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EK vs. Airbus?

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

EK vs. Airbus?

Old 16th Mar 2009, 09:09
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I flew back on the 380 a few days back and must say i thought it was fabulous. Very quiet cabin, far less fatiguing than the roar on the 777. The F class suite was as standard, and the little bar at the front was very nice, especially the Paradis "hic"
The bar at the back of business was very busy and obviously popular.

Just my 0.02p

Yup, t'was nice & quiet. F suites I agree (the same on 340/500 & revamped 777 are v. good) BUT 'J' was sadly not a patch comfort wise on other EK products as per previous post.............(just comparing apples with apples..........)
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 09:20
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WK- I agree with u that it's independent per say..but end of the day if u're carrying the flag of the country on your tail than it's not 100% independent...n paying the gov lots of $$$ in the past is nothing new...all investors would want $$$ back for their investments, whether it's in the form of $$$ or indirect invesment back into its ecomony. if emirates was fully independent,it would have been listed on the DFM long ago!!! and the reason its not yet is for not wanting to disclose to the public sensitive issues about the company. end of the day if EK goes down(which of course that would never happen) the gov. will rescue it...which gov.(UAE or AUH or DXB) only ppl behind the action know...
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 11:17
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So K330 - you're saying then that BA is a gov't run airline 'cos the 'Union Jack' is on the tail of all the BA 'planes.. I don't think so!!!!!!!

Oh yeah - AA is operated by the US gov't 'cos it has 'American' painted down the fuse....
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 16:04
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Ali BUBU these repoorts and declarations do not mean anything.

How long have you been in the middle EAst??

Do we ever hear the real news around here.

Censorship to cover all F .... U...s is very evident .!!!

Do you ever beleive that any one of the guys around here will admit he is short of Cash ..no way.

Only pilots admit that hehe.
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 16:19
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WK- that's not what I said...but you think for one moment that the UK gov. is going to let BA close shop then you must be leaving in la la land.( and they wont let that happen cos the union jack is on its tail !!!!....something to do with national pride!!!!...it goes for all nations mind you) you can call it bailout or nationalisation or buyout or whatever. end of the day same sh*t different name.. and about AA or even US Air...just b'cos the name american or US is on the A/C doesn't make it a national carrier. but then again how many times have they gone into chapter 11 and been bailedout or whatever other name you'd like to use...once again because its too big for the nation to let it go bust!!!
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 16:35
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This thread is getting hilarious!!! Not that I give a toss about EK and its future but there are a few here who only want to wallow in bad news and damnation. If the news is good or even remotely positive then it must be lies. Is PPRuNe some kind of S&M fetish forum these days? In my experience these people are rarely right and always lack the metal to just up and go somewhere they would obviously be a lot (un)happier. The idea seems to be if I am unhappy then so must everyone else. Every airline has them I suppose and they just love an excuse like an economic downturn to round up a posse of like minded trolls. FYI I also got to sample the Emirates J class 380 and it was a country mile ahead of any other seat/service I have experienced. Oops a positive comment, someone is bound to claim I am management or just making it up, sorry to disappoint.
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 16:46
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"DUBAI, Mar 16, 2009 (AFP) - Dubai-based airline EmiratesEmiratesLoading... said
on Monday it remains confident in giant Airbus A380 aircraft, despite some
technical problems, and denied it had cancelled any orders.

"Our confidence in the A380 remains unchanged, it is an excellent aircraft and
feedback from our customers thus far has been very positive," the company said
in a statement received by AFP.

"We have no plans to cancel any orders."
Emirates says confident in Airbus

"Airbus A380 deliveries on schedule says Emirates
United Arab Emirates: 8 hours, 46 minutes ago
Emirates is refuting reports that it is delaying the delivery of some of the
Airbus A380 aircraft it has on order due to technical and financial concerns.
The airline said it is on track to receive seven of the super jumbos by the end
of the financial year ending March 31, 2010. Airbus' Middle East President,
Habib Fekih, said Emirates is due to receive its fifth A380 in April as planned
and the aircraft is already financed. "

Airbus A380 deliveries on schedule says Emirates | Aviation
Emirates, for its part says that it has the full confidence of the aircraft and
adds that the A380 meets the company's expectations.

Det foreligger ingen planer om kansellering av ordre.

There are no plans to cancel the order.

Airbus forsøker å løse problemer med Emirates A380
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Old 16th Mar 2009, 20:28
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We have been hearing how crap the A380 is with EK. I am just wondering how are the planes with SQ and QA doing? Surely if ours are always on the ground, those over there are the same as well.....

Its funny how quiet it is this year when it comes to profit share and payrise. Guess there is nothing to say about it..............
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Old 17th Mar 2009, 02:32
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Arrow Spelling - A380-800 driver

For such a big bus driver in the industry you should know how to spell QANTAS not Quantas

The QF product is practical, simple and sophisticated. As you would agree two different markets..in the Middle East more is more in the West Less is more

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Old 17th Mar 2009, 05:49
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k330 - chapter 11 is hardly a level playing field... Bail out crap management whereas in Europe we've seen both Swissair and Sabena fold, and Alitalia's only flying 'cos the Italian gov't pumps cash into it at a prodigious rate.....

Anyway - this has been a total thread creep... Personally I think the 'Big Pig' will come through with flying colours and in the long run make EK a lot of money..
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Old 17th Mar 2009, 09:56
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Haven't you notice all those passenger wearing bathrobe, with towel wrapped around their head and sleepers in their feet, some one holding rubber ducks in their hands lined up in front the Emirates check in desk?
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Old 17th Mar 2009, 14:44
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Having operated into DXB in the last few days, can anyone explain to me how Emirates (and Etihad, Qatar and Gulf Air) plan to expand to the level they have indicated over the next few years given the airspace limitations in the Gulf area? It's fine building a new airport, but a hub-and-spoke operation with concentrated arrivals and departures may well overwhelm the ATC environment?
The airspace can handle a lot more traffic than it currently handles, if it were simplified from its current archaic design, if the various facilities worked together (ex. OMDB and OMAE) and if enough controllers were hired. Investments such as PDC would also lead to freeing up controllers to control and not read flight strips.

All delays that are experienced by operators in Dubai are a result of the above factors and not actual system saturation.
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Old 18th Mar 2009, 08:04
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ODMEA does this mean Australia is in the WEST??

Should nt it be the furthest EAST.!!!hehe

the fact that aussies have blonde hair ,speak English and are under the Queen does not make them from the West.

The Bush Cowboys are from the west !!
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