has control of the traffic rights?

I understood Abu Dhabi. In which case the following claim

"I prefer to bank on the one with the deepest pockets and you can be assured that EK has very, very deep pockets. We are going to be here for a very...very long time."

is meaningless whether or not its true.

I'll be interested to know the facts.
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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 08:49
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Come on Crinklstein, let's have some qualification on your sweeping statement about 'very, very deep pockets'.

Sounds like ill informed bluster to me.
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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 12:32
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Interesting....It's often the people that just came to DXB/EK that seem to have understood it all, know it all, figured it all....Work here and live here for a while Crankl, then, come again with the facts.... Enjoy your 8 years in the right seat.....

P.S. Go easy when spending your f/o's pay, you now live in the 14th most expensive city in the world....

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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 17:32
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Have an idea that Crinklstein may be one of those smug, self satisfied and self congratulatory Yankee DECs.

If so his self perceived good fortune does not sit well with the recent misfortune of the bypassed for command EK Airbus F/Os.
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Old 2nd Jun 2007, 18:06
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Yeah whatever.!!!!

I know what I am getting paid and the conditions I live in and I will tell you ,"I will work for Emirates in a heartbeat " given the opportunity.
Where can I find the latest on the recruitment questions .Has the process changed recently ?. Anyone who has recently done the interview process feel kind enough to pm me .Please .?????
Thank you.
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 05:59
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ek interview

hi, i submited my application december 2006, i recieved a telephone call at begining of march, just questions about general information that i submited, 15 days ago i wrote them a mail asking about my application status, the answer was that i am an hold until i have ICAO english lengauge chek and it will be the next year, some one in the same situation or some to have information about it?

nice flights
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 07:25
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ek interview

Could You Explain What Is The Icao Language Check?
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 09:35
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It's an approved Eng testing system that ICAO requires by , correct me if i'm wrong, 2008. details should be on the ICAO site
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 10:30
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I believe the Talking Horse sent something about it the other day. If I am not mistaken, EK will hire some aviation English "experts" from Australia to organize the tests for us. I wonder what form of English this ICAO directive will be based on. These tests, if not standardized in one general English format, would be rather cumbersome. Imagine a test prepared by a person from South Africa or New Zealand, to name a few. It could be biased in favor of that person's language background. What stands as acceptable for an Australian, could be unacceptable for a Zimbabwean or American.

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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 15:57
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Why I left ... the 10 truths

1. Dust
2. Construction sites
3. Traffic jams
4. Life threatening driving
5. Plastic society driven by money
7. Middle management ... clowns of their own circuis tent
8. Engineering misshaps that we are responsible for as pilots
9. New semi-trained cabin crew
10. Lies

U still want to join? Its a pleasure Sir "take my place"
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Old 3rd Jun 2007, 16:03
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You're 6th reason being...............................
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 02:57
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you are right there is a english icao test for those countries where the english is not the native lenguage, it will be mandatory to renew your license in 2008.
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 04:26
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So basically, all applications will be sort of on hold till the applicant get that english test completed? Who made up this rule? Whether or not a person can speak english fluently can be determine by just speaking to them. Surely that is more sensible....
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Old 4th Jun 2007, 05:50
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Before you can attempt the ICAO language assesment, you have to pass the numerical sequence test, which gatvol2006 seems to have had a challenge with...

hee hee

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Old 4th Jun 2007, 12:47
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to go or not to go?

Hi guys!
just had an interview with EK. don't have the job yet but i'm quite confident. I am currently a captain in a big corporate airline. the move to Dubai will cost me 40% of Salary, but think it worth it PROVIDED upgrade is within max 5 years. I've read almost all the posts of this thread, but still can not make an idea of the real t and c's in EK. Some people seem really happy some really upset. What is the reallity? most certainly in between. My questions are: what is an average EK FO salary? what is the annual raise? how easy is it for a wife to work in DXB? is the company backing up people for that?
It seems that my current management looks like the EK one, so as I do not practice brown nosing, I wouldn't like having to work in the same environment again.
Please help me to make up my mind!!!!
Thanks to all of you!
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Old 5th Jun 2007, 13:51
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Having a good experienced

Dear all,

Just wanna shared...
I'd my turn to take a chance during t'selection but it didn't works 4 this time,after short brief with "K" we got chance to do the license assesment with a few recruiter team then we do the quiz.
After the lunch at the building,I'd my sim session at the evening but I was not perfect enough to my job,when "M" told me why i did made a go around NOT on the excact DA.
So he called anyway to say I screw up but THEY GIVING ME CHANCE TO DO IT AGAIN FOR 24 Months from last Month.
The Place is not every one but it's a good experienced to FLY Out there,EK looking forward for a 2nd SHOT.

ur applicant
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Old 11th Jun 2007, 08:39
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Join Date: Apr 2007
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Hi to all,

I am on the Bus and have totally no idea how to fly a 777 for the sim check. Could any good souls out there provide me with info please.....Thanks. Please pm me.
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