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Chaos in AD last night!

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Chaos in AD last night!

Old 15th Nov 2010, 07:00
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Question Chaos in AD last night!

Anyone know what the hell was going on in AD last night?
It sounded like all the VIP movements were causing chaos, never seen such a mess.
I gather EY had a few diversions into AAN due low fuel, seemed like the ATC boys were totally overloaded.
Strange how F1 doesnt cause this chaos anywhere else!
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 08:56
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We stayed over last night to avoid the predictable mess after the F1.
Should be a nice quiet flight home this afternoon Inshallah!
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Old 15th Nov 2010, 20:35
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@ Aussie

Based on the absolute lack of professionalism displayed by at least half of the etihad crew yesterday afternoon, I'd say you driver guys are way over paid!!

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Old 15th Nov 2010, 22:25
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F1 brings lots of VIP flights almost everywhere it goes - why should AUH be any different?
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 00:07
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Would you like to explain your comments.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 02:39
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Yes 69 please elaborate!

PTR120 ..yes there are a lot of F1 races around the world but nowhere and I say again nowhere does it cause a gridlock like AUH!!!
Old 16th Nov 2010, 08:53
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In fairness ATCO69 was only responding to a previous comment...shoe on the other foot comes to mind...
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 10:38
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Here's a tip; Never fly in or out of Nice after the Monaco GP, especially if it coincides with the day after the Cannes FF.

It happens everywhere it goes as mentioned above.


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Old 16th Nov 2010, 12:14
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I apologise for the stab @ aussie, it just strikes a nerve when generalisations are made, having said that, when it can be heard that the frequency is overloaded, please do NOT ask for direct routings etc!

Reference AD not being able to handle the F1. With antiquated procedures, absence of flow control and the scheduling practices of our middle eastern carriers, everyday's traffic takes one to the operational limit. Add just a few extra planes and non-regional pilots etc. and VERY quickly it all goes to the dogs, simple really.

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Old 16th Nov 2010, 13:46
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I'm not sure what rules ATC has to follow in the Middle East with regards to 'VIP's', but in most other parts of the world, vip's are not treated any differently then anyone else. And when every Tom, Dick, and Mohammed here thinks they are a VIP you are just asking for trouble.
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Old 16th Nov 2010, 17:02
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Seriously, what a joke. There is no reason why an airport with 2 perfectly good runways (i repeat, 2 perfectly good runways), and perfectly good weather should have any issues with any volume of traffic... During peak times (which is pathetic in comparison to any major airport) somebody needs to wake up and utilize both runways at the same time (is it really that hard to do?). SFO/LAX/or any US airport would laugh at the level of traffic that AUH/UAE handles on a daily/nightly basis... Who cares about direct routing (maybe saves a couple of seconds?), give everyone a 6 mile final (max), and stager the traffic, using both runways. If anyone actually diverted because of an increase in corporate traffic, that is something that never needs to happen again. What a joke, can anyone in the ATC world stand up and tell us why this can't be fixed overnight? Or, is it just too much traffic to handle?
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Old 17th Nov 2010, 02:46
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The increase in corporate traffic in/out of Al Batten business airport have anything to do with it? There was a large increase of corporate aircraft using Al Bateen this time compared to last year when most used AUH.
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Old 18th Nov 2010, 09:22
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There is no reason why an airport with 2 perfectly good runways (i repeat, 2 perfectly good runways), and perfectly good weather should have any issues with any volume of traffic
Unforunatley simultanous runway operations can only be used once the new ATCC (tower) becomes operational in April 2011. The visibility from the existing tower to the north runway is severly restricted, not allwoing such operations
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Old 19th Nov 2010, 07:07
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Ok seriously...add to the ATC mix in the UAE the fact that the airspace(s) over there are small, restrictions on flow are an everyday occurance, Muscat has a flow procedure in effect, overflights cause spacing problems for the UAE controllers, DXB is saturated at the best of times, Bahrain can't seem to sort out Balus intersection altitudes for the Saudi ATCs etc etc etc...it sounds to me like ATC has the lovely task of trying to squeeze 10 pounds of Sh*t in to a 5 pound bag! Add to that sweet job, the fact that there are the type A personalities that demand instant service for their so called status (from everywhere I might add, not just the region) and you should get the picture! By the way, the only VIP or VVIP status' that ATC recognise are Diplomatic/Royal status, and even then only at specified "seniorities". It's a busy night, yes, but only at F1 time...
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Old 20th Nov 2010, 02:22
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Heard that Alonso was mighty pissed off being told his flight was number 7 for take off
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