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Rosters at EK

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Rosters at EK

Old 24th Nov 2008, 14:52
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At least you have rosters, bad or not. Still nothing for the Boeing, email or otherwise.
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 14:54
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Top bid - requested 25th off - manual insertion - working - p*ssed off!
Bottom Bid - did NOT request 25th off - got it.
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 14:55
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The bidding system works as planned then.
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 15:01
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Roster Lady...

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Old 24th Nov 2008, 15:24
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Does she do the rosters ?
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 16:13
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Well- it's past eight pm in the evening, and i would like to tell my missus, what we might expect over X-mas .....

But - nada-, Njet, nein, No, nicht, kaputt !!

My Portal is as empty as my INBOX

I'm Top Bid and bidded for MLA - i'm Sure, i end up doing 500 flights to subcontinet - after manual "fiddling" with the rosters

Divide & impera ! ... that's how the rulers (2 Consuls ??/sorry - being a merley acceptable CLASS 4 English speaker only/ unless at wartimes) run ancient Rome - and it's apperantly not much difference int the "leader-style" LoL - in the sandpit in the 21. century
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Old 24th Nov 2008, 21:31
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CPM, CSM, scheduling my @**!
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 03:00
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Oh dear.... just stop the whining and call in sick.... emergency over!
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 06:06
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TWO is easy!

agree with the last post - just count forward 7 days IAW the FOM stating rosters should be out seven days before the end of the month and start working then... '2 is the loneliest number '.... as the song goes!!

But do think they need to address the Xmas concerns for those that don't get it... but that might require some management effort - which I see has currently been re-directed ( and wasted) trying to sort out the [email protected]#$%@$% stupid ID card [email protected]#$%TT.

Spinning Wheels again!
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 07:52
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Late rosters...

If I am going to be late for an appointment or perhaps a meeting with friends, then I will call ahead and notify them. I will also apologise upon arrival for the delay. I was taught these basic common courtesies as a young child and hopefully I have passed on the same to my own children. Also, I have been subject to many years of being told how important communication is in the workplace, particularly between management and staff.

How is that I, a simple line pilot, can remember these rules of polite civilised behaviour, yet they seem to elude our supposed superiors?

How hard would it be to send out an email along the lines of "Sorry everyone, we are having trouble producing some of the rosters, we'll get them out as soon as we can" Is it that dreaded fear of losing face or heavens forbid - admitting a mistake? Instead we receive what I would term "an arrogant silence"

Reading the above, I realise I am an old fart who has turned into my dad - but at least he was polite and treated people with respect.
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 08:00
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Well said. I just hope any prospective joiners realize what a one-way street this place is. There is no give and take, only take.

12 Noon on the 25th and no Boeing rosters, either email or portal. I don't know what is more of a disgrace, the lack of rosters or lack of communication.

Shit bucket: officially full.
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 11:16
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2 things...

1. Thats actually a picture Capt E in his office with his manual insertion devices

2. Ace hardware is having a shit bucket sale. 50% more volume to last for the next few years. Special EPC rate, stock up now, you may need 2!
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Old 25th Nov 2008, 11:25
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lets zee..vhat to do today?

straighten zee penzz, polish mine shoez, look at zee naughty frau pictures.
vhats zis jolly red buttons flashing in mine kopf? sheet zee roster launch botton...but how do i miss zis for many days..shisa!

I shall push zis and run away, hopefuully no ones knows. now enjoy zee
X -mas roster beetches. I shall blame zis on zee ADTTADTHDCPB.
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Old 5th Dec 2008, 19:36
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Roster swaps in EK

Evening guys,

I would really appreciate if someone could clear up the policy on roster swaps in EK. I know what the F.O.M says but every person I fly with has got a different interpretation and story of what happened to him/her or a friend etc etc. Does anyone know the facts (if thats possible here ?

Many thanks,

Over and Out

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Old 6th Dec 2008, 04:01
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The company has a very effective roster swapping system to ensure all pilots get the flying they want, run by the special CSDs (Crew Shafting Department).

Yep, roster swaps are allowed that suit the company at any time. Simple examples include 7 double back to back Dohas instead of a Melbourne, forget a nice cushy flight to London at 9 am why not try the Dakar leaving at 0045 with a 3 week lay-over in a tent.

So that individual pilots do not feel disadvantaged, they can have the pick of the available swaps to India every 29th February.

Hope that helps!


P.S. Ok the real skinny is one crew initiated mutual swap/month but the credit doesn't change hands. It used to be unlimited and this is still the case if the company needs something from you and your negotiating skills are up to scratch. So you will never get a consistent view
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Old 6th Dec 2008, 11:18
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What pilots have done in the past was swap over a swap and this is what they don't want.

So we can swap as many times as we like provided we don't swap a trip then swap it again to the 3rd pilot.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 16:11
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What a surprise to see that Im rostered for 90 hours this month.

The 6000 dhs Im losing I can live with, but the reduction in days off is totally un realistic.

If this continues I will be leaving at the first opportunity.

Treat your pilots like jinglies in a garment factory and what you'll end up with....is another Gulf Air 72.

Last edited by allaru; 21st Feb 2009 at 16:25.
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 16:51
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Anyone like to run a book on how long it will be before we have a both asleep at the wheel incident?
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 17:12
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Forgive me

I expect this is an EK forum ?
Can you please explain in v short terms what you mean .?
90 hours is a lot of flying , why are you losing 6k over it ?
Or is it 90 hours duty only ?
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Old 21st Feb 2009, 17:29
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Allaru, I don't want to let the facts get in the way of a good rant, but the changes in overtime only come into effect on 1st April (oh, the irony) so you aren't loosing 6,000Dhs.

When you get your April roster get back to us, because then I suspect you will have a point.

Kotakota, yes this is an EK thing- the powers that be have unilaterally decided we are getting too much overtime pay so they have raised the overtime threshold so much it is almost unattainable. Flying a 90 hour month in April will result in several thousand Dhs less in your paypacket than flying the same roster in March.
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