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Need help with my next move

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Need help with my next move

Old 17th Jun 2008, 01:56
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Need help with my next move

Currently a B737NG Capt in India. Govt plans to get rid of all expats by July 2010. Good pay and benefits overall here but will be forced out.
As an NG Capt I make an average of $9000/USD month for 9 months of work. I get 8 days off a month with hotel accomdations. On my next gig I would like to bring my wife and kids along and so I am considering EK, QR, EY, Oman etc. I am ok with a F/O slot if it is not the B737NG. My total time is 10,000 plus, with 6,000 jet over 55 tons and 2500 PIC on the NG. FAA ratings with no incidents, accidents or violations. Age is 50 plus with wife and school age kids (currently in the US). Returning to the US is not an option due to obvious reasons of economy. For a seemingly right offer I might consider bailing from India before the mass exodus in 2010.
Any thoughts? BTW I have lived in the ME before so that is not an issue for me or the family. I need a place to stay put for 8-10 years, and hopefully retire at 60.
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 04:26
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Have you considered NetJets International based in the states. Pay for G5 FO starts at $90,000 plus per diem and benefits. Plus you can stay there as long as you like.

You will get an upgrade in 5 years. Captain pay is $160,000
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 04:32
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Hi buddy..

We're all in the same boat here...I think you're smart by looking into other places sooner then later. Every expat including myself as looking to leave India as soon as possible...best offering around the world are in Middle East, pay, housing, benefits, etc. A lot of pilots are loosing there jobs shortly in US, they will be flooding the markets very soon...more problems for us. Middle East is a great place..you have lived in India without any problems, should not have any problems in the Middle East. Keep smilling and best wishes friend.
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 10:18
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Join Gulf Air, the rest of the Middle East is a mad house.
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 10:30
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What do you want to know?
You say you have lived in the M.E.
There are no jobs in America.
India wont need you soon.
Much choice?
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 11:54
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Thanks to those who have responded positively. I had not considered GulfAir as I was under the impression they were a sinking ship, atleast in the past few years. Their T&C were not that great. Netjets is certainly one to look at. Thanks. It's not that there are no jobs in the USA. It's the quality of the offer. India will probably offer extentions but I am not about to wait to find out. 2010 is just 24 months away. A succesful job search and employment can take a few good months as a minimum. I do know that some airlines in India are accelerating command for locals at minimum hour/experience. When the expat TRE/TRI won't sign them off, the Indian ones will. Hope they realize that when the expats are gone, pay rates will be lowered. AI is rumoured to take a 25% pay cut soon.
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 12:34
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Does anyone know what the T&C' are for Gulf Air with reference to a non-rated F/O position on the A-320. The website does not list specifics. In particular:

1. Base pay

2. Housing

3. Schooling per child

4. Vacation/ID 90 etc.

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Old 17th Jun 2008, 13:58
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NGFellow, sit tight don't make a move yet. Indian CAA well, they're like a weathercock the richest jet stream will prevail. I don't seriously believe that airlines will swallow it just like that meaning they will have drop their expansion plans or at least defer them. Come on don't panik on the titanic wait and see. Some attention to the needs of CAA folks from the industry bosses here and there will turn things around. If it helps, people are leaving ME even with 130 US $ a barrel believe it or not cause if there's no shortage of supply in ME you'll feel the pain. Oil became a political agenda worldwide on the highest level and I personally believe we will see a downturn after the elections in the US as it's beyond reasonable doubt that fraud from the banks is the reason for it. Do you really think US and aviation industry worldwide can afford to ground nearly 30% of the curent business and cause social instability of such magnitude? In case you wanna make a move go to a LCC cause those guys are the future of aviation anyhow. When the pocket dries out and folks turn over every penny they chose the cheapest. Your worst enemy s panik.
Don't take it personally take it on the rocks.!!!
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Old 17th Jun 2008, 17:57
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No panic attack here. Just exploring all available options. India was never a long term gig anyway. Mainly I want my family with me. While there are some in India who have brought families, my wife had no interest in moving to India with the kids. She has visited though.

BTW--News article today in India indicating that airlines will and have started cutbacks and will not be renewing some of the expat contracts that are up for renewal. For now it seems limited to engineering staff but I think the cuts are going to be deeper. Indian pilots will more than likely be asked/forced to take paycuts. Expats will be kept until their contract runs out. Article mentions Kingfisher/Spicejet etc. Cabin staff and aircraft to be leased to other airlines. Party is coming to an abrupt halt!

DGCA must be loving it b/c they could/would not keep up with the pace.
This way its ops normal at the DGCA!

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Old 18th Jun 2008, 00:38
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Consider Qr,

U will get the job very fast.and its a wonderfull place to live for the family.

average expenses around 5000 qr housing and water/electricity so take away
will be around 44/45000qr,

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Old 18th Jun 2008, 02:17
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I'd have to second living conditions in Bahrain are the nicest in the Gulf for a family..thus GF may worth considering-things seemed to have settled nicely there and their new ac orders may also make it worth looking at. Good luck mate.

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Old 18th Jun 2008, 02:42
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Hey NG Fellow,

Consider QR,
not the best place to live, but company takes care of you ok.
decent benefits ( rumoured to increase)

and they'll take you DEC on 320 normally ( if not 330/777 )

Best of luck

Off to
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Old 18th Jun 2008, 02:50
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NG fellow, Qatar Airways is also hiring. The take home pay averages about $7,500-$8,000 per month plus u get $2,900 per month for housing or u can take company housing. The flying is good, although u do lots of it. Its a pretty strict atmosphere but all in all the pilots are pretty nice and easy to get along with.

This was passed on by a friend who is an american and flys for QR. If u fly the B777 at QR then u will be doing mostly DOH-IAD-washington. If u fly the A330 u will pretty much travel the globe including NYC. Hope this helps

With ur experience u may or may not get an upgrade fast, most likely will. Captains take home $11,000-$12,000 plus $3,400 for housing or the captains villa provided by QR
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Old 18th Jun 2008, 03:00
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Try China or Japan for 737NG.
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Old 18th Jun 2008, 03:21
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Thanks for all the information. Time to make some decisions in a few months. You all have helped tremendously.
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Old 18th Jun 2008, 04:55
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Etihad has been interviewing glass cockpit Boeing pilots for the right seat of the T7. No DEC's now except on the 320, promotions are done internally and have been averaging about two years to make captain, but that might pick up with the hesitancy of the copilots not wanting to go on the 320 now and wait a bit for the rumoured new orders.
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Old 18th Jun 2008, 12:13
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EY is also still hiring DEC on A340 but probably want previous A330/340 or wide body experience. Life here is good for families, however, the housing issue continues to be a 'luck-of-the-draw' situation. ie; you may arrive here and there is no housing available or you may have choices. The allowance just went up but is still woefully inadequate.

There is a shortage of Western english speaking schools and many of them are way over the school allowance by as much as 12,000dhs per year.

The flying on the A330/340 is great with Capts averaging between 38-41K a month min 8 days off. Tickets home once a year, medical lacks routine dental coverage.

Crew control is a mess, they always say it will be fixed soon and aparently this may finally be the case....but....the chickens are yet to hatch.

EK, if you can't get DEC at EY, offers a much more rounded package and for families is definately an easier fit as over the years they have improved their package. It may boil down to hectic Dubai or a little slower Abu Dhabi. Take the wife on a fact finding mission.

That's my 2 devalued cents worth.
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