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Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Turkish Airlines - THY Recruitment (Merged)

Old 1st May 2010, 10:03
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Ahad Adump thanks for these details, you do not even want to read the 737 offer.... which is not even close to what you mention here.

moondriver check your PM
Old 1st May 2010, 16:50
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Would greatly appreciate it if someone can PM me the contract details for F/O on the 737.
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Old 1st May 2010, 19:04
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Are they really hiring or:

like i read here
"candidates are being used as pawns in a political game between the airline, unions, and possibly the government"??

I am looking for an A320 FO job, if anyone has gone through the interview process I would really appreciate any info that might help. Did you get hired? How's the schedule on the A320 fleet? Read that the Ace is good for the tech test, is it true?

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Old 2nd May 2010, 20:56
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Considering they started interviewing back in Jan/Feb 2009 ! ! and seem to have done so constantly since then, & in addition advertised through every agency possible, isn't it just a little strange that NOBODY comes on here and tells us what it is like after you join.
Either you have to sign a secrecy clause with the contract. . or ? nobody got a contract.
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Old 3rd May 2010, 05:44
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THY did not start the courses before end of 2009. Presently about 35 expats on course, some released. It is a very big system, which do not work from day to day.
Though it is improving. A lot are failing the tests.
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Old 3rd May 2010, 16:36
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I'd like to add my name to the list of people wondering as to the hiring process and evaluation for the expatriate contracts. If anybody could shed some light on the rumored political goings-on involved, that would also be greatly appreciated. If anybody in the know would reply or PM, I would be greatly appreciative.
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Old 4th May 2010, 19:29
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Old 4th May 2010, 19:49
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Wasinc are not cleared by THY to hire pilots.
Accomodation and transport info are also wrong.
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Old 4th May 2010, 20:24
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Which agency is cleared to hire pilots by THY?

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Old 4th May 2010, 20:28
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Glad to see this thread in Middle East forum rather than Europe.
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Old 5th May 2010, 07:25
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No agencies can hire for THY. They can only screen and refer candidates who qualify. The agencies get a finders fee. You can use PARC, Sigma, WASINC or who ever else there is, it does not matter. Choose the one who gets you the interview. If you succeed you will sign a contract directly with THY. The agencies have nothing to do with you after you sign, so if they lied or misinformed you to get your business you have NO recourse. The agencies wash their hands of you. For each aircraft the contract is the same. It appears that Sigma and WASINC add the quarterly bonus twice in the info package and are incorrect. Many terms in their info package are not in the THY contract. Many of the items mentioned are part of THY company policy like vacation days and non paid leave etc that every THY employee receives. Parc appears to be more correct in the info package. All these recruiters have the same pool of pilots. To me the qualifications are a dream list. I don't believe THY will find that many qualifying pilots who will leave their current jobs and they will alter their minimum qualifications as the pool dries up.
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Old 8th May 2010, 14:46
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Any news yet?
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Old 19th May 2010, 04:00
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If you join THY you will be out of a job once your one year "agreement" is finished. THY is unionised and the only way an expat can get hired there is by agreement from the union. Once the training backlog for THYs expansion is complete you will be on the street lookin for work.
Only go to THY if you are unemployed.
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Old 20th May 2010, 13:36
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Angry THY F/U

You clearly dont know what is the reality! They are so short of Pilots that they cannot possibly get rid of anyboy at present.
The system is totally F.....d U. but they are very nice people.
Dont expect to see the contract adhered toooooo
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Old 21st May 2010, 06:53
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Contract is directly with THY, not through agencies.
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Old 24th May 2010, 06:29
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Any ideas of the assessment of Turkish?

Any ideas of how is the assessment? what are they asking? sim, interview, technical?
Thank you
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Old 25th May 2010, 02:10
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I worked as a B-727 Capt for Istanbul Airlines (now defunct) in 1993 and 94...

The Turks are great people, the aviation system is first rate, and life in Turkey is very nice...

I don't know about now, but if offered an opportunity I would return there in a heartbeat, even if only for a year...

Baki, Zeki, Orhan, Mete, Alev and the rest of the gang....hello from SW Fla...
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Old 8th Jul 2010, 08:11
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Roster on 737; 5 on 2 off, 6 on 1 off.
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Old 29th Jul 2010, 08:07
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Thumbs up

Anybody Knows The Screening Process F/o Airbus 320 Turkish Airlines? In Which Consists Of?
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Old 1st Aug 2010, 21:15
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Devil THY q&a's

Hey guys,

I am a THY captain, currently resigning for flydubai. Let me try to answer your questions about rosters, accomodation, and so on...

You are going to have 7 days off a month. Most probably, 2 double off-days consequtive, remaining 3 single. The duty-time is 14 hours and the company chooses to plan 4 legs of flight with almost 14 hours of duty-time. That is you fly a domestic route, come back to Ist, hang around a couple of hours, do another domestic route, or a short international route. After that 14 hours, you are going to have rest for 12 hours and go for anouther round next day. In another case, 5-days of stay-over in domestic destinations, ( I mean not riviera destionations like Antalya, or Izmir, or Bodrum, but eastern inland destionations, like Ankara, Diyarbakir, almost nothing to do) with 4 leg of flights a day. It is very tiring...

Istanbul is a brilliant city, but very crowded, traffic is a jam 24 hours a day.

I have no idea about the selection process. But I can assure the sim selection is done in a subjective manner...

Details on request.

Have fun...
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