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Emirates Weight "Watchers" Club

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Emirates Weight "Watchers" Club

Old 8th Feb 2009, 11:25
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Are you sure that wasn't the tailor, Gorm?
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Old 8th Feb 2009, 18:08
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Had a chat with my Ek doctor, (unfortunately she doesn't do the medicals) when I got flagged as having a bmi of 30.1!

Aparently the Doc pushing this is relatively new to the company and it is his little genius idea, he's in with the dgca medical dept, and he has suggested that as we lead relatively non active livestiles being seated in flightdecks at all hours of the clock we should being monitoring our hearts.

My doc suggested this policy will go away quitely when the company realise that one has budgeted for the three monthly appointments and the embrassing moment when the have to cancel family and kids appointments for us to visit the doctor again because they haven't employed any more docs to cover the policy, whoops!

Ps when this doc said I was obese (bmi>30) I asked what Jonah Lomu's bmi was, he fumbled a reply that he's a sportman and an expection, they then look at your waistband measurement if it under 42inches he said ur not obese, where upon I got the medical, and left, thinking a lot less of medical professionals! Pl**nker!
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 04:16
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If someone chooses to live 60 good fun years of wine, women, song and a BMI of over 30 ....as opposed to 80 years of treadmill, celery sticks and torfu then who is Doctor Perfect to say otherwise.

Advice and guidance are always welcome..... mandation, intimidation, threats and enforcement are not. If you pass your Licence Medical you pass end of story. If Emirates is so concerned about their crew going the distance then why don't they bring back the 6 monthly licence medicals instead of the current 12 monthly for everyone.

Just another blatent example of EK management trying to stick their grubby noses into the private life of flightcrew and to screw around with their lifestyles...again.
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 05:38
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They might also be after the few large butt CC from a certain region, they also have a very bad attitude but feel protected. Pushing this on the pilot group allows EK to say everyone is treated(poorly ) the same.
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Old 9th Feb 2009, 06:07
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Last time Emirates medical stuck their grubby noses into my private life, they saved it.

Get a life BO or lose some weight, perhaps the two would compliment each other.

The BMI requirement was legislated by GCAA and not Emirates, in fact the company watered it down to avoid the larger pilots being grounded. No doubt the benefit was financially motivated but those with issues should perhaps be grateful they did.
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Old 10th Feb 2009, 02:16
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All these posts are very interesting,but IMHO you missed the main point which is...
about 2200 pilots averagely loosing let's say 7 kg is 15.4 tons.
15.4 tons x 225 = 3.465tons of fuel savings
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 14:24
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Don't think you all should be too concerned about the BMI shecks, apologies, checks Hic... They've had them running down south in AUH with the EY clinic for the last 2 years and things have calmed down now. Most of the aviation doctors here have had to come up with something new to justify their positions within the companies in the ME. Give it time and the BMI checks will be put on a back burner
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 19:45
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Hope they do put it on the back-burner; can't seem to stop the cream teas....anyone know how I can grow a bit? - just thinking laterally -signed 'fat-bastard'
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Old 28th Feb 2009, 21:02
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Fwiw, the GCAA / CAR / Part ii / Chapter 5 (seemingly, unless I've missed it?) makes NO reference to a high BMI being a reason for an AME to prohibit the granting a medical to a pilot.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 02:36
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too fat to fly

Although I thought I wanted to be at EK my saga at getting hired has prob. ended with this latest salvo. I interviewed in FEB or 08, 3 months later they got back to me and told me I would have to lose 10k. I figured it couldn't hurt and thru great self restraint I cut out post flight pizza and beer and added a grueling 30 min gym routine of at least 2 times a week I lost the lbs. After informing EK of my great triumph they then told me to get all sorts of blood work done and forward the results. did that. Then they wanted more blood work. did that too. Then I heard nothing for 3 months. Finally in December they ask is the weight still off and prove it. So I sent them the proof. Finnally 1 year to the DAY of my interview I get a phone call telling me that although I did excellent in the interview process, and I had lost the weight asked, that EK has a new policy of BMI of 30 and yours is 32 thus I am being turned down, BUT sense you did so well in the interview and you did all that we asked, if you get your BMI down to 29.9, call us and we will reschedule you an interview immediately! I grinded through the BMI formula while on the phone and came to the realiztion that at 6'7" I did not weight that little when I played varsity basketball in college. I was told they would get RIGHT BACK with an answer,,, it's been real quiet.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 04:00
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Dude quit drinking the koolaid attitudes like yours will set this industry back 50 years. I dont know of one accident that has ever been attributed to pilots medical health, however I have seen a whole lot attributed to pilots not being fit to fly due to overwork and underpay. Which these middle east outfits make a habit of so take off those rose colored glasses.
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Old 1st Mar 2009, 13:02
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daviddea, which accident was caused by under payed pilots ?

I'm not a fan of this bmi thing but, poor health will lead it fatigue fasted and this will shorten your life
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Old 2nd Mar 2009, 01:08
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Lets just say potential. Pension termination pay cuts of 40 percent job security just to mention a few of lifes distractions sure do lead to the smoking hole syndrome alot faster than a fat pilot
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Old 2nd Mar 2009, 15:46
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When having diverted from JNB, l considered some insightful information and chose to go to DAR instead of Durban, even though l didn't have the gas l was aware it was an EK destination!

I am really dissapointed the revised pick-up times were never implemeted. I am finding it hard to meet unrealistic time-lines when l am not being paid.

I have installed power saving light bulbs throughout my house, and guess what? My electricity bill is still the same - nothing.

Having received a request to also install ceiling fans and turn off my AC, l complied and now the family have really ugly hair and sweat, A LOT!

The 14 day restriction was a godsend. Now l see my family less, but l see my sub-continent friends more often.

The 12 day restriction was a godsend. Now l see my family more often AND see my sub-continent friends just as often

The restriction of 5 days off in a row rule has been a boon to all. My once commuting neighbour now doesn't. I get to hear him whine more than half the month now, with all his commuting brothers.

I am so glad we are not furloughing/laying-off like Delta and FedEx.

Now l am told that l should be aware of a european carbon trade thingy and how l am so ignorant that l don't know about it, and it's implications on my career, that are so severe that it is shocking to the extreme.

Sharing the pain is a great thing when it's so evenly distributed. Management have to give up a few hours of their Thursdays to meet the coal-face workers.

And just to top of my joy, my BMI is an issue with the ones who take issue with everything other than running this outfit called FLT_OPS

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Old 21st Aug 2017, 11:16
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Any update to this? Are they still limiting pilot's with BMI above 30? I heard a rumor that if you present documents indicating body fat percentage less than 30% they take you irrespective of BMI...
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Old 21st Aug 2017, 18:18
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The BMI issue was a product of the Nome at the clinic. I understand that he was told to pack his bags and leave, two years ago.
There is a more reasonable assessment these days, regarding body size.
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Old 21st Aug 2017, 18:53
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The BMI >30 is still here.... Obese pilot will not fly for Emirates, probably doesn't fit there professional image they try to set. well overwork is going to kill faster than a BMI30..

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Old 21st Aug 2017, 19:07
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Originally Posted by alwayzinit View Post
A300Man whilst I follow your arguement as far as it goes there are many many more dangerous things that a pilot can be subject to that are much more dangerous than carrying a few extra kilos.

Smoking, Red Meat?, Cheese, Air pollution and of course dare I say it Stress.

A long time ago in Auntie Betty's Flying Circus a certain AME locum stated most strongly to a current rugby international that his BMI was way out and he MUST loose 2 stone! He was a winger who could do 100m in 11secs in boots!

Now I am not saying that any of us at EK look like rugby internationals but BMI is a very blunt gauge at best to assess someone's ability to able to fly.

As with the principle of the breach of doctor patient confidentiality, it's obviously OK to to pick on the "fatties" isn't it because they are just lazy and slobs right?

So how about those smokers?

They are obviously mentally unstable.

Why? Well they carry on smoking whilst knowing that it's killing them, ergo they must be insane. So they must all be grounded, you can't have someone who is insane flying an aircraft.

The point is guys The BMI thing is a MEDICAL thing not a Fleet Management thing! If they get their way with this what next?

Once the Doctor/ Patient confidentality pact is open to management scrutiny and action which group is going to cop it next?

Keep Discovering?

As a fatty I wish I could vote this up. The nutcase who crashed his airbus into the Alps was a marathon runner wasn't he?

I'll happily go on the treadmill, if all the smokers, nutcases and alcoholics get a look at to. It has nothing to do with flight safety, but everything to do with looking the right cut of the jib.
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Old 21st Aug 2017, 19:23
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Originally Posted by jetjockey696
The BMI >30 is still here.... Obese pilot will not fly for Emirates, probably doesn't fit there professional image they try to set. well overwork is going to kill faster than a BMI30..
I've been flying for Emirates for a long long time with a BMI >30. But you're right; overwork will kill faster than overweight!
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Old 21st Aug 2017, 21:11
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With all the gyms at every corner I am surprised at the amount of obese people here.
In regards to pilots/FAs/Ground staff weight gain is normal. We wake up at any given time of the night to go to work. We are exhausted when we come back that no one wants to drag themselves to gym. I am fortunate to have a gym 50 m away from my place. Since moving to Dubai I put on 10kg. Lost 3 and continue to lose more, bit still. My body is a mess due to the stress and lack of sleep. I am surprises our FAs look as good as they do.
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