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Wanna take my Pooch to QA

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Wanna take my Pooch to QA

Old 15th Oct 2008, 22:52
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Wanna take my Pooch to QA

Hi Guys,

Could anyone tell me if QA are happy to sponsor dogs into Qatar and if so would she be able to live in First Officer (Married) company accommodation.



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Old 16th Oct 2008, 00:54
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They sponsor lots of dogs. They mostly operate in the cabin.
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 05:35
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Jokes aside, the answer is YES, it is a common practice here to find pets (dogs/cats) in company provided accommodations.

You don't need any paperwork from Qatar state or the company.

Just ship with you and there is almost no vet check upon arrival.

I recommend carrying all necessary paperwork depending on your home country.
e.g. pet electronic ship, vaccination proof…etc. carry it with you, so it will be easy to travel back with it.
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 08:18
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Just watch out in case your Pooch is listed on the "dangerous species list", because than he would be send back on arrival!

Good luck
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 08:41
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PLease clean up the sh$t after your pooch on the streets and make it shut up after 10 p.m.
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 10:28
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And if it's a big evil pit bull terrier like that god-awful vicious looking brown thing that walks around Ain Khalid with the teenage south american kid ... then please dont bring it. It's only a matter of time until that damn animal eats someone's baby
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Old 16th Oct 2008, 10:53
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Thanks for the replies.

Just to help some of you sleep better at night she is a collie/pointer cross and would much prefer to lick you to death than eat your babies. And I always pick up her sh1t when people are watching.


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Old 16th Oct 2008, 22:54
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3REDS - Take heed of what has been said re injections, chips etc. get her a rabies jab, you need to book this as it needs a thirty day after the jab period before she may be shipped, I say 'may' because if Qatar don't check then it won't matter but you could be the unlucky one that does get checked. Your vet probably has a list of requirements, whether Qatar checks them or not, it is still best to comply with them just in case you meet an awkward so and so when you arrive that doesn't like dogs!
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Old 17th Oct 2008, 00:54
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Thanks parabellum for the good advice, will get on it straight away


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Old 17th Oct 2008, 03:46
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There is something called a pet passport that you can get that allows pets to avoid quarantines and easy travel. It basically certifies that your pet is disease free and it needs to be renewed every year. It makes travel with your pet very easy and i would reccomend it if you are going to bring the dog with you. Your vet should be able to help.

Be aware that sand ticks are a big issue with dogs over here. They will give your dog a nasty blood infection that often results in death of the dog. A product named Frontline applied monthly and regular inspections of the dogs neck/ears will prevent or minimize issues with sand ticks.
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Old 17th Oct 2008, 09:40
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google British Vets they are rather well known in the Gulf region but I'm not sure if the have a QA branch. Their website carries lots of info and they can also take care of all arrangements. Rabies jab and chip tend to be required.
Good Luck
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Old 18th Oct 2008, 00:55
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The Veterinary Surgery - Qatar - Services

I brought my dog into qatar a few years ago. You need an import certificate. Check the link above.
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Old 18th Oct 2008, 09:24
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Arrow Import Regulations


There are documentary requirements for importing Pets to the State of Qatar. It is strongly advisable to seek the assistance of a pet relocator in Qatar who can assist you through the entire import process.

An IPATA registered relocator is: :: Qatar Pet Relocators ::

They assist with all aspects of the relocation, from getting the necessary documentation, clearing customs, arranging boarding kennels if necessary etc. etc.

Please ensure you have the correct documentation before entering Qatar, to avoid having your dog confiscated.

Have a great day!


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