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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Old 20th Jul 2013, 23:39
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@ archer-
Do you know how it is for people who have joined in the LHS? Are they given a chance to change type i.e. longhaul fleet? If so how long does it take? Is it done according to seniority?
Thanks for any insights!
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Old 21st Jul 2013, 08:15
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I can't tell you. The most senior foreign captain here joined the company around 3 years ago. For the locals it takes a while to pass from 320/737 to the wide bodies.
I don't know what will happen in the future, all I can say is that foreign captains are in the same seniority as locals.
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Old 22nd Jul 2013, 11:55
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Thanks archer!
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Old 22nd Jul 2013, 13:42
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Five additional 777s for Turkish: Turkish Airlines orders five additional 777-300ERs
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Old 22nd Jul 2013, 14:02
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Any rumours of THY opening up to include ICAO licences in addition to JAA?
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Old 25th Jul 2013, 17:08
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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

I possess none of the qualifications you describe so I will leave it to your domain.
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Old 28th Aug 2013, 08:34
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Has anyone passed the FI selection? Any news about the assessment?
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Old 7th Sep 2013, 03:17
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A friend has received an offering email from PARC aviation regarding employment in THY and they were said the hiring id open to all licences including ICAO.
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Old 24th Sep 2013, 19:14
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I dont think they will accept ICAO licenses anymore... The reason why it is really hassle to have the validation which includes 3 written exams in capital, skill test and it is just good for a year non-renewable... It is worthless.. They have been audited by EASA for the mutual recognition and were told to issue validation for ICAO licenses as per Part-FCL which states exactly the one... So try to convert your license if you dont have EASA yet...

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Old 26th Sep 2013, 11:31
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University Degree

You are right mate... As per the company procedure (Not national) you should have University Degree to be eligible for upgrade... However, this is applicable for joining as well for Turkish Pilots...
However, the new entry expats were not required to have this degree and exempted... Therefore, I dont think this will create an issue for the upgrade
This is kind of a discrimination against Turkish pilots but nevertheless it is the management decision to attract foreigners since most of the EU pilots are not University Graduate...
THY will see some of the Foreigners to be upgraded soon because they have merged the seniority of locals and expats recently which was a good movement..
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Old 29th Sep 2013, 11:07
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Angry Yabanci Re. CFIT

Yabanci Re CFIT

A matter of time,short time!

Another A320 nearly hit the Marmariss in April 270 (V/S1500) feet 4 miles final 05 IST at night TURKISH CREW F/O saved the day by ordering G/A. This has all been kept very quiet, as usual.
They filled an unstable approach ASR which was good until ATC sent the copy of the radar trace to the management !
They were awarded good flying medals, no doubt,for making the right decision to G/A.😂😂😂
5 seconds from disaster on a CAVOK night🙈🙈

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Old 30th Sep 2013, 08:31
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10% regulations for FO's end of 2013

Just be informed that there is a Turkish regulation in force that by the end of this year the maximum amount of foreign co-pilots should not exceed 10% of the total amount of FO's. If the company has more then 10% they will be not able to get a work visa and validation.
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Old 30th Sep 2013, 08:37
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Old 30th Sep 2013, 08:52
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good morning to you too !!
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Old 1st Oct 2013, 06:15
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No government airline will put airplanes on the ground because the other side of the government has made a visa rule. It just goes higher and higher untill it reaches Erdogans desk. They will come up with something. Limited time contracts possible
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 14:56
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Hello All,
I'm just joining the thread now. I'm concerned about something related about the real career opportunities THY may offer for FO's. Now it is true they are offering a "permanent contract" but in the recruitment advertisements they still request as minimal educational level Hight School.
As at the begging of this thread (2010) it can be seen that well before it was requested a Bachelor degree (four years) to join as FO.
This requirement of University Degree is necessary to be upgraded as Captain. For the time being the procedure for upgrade is clear and strict on that. In the event that an University degree is available, it has to be recognized by Turkish educational council, and then it would be accepted by THY.
I mean, It doesn't sound nice that as first officer, there in not other option than being stuck in that position because the lack of an university degree, no matter the experience, full ATPL etc.
I believe that for the new guys joining the company, this point is not clarified in the interviews and for some FO's already in the company it is still not clear.
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Old 8th Oct 2013, 21:52
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There is no such thing as a permanent contract in Turkey. Forcing an employee to work more than a month, or vice versa forcing an employer to keep you employed for more than one month after notice is not possible in practice. Usually they just don't care about renewing your working permit or license validation if they want to terminate, and there is nothing you can do about it.

If they are unable to find locals to upgrade or DECs then you might be upgraded but when a local is ready to take your spot you are out for sure. Go there for the food, money, weather and the hours and maybe a new type-rating. I wouldn't go there for many other causes as a yabanci.
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Old 9th Oct 2013, 18:24
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What else do you need from a country apart from Money, Weather, Food, Hours? these are the things I am looking for as most of us, and would definetely go there if they really provide the mentioned above.. If you are looking for long term stable position with an option to be retired, then your own country is always best place to settle... But, in an expat life dont think anywhere including mighty UAE can give you these things all together...
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Old 10th Oct 2013, 14:36
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Money: with the Turkish lira hovering at 2 for a USD and 2.7 for a Euro you will not get much. Salaries are down 30% they tell me since I joined. Fortunately I left when it was still at around 1.7 USD

Weather: pretty nice in summer but cold and rainy for the rest of the year. Istanbul is in the Balcan my friend enjoy the cold wind coming from Russia and black Sea

Food: after having tried every possible combination of ground meat,kebab, white cheese, eggplants, rice , olives and tomatoes and yogurt I can think of a few better places for that too.

Plus you will have the privilege of working for a company that has no whatsoever interest in expat pilots, just a temporary unwanted but needed fix ( don't forget expat became an insurance requirement after the 14th crash in Amsterdam and this show that probably being a scientist does not really makes the difference..may be the opposite ) as this absurd bullshit about University degrees demonstrates and the one to leave in a city where rents are higher than London and where the only thing left of one of the most beautiful city in the World , Bisantium or Costantinopolis, is the bureaucracy. While still interesting as a tourist living there for an expat is constant daily frustration. People are nice.. but you will not bond with anybody as a non Muslim. You might say what you like but at least EK,EY,QR and the like offer much more expat friendly environment and , if you like it, permanent employment with no silly requirements or career limitations.But the Turks has someone said..know better..
As an FO I would stay a few hundreds miles away. They have nothing to teach and ,no career, no go.. unless desperate and for short time.

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Old 10th Oct 2013, 16:20
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Renting a nice apartment is 1500-2500 liras (550-800) in Istanbul. Renting something outside of the ghetto in London would probably cost way much more.

They've had a couple of increases in pay this year and making a salary of more then 16000 liras consistently is not unrealistic (6000 net) for a first officer.

You could always goto Norwegian or Ryan and make half of that when everything is paid for the way it should. Living costs can be quite low if you import your own car and don't spend too much on women. So all in all, economically I would say that it is a competitive alternative in todays market.

The duty/rest-times are a joke and it's very hard work. Do not expect being able to go home for more than a couple of days every other month.
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