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Etihad Flight Ops Lies Manager

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Etihad Flight Ops Lies Manager

Old 25th Jul 2008, 08:19
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Etihad Flight Ops Lies Manager

The Flight Ops lies manager has discovered a new way to swindle a few Dirhams each month out of pilot's pay packages.

This is the same Lies Manager who explained to us that finally getting per diem and not getting paid for standby as well as the removal of a the transportation allowance was an 11% raise. He also managed the lie that giving up our confirmed bussiness class annual leave ticket was a consession for the above mentioned raise/rollback.

The latest little known lie involves sick days. The HR manual specifically says the we don't have to go see the doc untill the second day unfit. However the LM in conjunction with Captain Canuk in OCC will dock your pay in controvention of the contract and the HR policy unless you see the doc the first day. Guys check your pay slips. For the last 6 months they have been deducting pay like this.

Also, reporting fit used to be done by 2100 local. An unannounced policy changed that time to 1700, so if you call fit at the old published and understood time of 2100 they will claw back another days pay.

I for one am no longer going to give them a heads up when I am ill. I will call unfit shortly before show time. They can then see the operational and financiall impact their cheap thieving policies will reap when they find they have to deal with the subsequent delays and cancellations.

FYI- Beware the Lies Manager and anything this KIWI says.
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 06:14
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thanks a lot for shedding some light!! will now call unfit... unles they asked us to see a doctor if unfit to fly
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 06:56
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they are anticipating problems, aren't they
Anyway, whatever crap they can come with, just shows how stupid they are.
Who says they see the big picture ?
They are far too limited to come with anything but silly details.
I pity them, especially the OCC head, by head, I mean Dkhead. Hardly able to sustain a simulator training without being offloaded by the instructor.....
The kiwi ? just a kiwi, same number of brain connections
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 09:30
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Dear Collegues,
just to keep you in the loop, as notified ,we have officially started the Pilot Transit Check concept on selected A320 outstations today. There are some destinations in the network, where no Line Maintenance is available and the Flight Crew shall conduct the transit walkaround.

The next step is to qualify all A330, A340 and B777 pilots in order to give us flexibility for diversion to airports where we do not have Maintenance contracts.

Sounds nice isn't

Just for those who wonder, Daily Doha, and Daily Trivendrum seem to be considered as exceptionnal destinations where EY can't afford to pay for a local engineer nor a riding engineer.
That must be so difficult since no Airbus operator is in Doha , neither in Tirvendrum .

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Old 26th Jul 2008, 09:39
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Just write up something in the AML, that you can't sign out when next at an out station!

No law says that you must only write something up on home turf!
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Old 26th Jul 2008, 17:32
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What about refuelling? Need to do that yourself too? With that short, rough looking italian boss breathing down everybody's neck for every 100kgs of extra fuel that you take, it's bound to happen. Sooner rather than later.....
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Old 27th Jul 2008, 07:17
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So much for the On Time Performance
You can go to Echo Stands 5 minutes in advance, what if the aircraft is not there, coz it's stucked somewhere without engineer.

RH can hold a clock, that won't change aircraft being AOG in Doha, coz EY isn't able to contract QR to sign a transit check.

EK and QR are to laughing at us, even Indian Airlines are..... That gives an idea of how low and pathetic our standards are.

When do we start to bring our own tents on layovers and bring our food and water on board ? clean the cabin in between flights ?
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Old 27th Jul 2008, 11:03
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The Managers are unable to prioritise...always take the easy option..they are almost all out of their depth ( with a few exceptions!).
Focused on trivial BS.
How can we have any respect for some of these clowns!
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 00:34
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Everything said, and every new policy has one purpose, to break even by 2010. And we all know why. Once 2011 rolls around I would expect things to change. That is, if anyone is still there.
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 05:35
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Devil desparate ETIHAD

Heard Etihad will give command to B777 without type rating, is that true??? without any experience flying in wide body as First Officer or Commander just command in narrow body like B737NG are Etihad lowering their standard
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 06:26
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Nothing new there Speedtwoten, EK have been handing out 777 commands to 737-200 drivers!
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 19:11
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Blimey Is that really a fact WK? Next thing you know EK will be handing out 777 commands to BAE 146 puddle jumping drivers
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Old 30th Jul 2008, 23:54
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EY...B777...DEC....a thing of the past

B732 Dont think so
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Old 1st Aug 2008, 09:33
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There has been no 777 DEC at EY for some time now and I cant see it happening.
Most of the F/Os have the tim and experience for upgrade, and Im pretty certain that they wouldnt give it to a pilot with no widebody time.

However it is a good rumour
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