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Smoke on EK 777

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Smoke on EK 777

Old 8th Aug 2008, 17:26
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Smoke on EK 777

This is quite funny..... in yesterday's GDN:

Smoke alert aboard flight

DUBAI: An Emirates flight from Kuwait City to Dubai had to abort its take-off last night after smoke was detected in the cabin, a spokesman of the Dubai-based carrier said.The captain of the Boeing 777-200, which was carrying 346 passengers, made the decision shortly after the plane started picking up speed on the runway."Preliminary assessment by the captain indicated that the smoke came from the exhaust," he said, adding that more investigation was needed.He said one passenger was slightly injured after he left his seat while the plane was still moving, apparently in panic. All passengers continued their journey to Dubai on board another Emirates plane.
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Old 8th Aug 2008, 18:36
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what kind of crap they put in the paper nowadays...
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Old 9th Aug 2008, 02:24
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Axe air hostesses

This one is even better !!! In today's GDN letters:

Axe air hostesses

I read the letter on Gulf Air service (GDN, August 3) and really wonder why airlines need air hostess at all. Actually, I don't think we need to pay extra money just to be fed some food so many metres high in the sky, which is anyway not always tasty or healthy. I really feel airlines could save a lot of money by eliminating air hostesses and the so-called, lunch, dinner or snacks. This cost-cutting should reflect in the price of our tickets. I'm sure airlines have to shell out a lot of money for the salaries and hotel accommodation and other benefits provided to the air hostesses. Airlines should concentrate on the maintenance of the flights and remove the unwanted costs. Roy
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Old 9th Aug 2008, 14:03
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you are 100% right DDD, safety is an absolutely unwanted cost !
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Old 10th Aug 2008, 17:03
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Rumour as in myth?

Guys - please get your infos right, or I ll have to book mark PPRuNe under 'spam'.
Uncontained APU failure on takeoff. Debris took out two hydraulic systems plus some air duct plumbing which later on caused the smoke.
The idiot who got injured was a pissed up brit (yeah - I know: stereotype) who despite cabin crew warnings made his way to the loo during takeoff.
After they patched him up and a sobering nap, he claims he wanted to warn crew because he heard 'noises'.
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Old 11th Aug 2008, 18:47
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Perhaps we should try something along the lines of Roy's suggestion. How about minimum crew per aircraft just to arm/disarm the doors, open them if there is an emergency and do first aid if required (Panadol not included). Accommodation downroute provided by the YMCA, no need for smart uniforms, just jeans and a t-shirt.

Let the pax sort out their own seating problems, bring their own drinks, lunch,newspapers, nappies etc. They would also need to bring their own entertainment as movies are hardly essential to their safety.

Perhaps it could go forward to "My Idea" or whatever the scheme is to save the company cash.
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Old 11th Aug 2008, 19:23
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Not knowing Boeing - is it normal to have the APU running on 777 on take-off or were they required to use it due to an MEL restriction?
Certainly on the 'Bus it's off.... Unless required for performance, but I've never seen it needed for that reason..
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Old 12th Aug 2008, 13:01
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Mr Mach5 can you elaborate on your FACTS.how can the brit be pissed departing KUWAIT? isnt it a dry country?
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