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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Old 4th Apr 2016, 15:01
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The rumour of China not taking ex Turkish pilots must me untrue.
My carrier (HNA group) just hired one couple of days ago.
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Old 4th Apr 2016, 15:04
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Correct,there is some local lobbying going down there;-)
By the way are they turkish nationals or non turks who came from Turkish airlines?
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Old 5th Apr 2016, 03:36
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Safelife, I've sent you a PM. Hopefully some sensibility has emerged down there!

As an addition, I also passed but it was the "background check" after being successful. Have they passed that too? That is where the block is.
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Old 6th Apr 2016, 12:49
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Just to clarify on this issue:

In THY you are respected as Yabanci as much as Turkish colleagues. Even Greek pilots (former nation rivals) are treated as any other and receive upgrades. All goes well if you can accept that you are a guest of their country everything is fine (this goes for most expat places), it is just your mindset. If your ego likes to tell people that you have come to show them how it is done you will run into problems, like any other company. Politeness is very important in the Turkish culture, this feels comfortable if you understand politeness.

The offer that they make consists of a possibility to live in a European country close to home, if you prefer the real middle east for more finances, it is your personal choice. Nobody is forcing you. Many Yanbanci's have worked there long term, I have not noticed any sort of (systematic) discrimination. Of Course you might run into locals that are easier going than others, as goes for other expats as well. The companies main goal is to improve the safety record for their growing World brand, CRM and basic skills are monitored very closely. The background check is extremely thorough, avoiding pilots with bad records, or that try to make shortcuts on experience. It requires patience sometimes; however, if you are legit it should not be a problem.

The place feels pleasant like an Italian city, although slightly different. Of course you have to find out about the nice places. Trust me plenty, the place is rich of culture and history. In short, you can have a good time here. No you will not become financially independent within a few years. Pay is very good and certainly a lot better because of taxes in comparison to Europe.
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Old 6th Apr 2016, 17:53
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Range so you are telling us that if we are good boy you treat us almost as Turks . You also say that our input to improve things ( and many need improvement) is not required but at the same time you say safety is THY first goal which is a contradiction in terms unless you think THY is the best which I can tell you is not... Turkish culture is sure nice and interesting but may we suggest that you leave it out of the cockpit? Looking at the safety record does not seem so compatible with safety doesn't it? Salary is the lowest in the region and Istanbul is not Europe de ffacto. Looks like in Turkey you managed to set up the worst conditions..lower salary outrageous rosters if compared to European similar carriers and no benefits if compared to the ME ones plus this silly attitude of willing to impose on expatriate pilot local traditions. Do you know that this does not happen anywhere in Europe..as you seem to locate your self in such " framework".. Respect is something we should not even discuss but it's a two way process. The first expat were upgraded after many years of ban and not before a lot of rumor was done here and still expat are being bypassed for upgrade and LH fleet.The number of expat departing shows that something is wrong..sorry

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Old 6th Apr 2016, 18:20
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Hi guys

Except the requirements,mentioned above,you have to pass DLR test,English test and sim test.I am also turkish and this reqruitment policiy of Turkish Airlines is ridiculous because they need a lot of pilots but you need University,age limit Dlr test,1500 hours ,TOEFL,Sim ass.Psy.test,etc etc.
And living in Istanbul is not easy and cheap.

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Old 7th Apr 2016, 17:06
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Management just sent us some days ago an email about a feedback on what they could do better and what should be done at first hand...i suggest to tell what he/she thinks, things can change in THY and they are changing, just it takes some time..
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Old 8th Apr 2016, 15:24
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A lot of negative replies, do with the info what you like. I am not Turkish; however, I certainly do not recognize the extreme situation as described. Also I am not joining myself into primary forum bashing of opinions you don't like or agree with. Just informing another view on the matter, if you don't like the picture please don't come. I do not feel ashamed in liking Istanbul and the people. Expats come and go like any other expat place.

De Facto the Bosporus is the devision between Europe and Asia, and Ataturk is on the European side, therefore it is and has been European for decades...it was formerly called Constantinople for centuries, named after the Roman Emperor Constantine.... No it is not the EU. Also since THY tries to implement a better safety culture, there is not a lot wrong with that. Many companies have undergone such a transformation. The story is per above, pay is okay since the 5% overall tax gives a good salary without being in the cooking desert or the smog of Asia, and schedules are not outrages like Emirates. But if you say the opposite to all and everything, who am I to argue?

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Old 8th Apr 2016, 16:15
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Range..the way THY has behaved is not really what you would expect in Europe...I could list a number of episodes of plain discrimination. It all comes down to where you come from. Beware mentioning Constantinople..or Byzantium..😃😃
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Old 8th Apr 2016, 18:08
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Range73, for how long have you been staying in Thy ?

Which fleet do you fly on and do you commute ?

Personnaly I gave up and left 3 weeks ago...
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Old 9th Apr 2016, 13:46
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Perhaps I just see thinks different guys.
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Old 25th Apr 2016, 07:38
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Hello guys,
Regarding THY non-rated FO , could somebody pls tell me whether its better to directly apply from THY website ? Or via an agency?? All in all what is the advantages and benefits to apply via agencies? What kind of services do they offer ?
Any idea?

Thanks a alot
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Old 30th Apr 2016, 02:39
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Is there any more news regarding a possible B747-8 order? I'm currently a 777 Captain for a company in the gulf. I've been looking at Turkish for a while. If this Boeing order goes through, I will definitely be ready to move to Istanbul.
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Old 30th Apr 2016, 19:29
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Originally Posted by ERLIN 3 View Post
Is there any more news regarding a possible B747-8 order? I'm currently a 777 Captain for a company in the gulf. I've been looking at Turkish for a while. If this Boeing order goes through, I will definitely be ready to move to Istanbul.
We don't know anything about 747 orders? Your source? You hear a lot: b787, a380, a350.
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Old 30th Apr 2016, 20:04
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Widebody after so many years?

Just wondering if it is true that B737 expacts Capt can move to widebody after 2/3 years?! Just received an email advertising this.
At the moment I'm home and reasonably happy with major LCC in Europe.
Goodluck to everyone

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Old 1st May 2016, 07:12
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Not true..expat ( not expacts my dear..yabanci I you likewise) are regularly bypassed in seniority...i believe only a bunch has upgraded..after 6 years...not that long haul is any better nowadays. In the second quarter rumors are that loads are nose-diving...nothing good on the horizon for Turkey and the " best" " European" airline...
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Old 1st May 2016, 07:40
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Rumours I keep hearing are 40 787's with some being the -1000 size.

Maybe to be announced during Air Show this summer?

Old 1st May 2016, 12:46
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always good learning.. Expact.. Thks
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Old 6th May 2016, 05:18
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Anyone on here that actually flies for Turkish, preferably on 738, that can PM me please. ..looking for any information you have on conditions etc and possibly information on the assessment. I have an assessment there next week.
Many thanks
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Old 6th May 2016, 06:52
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May I suggest you stay well clear. Really.. think twice or three times. THY is not good..THY 737 is a nightmare.
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