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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 27th Jul 2013, 12:50
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I did not mention anywhere that it happens all the time, and if most people you know are happy, it's because the ones you don't know quit. Do you know or does the company tell you how many pilot quit every year? It will be nice to hear the answer to that....it is true that there is no perfect job but still it does change the facts....
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Old 27th Jul 2013, 15:34
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Maybe its different for F/Os than direct entry captains. A friend of mine has been there close to two years. He did say the housing was as they promised him. The training schedule was adhered to pretty much with very little changes. The simulator and line training was a bit subjective rather than objective. But he made to the line. FOQA is a big part of the operation. The Uniform or Fashion police are abound. He was in the crew room when a manager came in to give a scare talk rather than a pep talk. So yeah there are good points and bad points. But at the end of the day, you keep your nose clean, play by their rule, get on with it, collect the pay check and move on after you amass a bit of a fortune.
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Old 27th Jul 2013, 20:34
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TruthaboutQR, I will say it's your truth not the truth.
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Old 27th Jul 2013, 22:50
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I can only comment on my experience at Qr as Dec on the triple, but it has been more pleasant than described by some.
Housing is expensive..especially if looking for a large villa for family. Currently I believe everyone at Qr is given company housing although in the past it hasn't always been the case.
If you have school aged children it is a problem finding space and the schools are getting very expensive.
The roads and driving here.....like most places in Middle East
As far as the training....I was not type rated and did full course. The ground portion was stretched out for 6 weeks...a little long but nice pace.
The FTD/ sim portion of the training was in my opinion done very well and thorough. Of course you need to show up prepared but it was overall very good.
The line training was always quite professional....I have many an instructor say we need to cover this but it is not a test ...if you don't know it we need to talk about it. I had over 10 different training captains and found them all top notch and professional. Training is never fun and always stressful in my opinion but this was better than most of my experiences from USA.
The flying as normal line pilot has been very good.....the triple 7 has better roster than say the 320 and I can't comment on the training..especially for second officers. I do know many second officers have had quite a back up in their training, often waiting up to a year.
It is a big decision to pack up and move your family to another country...do your research definitely. Expect some things to not go as smooth as possible and Qatar is expanding rapidly so there are growing pains.
Again I can't comment on living here long term.....it is always difficult to be away from one's own country so that adds stress to the job, but overall, either I was lucky or the situation is improving slowly.
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Old 28th Jul 2013, 07:08
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"I interviewed for Dec- widebody.
I believe if you were not flying as captain at time of interview they would not interview you for Captain position.
I've been in the pool since April but am now facing downgrade In Septeber at current company due to cutbacks/reductions.
Does anyone know if this will effect me?"

You have to be happy

Ma as-salaamah!

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Old 28th Jul 2013, 09:37
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Re: Captain Partzee
In the past you had to be currently flying as a captain to be eligible for Dec.
Once you are in the pool as Dec then I think you are safe.
As of late they seem to be short of widebody Decs and have interviewed people who were very experienced but had been downgraded or had to start over as fo at another airline.
While things can change I think you are fine.
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Old 28th Jul 2013, 12:59
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seat class

When QR invites interviewee and he/she would fly QR to arrive Doha, does it provide business class or travel class to the candidate?
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Old 31st Jul 2013, 22:36
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You need to be current in the LHS, they want further documentation on joining confirming your hours etc. The very same situation occurred fo myself and I had to wait until my command was reinstated before they would then honour the offer of employment.

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Old 1st Aug 2013, 06:18
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Has anyone TR on 320 got any interview dates with Qatar?
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Old 1st Aug 2013, 15:27
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I applied on July, 29 and receive no answer until now.
And I realized that vacancy for A320 FO is no more available on QR website, anyone can confirme the information?
And after initial application in how many time they answer?
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Old 2nd Aug 2013, 08:37
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29th July 2012 or 4 days ago???
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Old 2nd Aug 2013, 12:21
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The ticket is economy class, upgradeable to business class if available.

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Old 2nd Aug 2013, 14:11
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I applied 5 days ago, I just wanna know in how many time they answer, usually.
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Old 3rd Aug 2013, 09:14
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It took me 2 years to get in, first year I heard nothing back. Second year I went to one of the roadshows, there they had a sign in sheet, where you register your contact details. Then a couple of days after the roadshow, I was e-mailed by one of the organiser pilots, who then fast tracked the application. About a month later interview invitation with a months notice, followed by another month till good news, 6 weeks till approval, then 4 months notice of start (at my request).

Here is a link to the road show season which starts in under three weeks. Good luck!!

Qatar Airways Flight Deck Crew Roadshow 2013
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 16:45
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those who were selected last year and went for PAT test in recent week, what happened ??
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Old 7th Aug 2013, 22:54
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Hello to eveyone. I'm interested in knowing more about QR Airline. I currently work and live in South America. As I've seen many old threads in which mostly the are complaints I'm interested in hearing a very sincere point of view. I live in a third world country, meaning a not wonderful place like USA or Europe. I work in a company where A330 FO makes about 4500 dollars with out any housing or extra benefits like many airlines in ME offer, just transportation allowance.

Most of the complaints I see are from people in Europe and North America, and as a pilot who has been in Europe and USA I guess it's much better to work and live in Europe and USA and there are better Jobs in Europe and in USA.

I don't have a problem in following a SOP, but I get really scared of how many people complain and say how it isn't enough to live in Qatar for what you get paid, or how rosters are crazy and the company has very strict rules.

Making 4500 dollars on my country where I have to pay my housing and bills and tax is considered a lot since the minimum wage in the country is only 300 dollars a month.

I would really appreciate a good detail on the airline with a sincere point of view. Thank you very much to all. Happy landings.

A330 FO with 4000 hours.
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 00:30
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With A330 time I would apply to the other two big UAE carriers first...

Good luck!
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 08:36
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Seems like a case for guiness book.congrats
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 12:36
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The Shovel,
have you applied for FO or DEC?
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Old 8th Aug 2013, 13:30
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looks like everyone waiting for that September update
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