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Emirates Weight "Watchers" Club

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates Weight "Watchers" Club

Old 21st Aug 2017, 21:41
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Originally Posted by White Knight View Post
I've been flying for Emirates for a long long time with a BMI >30. But you're right; overwork will kill faster than overweight!

So how does the medical process go for you? Just three replies earlier someone said BMI30 issue is still here and no one above it will fly for EK...

Thanks for the reply
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 02:20
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You won't get hired with a plus 30 BMI .
You can be plus 30 and fly . So rash diet , get the job , then eat up .
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 05:34
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I would suspect it has nothing to do with health but is rather an agenda being pushed by the image and grooming department/marketing as its a little too coincidental along with the recent changes regarding moving though the terminal with the cabin crew BullS%#t.

We're not f#@king cabin crew!!

The health BMI thing was dropped ages ago when the doctor behind it flew the coup.

Why do you think we have all these hairgelled babyface David Beckham look a likes. Would rather have some Ernest Borgnine lookalikes who have some real experience.
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 07:43
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BMI has been discredited in peer reviewed medical studies for years now. It first surfaced about 180 years ago ffs, why is it still being used?? We may as well put pilots on the scales and see if they weigh in the same as a duck....
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 09:03
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- can you pull the control column back as far as required and still be able to reach the thrust levers?
Yes, very important to be able to reach those.
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 10:50
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Seems like a fair assumption, 30 plus BMI, you are therefore unfit.
So how reasonable is it when a guy who goes to the gym 3+ days per week, builds up muscle to support his back, then has to report every 3 months for a weigh in and neck measurement???
This is what was happened, until about 2 years ago.
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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 11:28
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bmi crc

.... also have to be shorter than 180 cm (6 ft) as otherwise you don't fit in the new crc.

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Old 22nd Aug 2017, 14:14
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Originally Posted by Seaman Staynes View Post
The question must be:
- can you and your arse fit in the seat with the arm rests down?
- can you pull the control column back as far as required and still be able to reach the thrust levers?
- if needed could you get yourself out of the window easily?
- is it easy getting into and out of the seat without brushing the controls?
- is it easy getting into and out of the crc bunk?
- do you fit in the toilet?

etc etc you get the theme

If all answers are Yes then no problem, however is any answers are No then...
This is actually what I have to do every year. After they decide I'm too fat, I have then 8 weeks to do a test in the sim. In the mean time you can go flying. So I did a Teneriffe, and then drove to the sim to prove that I could safely fly the aircraft I'd just landed!

Let's see a few more drug/alcohol tests, and a few more meeting with a shrink before bothering my pleasantly plump arse. What's good for the ghoose.
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Old 23rd Aug 2017, 08:08
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I can't fit into economy class seat, but thats cause I got broad shoulders.
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Old 27th Aug 2017, 01:44
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What about the rest of the measurements? Cholesterol, triglyceride, etc?
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Old 27th Aug 2017, 17:56
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Doctors are supposed to be intelligent. So why do they subscribe to bogus science? This it the question I posed to one of our company doctors - a company which thinks BMI is relevant. I was asked why I came up with this question and all I had to say was that BMI works on a square, whereas people are three dimensional. If you double a persons height, their volume doesn't double, it increase by a factor of eight in proportion. Surely, a person whose education based in science can see the flaw. All it does is make short people think they are thinner and tall people think they are fatter.

I got silence as a response.

DW - 6'4" tall BMI 28.4
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Old 27th Aug 2017, 23:42
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I Have Control
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Company doctors and AME's are often rejects from real medicine. They may well subscribe to out-dated theories. They know little, and care even less.
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Old 27th Aug 2017, 23:56
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I have a bmi of 24.8 which is bordering on being slightly overweight. in the last two years I have completed 2 half marathons, 1 full marathon, 1 sprint triathlon, 1 olympic triathlon and I am about to have a go at a half iron man in a few weeks.

maybe they could measure body fat content?
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Old 28th Aug 2017, 13:39
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short flights long nights
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It's funny. In my (almost 8 years) at EK, I never pushed 2 once. My BMI through my 8 years was between 31 and 32. The only time I was 'off sick', was when I saw a Gnome. I had an appointment to see my regular doctor about a skin cancer on my hand. Unfortunately, he was off sick that day, and I was booked with the Gnome. He could not care less about what I had booked the application for, his fixation was on my BMI, and had I had a sleep test. ( which I had not had). The next morning ( or 2.00 am the same day, however you want to look at it), my pickup for my flight did not arrive. When I rang to enquire why, they told me I was not on the flight. When I checked my roster on the portal, I had been rosterd off sick for 3 weeks. Nobody had told me about this...it just happened.
After many phone calls the next day, I discovered it was because the Gnome ' was sure' I would have sleep apenoa. From booking the tests, and doing them and getting the results, took a month. And they showed I had nothing wrong with me. But because I had been 'sick' so long, I had to do a medical review, required by Fleet. So now, I had to release ( some) of my medical records to fleet, to prove that I was not sick.
Meanwhile my gym loving neighbor, who loves to drive his motor bike in the sand dunes, falls off and breaks his collar bone...no problem off work for 3 months....gets back to work, 4 weeks later, has an accident in the dunes in his 4wd on his way out to the motor bike place, breaks arm and leg. That's all good.
It was about then both my buckets became full. And let me tell you, ther is a life outside. And it's not a bad one.
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