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Old 25th Nov 2010, 15:08   #2401 (permalink)
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65% Failure rate.

Statistically, it's always been about the same over the last decade or more.... To put it another way, less than 4/10 pass selection on average
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Housing Allowance


Does EK offer a housing allowance and utilities allowance if you opt to not take company housing? If so, how much? For FO's/ Captains?

Thanks in advance.
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 06:52   #2403 (permalink)
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Not sure for Captains, but I know someone who recently started as an FO and opted out of company housing. He got 152,000 AED (or was it 153,000 AED) per year.
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 07:22   #2404 (permalink)
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Captains get 14,400 a month (172,800 a year). You can rent a 2 bed villa in Al Waha (spelling?) right next to the company accommodation for 60,000 a year. No certainty that rents will stay low for ever but at the moment you would have to be mad to stay in company accommodation. Trouble is once you are out you can't get back in if your circumstances (or rent) change.
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 08:04   #2405 (permalink)
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Dear colleaques, who work for EK,

Im thinking about applying.

1) My wife will probably have to stay in Germany for the next years due to occupational reasons. What about the roster? How often per year can I spend some days in Germany?

2) If they put you on the 330. How long do you have to stay? Can you change to the 340 or 380 fleet after one year e. g.?

3) Can you leave the country on your off days without permission?

4) References: Will they just call the reference- persons or will they send/mail forms? Can I use a person, who I was under supervision with who already left the company or does the person have to be still in the company?

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Old 26th Nov 2010, 13:36   #2406 (permalink)
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Thanks for the reply. Does the housing allowance include the utility allowance? or is it separate? Also, is there a transport allowance as well? If so, how much?

Again, thanks in advance.
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short flights long nights
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Guys and Girls.....The answer to your questions are either

Here...use the search function

The Emirates Web Site

Or Apply..get a interview and ask all the questions yourself..they will respond to your questions
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Old 26th Nov 2010, 16:08   #2408 (permalink)
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Nothing prevents you from going home on your time off. The problem is that we almost never get more than three days off in a row. Commuting nowadays is out of question.

PM me if you wish

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HI guys can someone tell me what type of math are in the compass test?

many thanks
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 00:13   #2410 (permalink)
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EK Interview...

Well I just came back from Dubai where I interview with Emirates. Very impressive HQ's buildings etc etc. Anyway. I talked to alot of friends of mine that they are working there (som f/o's some Cpt's) and pretty much everyone said to turn around and leave. They all compare it as a pile of Sh#t wrapped in gold .
Here is my interview experience:
Very friendly guys, gave us a 2 hour brief on Emirates and the fact that they have money (they kept emphasizing on that), and that they have jobs for everyone.
some of us did the compass test. Pretty easy if you ask me.
Math includes basic algebra, geometry, time-distance problems.
ATP questions I found them easy, just study your current ATPL book and you ll be fine.(nothing from the ACE was in that test).
Some coordination exercise with a Stick , Rudder pedals.
Then we did the Sim eval. I was on the 777-300.
Pretty straight forward. Visual pattern, hand flown no FD no A/T. Then a reduced vis. T/O (12L) V1 cut climb to 3500ft, (they want to see your CRM skills, use your co-pilot.) go direct to Sarjah VOR and hen track the 295 radial outbound. Vectors back to 12L vis. was below mins, do a single engine go around and thats it. Pretty straight forward.
I think that was the most difficult day. The rest there is nothing to study just be yourself and it will be fine. They do need people and they do Expand fast. For me it was a question of money. I don't think what they pay is enough to live in Dubai with a family. Plus really no upgrade. They say 5 years but who knows.

In my opinion everything about Dubai and Emirates its impressive but i found it FAKE..Pretended etc etc. I am currently a Cpt. and going to the right seat ( it's not an issue if the upgrade is faster) with really not enough money and quality of life, it just did not make sense.
I think for single guys that are currently F/o's and looking for something different it can be a good choice. That was not my case though.

Wish everyone good luck to what they decide.
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 02:08   #2411 (permalink)
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5 years is true, if you joined 5 years ago, now its for sure way more than 8, just do the maths and dont lie to yourself
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For all you guys falling over each other to get into EK and believing everything you hear at the recruitment shows, one of the things you will not be told about it fatigue. Fatigue is not tiredness, its way past that, let me explain. When you are tired you sleep, fatigue is different, in my case I cannot sleep more than 3-4 hours at any one time. I thought it was just me however the more I talk about it to others at Emirates the more I realise it is very common problem amongst EK pilots. You survive but if you get sick it takes longer to recover etc etc.
So yes we fly lovely new aircraft, have lots of destinations to go to, however we work very hard, do lots of hours, have little time off, have senior managers who do not acknowledge there are any problems, junior manager who just refuse to communicate because that is the easiest option and finally have totally disrupted sleep patterns all leading to a build up in fatigue.
So knowing this does EK still sound so rosey!
Keep Discovering
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Old 28th Nov 2010, 03:39   #2413 (permalink)
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pay scale

just checked out emirates on ppjn.com and saw pay capped at 24100Dh for FO. is this true, no increase at all in longevity pay??
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EK Accommodation

Policy changed again: As of right now no one is allowed to move out of company accommodation.

Forget about that one. I guess guys were giving themselves dhs 100,000 pay rises* and the company did not like that. ;-)


*=Get dhs 150,000 frome the company and rent something for dhs 50,000. Bingo! Or better, Cha Ching! :-)
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Old 30th Nov 2010, 12:56   #2415 (permalink)
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Unless you don't have a job....

'nough said

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Old 30th Nov 2010, 13:17   #2416 (permalink)
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Alessandra, the villas a freaking huge! Much much larger than what you are shown on the tour during the interview.

The only small room is the maids room wich only has just enough room for a single bed. The rest are BIG!
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Old 1st Dec 2010, 07:06   #2417 (permalink)
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We still get the allowance. However, coming here will be one of the biggest regrets of your career.
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Day 4....

Just wondering if one is successful to last stage of assessment (medical),what time do they usually finish up on the last day?
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Old 1st Dec 2010, 11:39   #2419 (permalink)
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gazman21, you will be finished around midday depending on what time your medical is booked.

MosEisley, can you expand on why, in your opinion, it will be the biggest regrets of your career?
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Old 1st Dec 2010, 12:55   #2420 (permalink)
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Mango, I would love to, but there are already pages and pages of explanation. I would say about 60 - 75 % of the negative ranting is true, but that's more than enough. What is true and will remain the case for the foreseeable future, is that we will be worked into the ground for less pay than I was making when I arrived some years ago. The crushing fatigue that I'm sure is removing years from my life is not something I can describe. Imagine being tired to your bones but unable to sleep well. Sleeping for 10 hours and waking up tired. Going through your 8 days off trying to have some semblance of a normal life but lacking the energy to really get anything accomplished. Too tired to sleep, too tired to exercise, and too tired to f*ck. Sound like fun? Come on over and enjoy but don't claim you weren't warned. I'd leave but I don't have the motivation or energy for such an undertaking. I am a prisoner of exhaustion, so to speak.
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