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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 26th Jan 2013, 21:32
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I have tried searching for this but couldn't find what I wanted so I apologise if it has been asked before.

What do UK CAA/EASA license guys do about keeping their UK license in order whilst flying for Qatar? Are you having to do yearly IR renewals? I would like to be able to keep my CAA license valid in case I return to the UK after flying for Qatar.

Many thanks!
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Old 28th Jan 2013, 13:16
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anyone in the pool, FO 320 with offer, who passed selection before 7 Feb 2012, pls PM me

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Old 29th Jan 2013, 15:40
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EASA Renewal

You will NOT be able to have an LPC in Qatar to keep your EASA license (or any other license) valid. Proof of that was when a couple of TREs slipped a couple of renewals in during an regular QTR LPC and the company found out. The two helpful TREs were given notice and are no longer employed.
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 03:32
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EASA renewal


The aviation authorities in all european countries, except uk, do recognize
the QCAA SIM check in respect of renewal of your licence.

The typerating is valid for flights with Qatar Airways only, but will not

You can renew it anytime after a SIM check with an approved TRE from
the states aviation authority.
Normally your new company will do that.

So if you are not planning to leave QR, simply do your state approved
medical before your licence expires, e.g. 7 years, and send it together with
your QR LPC, flight hours on type and the usual documents to your civil aviation office.

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Old 30th Jan 2013, 15:03
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hello! does anyone know in which page i can find study info for the assessment?
many thanks.
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Old 30th Jan 2013, 18:49
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EASA Currency

I left about a year ago, but on the A320 Fleet at the time if you ask quietly there is a regular skipper but who is still a valid TRE on the A320 and B737 with EASA. I went with him to get the A320 on my EU licence in Bahrain which is an approved CAA Simulator and only a 30min hop SB for one day. Many others have used him for that purpose.

So yes these things are possible.

Edit to Add: In Qatar you only get a P2 rating (which is ridiculous as incase your skipper is Incap then what - Sorry I'm not qualified to take over the aircarft) so you will have to do the G/School bit separately. But if all you want is to keep your TR valid the above solution would work fine.

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Old 30th Jan 2013, 22:20
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Hello any rumors when qr Will resume interview for senior First Officer?
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Old 31st Jan 2013, 17:11
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Freddi most QR's FO join very senior lol but to be eligible for senior FO you have to be 3 years senior as FO in Qatar Airways.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 07:44
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Senior first officer is after 3 years. I dont have a reference readily available but I did hear from someone in ground school that they removed the 3 year restriction to upgrade? Sounds like if you have the credentials required then command time may be less than 3 years....which is always better than senior fo.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 12:30
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stay in italy freddi they need you there...QR has never hired "Senior First Officers"

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Old 1st Feb 2013, 13:24
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What has happened to the thread "QR second officer"?
It's disappeared.
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Old 1st Feb 2013, 14:16
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Danger Qr

But they hire f.o. Simple

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Old 5th Feb 2013, 17:34
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Qatar Airways_A320 Line Training Technical Questions - Rev.03

Hey guys,

My personal notes from my line training on A320, all the technical questions, answers and tech references up to date. Quite a few guys didn't make it on this fleet and I don't think they were bad pilots but rather unlucky.
Please feel free to implement the revision number in the title with your own questions and we will get something good.

Hope it helps,

TCAS max rang? Proximity, TA, RA? DSC-34-80-10
THRT, ALL, ABV, BLW? DSC-34-80-20

TCAS TA, PF: “TCAS, I have control”, follow TCAS even with climb orders at max ceiling FCTM SI-060
altitude; disconnect FD after APs to ensure autothrust speed mode; PNF will not try to see
TCAS TA, maintain safe separation if contact is established OM Part A 8.3.6
If under TCAS RA manoeuvre, ATC request opposite action: “unable TCAS RA”
When clear of conflict: “returning to FL xx or ALT xx”, and then “clear of conflict (assigned
instruction / clearance) resumed”

Turbulence speed:
A320: 250kts, 300kts-0.76M at or above FL200 PRO-SUP-91-10 p5/8
A321: 275kts, 305kts-0.76M at or above FL200 PRO-SUP-91-10 p7/8

Use of EXP CLB up to FL 250, revert from EXP to normal via managed mode preferable PRO-NOR-SRP-FMS-01-40

To cancel “TOGA LK” or “ALPHA FLOOR”, disconnect A/T (leave thrust in CL) and DSC-22-30-90 p9/12
A/T ON again

The value manually displayed on the FCU will vanish in: DSC-22-10-40-20 p2/8
_ 10s for the speed window
_ 45s for the HDG/TRK and V/S windows

Set brake fans:
_ Just before stopping at the gate (disregard the 5 mins, it is a minimum time) SOP 3.03.24 p2
_ If brake temp at 500°C

Tankering will be limited for any last minute increase of the ZFW to: OM Part A
_ MLW reduced by 500kgs
_ The next rotation of the aircraft

The forward and aft cargo door are hydraulically opened from the yellow hydraulic system DSC-52-10-40 p1/2
and mechanically locked open and closed. The bulk cargo door is only mechanical.

ASR to be submitted to the flight safety office within 12 hours and OM Part A 11.6.1
forwarded within 72 hours to the QCAA OM Part A 11.6.2
List of occurrences OM Part A 11.6.3

TOW between prelim and final loadsheet: +0kg; -500kg: use prelim TO perf SOP 3.03.07 p1a
LMC > +/-500kg: new loadsheet; LMC>+/-250kg: new LIZFW OM Part A

Flight instruments tolerance (ADRs, ISIS, magnetic heading speed…) PRO-SUP-34

CG>27%, basic forward CG (25% TO and LDG plus operational margin) PER-LOD-WBA-LTS
LIM-13 p15/22

Service ceiling: A320 and A321 (except ADK): 39800ft, ADK: 39100ft, A319: 41100ft LIM-12
Minimum altitude airfield: -1000ft, maximum OAT 55°C Environmental envelope

NPA with Engine Out LIM-22-10
_ No limit for A319, A320
_ A321: AP not approved for FINAL APP or NAV (V/S or FPA). The FD can be used

How long can we wait at max transient engine oil temperature? 15min LIM-70 (oil)

Take off following SRS should give a speed between V2 and V2+15 with one engine FCTM AO-020 p11/12
and between V2+10 and V2+25 with two engines FCTM NO-050 p5/10
With no FD (after rotation of 12.5° for one engine), the pitch is 15° FCTM NO-180 p2/6

On ground the amber half frame of the OXY pressure indication on the ECAM DOOR/OXY DSC-35-20-20 p5/8
SD page (1000 or 1500psi depending of the A/C) requires to check with the LIM-35.

Pax missing: offload checked baggage, ask PAX to identify their cabin luggage to avoid OM Part A 10.1.14
offloading the wrong ones, fill loadsheet with names, number of baggage

Emergency communication with the cabin crew members:
_ Hijackers: ---censured--- OM Part A
Cabin and safety manual
_ Emergency in the cockpit: “CS to the flight deck” 5.5.6
_ Emergency alert on ground: “Attention crew at stations” 5.5.5
_ Abort evacuation after the emergency alert on ground:
"Cabin crew and passengers - keep your seats" 5.5.5
_ Evacuation: "Evacuate, evacuate, evacuate" 5.5.4
_ Turbulence: “Cabin crew, take your seats” 5.1.1
_ Emergency descent : ???
_ End of emergency descent: "We have reached a safe altitude; cabin crew and
passengers may remove their oxygen mask" 5.3.6

ICAO Aerodrome reference code 4C (code element 2, wing span between 24m and 36m, OM Part A
outer main gear wheel span between 6m and 9m) Jeppesen_Text_Book,
introduction, glossary

Turn Radius minimum pavement for 180° A319-20-21: around 21m-23m-28m DSC-20-20 p6/12
Wing clearance A319-20-21: around 22m, tail A321: 25m

Fuel feed system sequence:
_ First the ACT (fuel transfer to the centre tank) DSC-28-10-30 p10/12
_ Centre tanks, if the fuel used to cool down the IDG overfill the inner tanks (via the DSC-28-10-60
transfer valves of the outer tanks or the spill pipe), then the centre tank pumps are stopped
until 500kg have been used in the inner tanks… and so on until the centre tanks are empty
_ Inner tanks down to 750kg each
_ Outer tanks through the transfer valves via the inner tanks
_ The last 1500kgs are in the inner tanks

Position computation DSC-22-20-20-10
IRS Mix is a point computed from the three IRS (with less credit for the one which is
drifting or one IRS each if only two are serviceable).
The GPIRS is a mixture of each IRS position and one of the two GPS (based of priority and merit).
The vector between the GPIRS (or the radio position if the GPS mode was rejected by the FMS/
deselected by the pilots) and the IRS Mix is called the BIAS. It is permanently updated by each
FMGC (unless loss of GPIRS and radio then it remains constant) and computed from the IRS Mix
to get the FM position.
If the pilots update the FM position, they also update the BIAS calculated from the IRS Mix.

ICAO holding speed limit: Jeppesen_Test_Book
_ 14000ft <= ALT 230kt Air Traffic Control
_ 14000ft < ALT < 20000ft 250kt Flight Procedures
_ 20000ft < ALT < 34000ft 265kt Part IV Holding Procedures
_ 34000ft < ALT 0.83M
ICAO time of outbound leg in the hold (when no DME and distance specified):
_ 1 minute at or below 14000ft
_ 1.5 minute above 14000ft

Pitot heads, Static ports, AOA and TAT Probes/Window Heating comes on: DSC-30-40-10 p1/2
_ Automatically when one engine is running or in flight DSC-30-50-10 p1/2
_ Manually, with the PROBE/WINDOW HEAT pb set to ON
On the ground:
_ Only at low power for the pitot and windshield
_ Not at all for the TAT probes

Contaminated runway: OM Part A,
_ More than 25% of surface covered with more than 3mm of water,
loose (non compacted?) snow, slush more restrictive than:
_ Covered with compacted snow
_ Ice and wet ice PER-TOF-CTA-20
Wet runway: _ Less than 3 mm of anything but compacted snow, ice, wet ice
_ Damp

Conditions of cancellation for the destination alternate in cruise: OM Part A
_ Less than 6 hours to destination
_ FOB at touchdown >= final reserve fuel
_ One runway, weather forecast from 30mins before ETA until 1hour after, ceiling >=2000ft or
min circling+500ft (the greater), visibility >= 5000m
_ Two runways, weather forecast from ETA until 1hour after, downgrade to one category
(ILS CAT1: NPA, NPA: MDH+200ft, RVR or VIS +1000m, circling unchanged)

Aircraft critical systems failures requiring an immediate diversion to the nearest suitable OM Part A 8.5.9
Two of these failures: _ Blue hydraulic circuit or pump PRO-SPO-40-40 p1/2
_ IDG 1
_ IDG 2

AWOPS, effect of failed or downgraded equipment (airport and aircraft) OM Part A 8.4.14
The ISIS or the use of FD for instance are not listed therefore not required for CAT2 or 3 QRH OPS.04

Generators priority: DSC-24-20 p5/32
_ GEN 1 and 2
_ External Power
_ APU Generator

Consequence of a double loss of hydraulic circuits for the flight controls: DSC-29-10-30 p2/4
_ Blue and Green: Aircraft harder to fly
_ Green and Yellow: Aircraft harder to land

Cargo fire extinguisher, two for A320 and A321 first bottle discharged in 1min, DSC-26-50-20
second 60min after and during 90min (60min for A321). Only one bottle for the A319.

Daily check validity 36 hours, 48hours at out station OM Part A
Tech log #16

An Air Crew Notice (ACN) can be reissued not later than after 3 months

Example of flight duty limitation: OM Part A 7.3.7
A cabin crew is in Std by between 0600 and 1800, she is called out from std by at 1600 OM Part A 7.3.8
and report at 1700. She was acclimatised and will fly 2 sectors. OM Part A 7.5
What is the total duty period allowed?
Called after 6 hours, 11 hours of duty plus 12h15m allowed minus 5 hours of std by
exceeding 6 hours equals 19h15 (1 hour more than the pilots)

Exceedance of flight duty time or reduction of rest periods:
_ In flight relief OM Part A 7.4.1
_ Split duty time OM Part A 7.4.2
_ Commander’s discretion to extend/reduce OM Part A 7.4.4
OM Part A 7.4.5
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Old 6th Feb 2013, 17:25
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A 320 line training technical questions

Thank you Gncy

It's very kind of you to share these informations.

I hope to use them soon when I get a date of join, hopefully !

Nice flights !

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Old 8th Feb 2013, 13:00
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Hi guys!

What's the latest on Qatar Airways recruitment?
It has been well over a year since I passed my assesment for the NTSO position with Qatar Airways, no job offer since.
Any news regarding the situation over there? Come on, they're gonna need us at some point, no?! What about the airport, is it on schedule to open in summer 2013? You guys think they will still get back to those that have been in this holding pool for more than 12 months?
Hope to receive some input from you guys!

Take care
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 13:08
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Same here. Waiting since 14 months+ now. As read before, they have more than 100 SO in training. According to that information they wont need any for 2013, only from the aviation college. If that is the case I will have to move on to do something else. I cant afford to spend my good years just sitting around and waiting. And the airline industry back home is not what it used to be.
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 13:47
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I heard that too Tritzo, no more SO's (FT/NT) in 2013.
Even for FO's the earliest DOJ's are said to be available in the end of 2013
Well thats one thing, the other thing is.. What will happen to us if we are in that pool for more than 20+ months? Will they still call us..? Isn't it strange to have us come over to Qatar while they haven't seen us for the past 2 years??? A reassesment? Will we just be kicked out of the pool?
Anyone that has a general idea about this.. Please shine your light on the topic
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Old 8th Feb 2013, 17:11
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A little bit of info for you : new airport is scheduled to open in stages, beginning in April this year. It's anybody's guess whether it happens or not!

I hear that QR were in Bahrain last week, interviewing a bunch of Gulf Air pilots recently laid off. If its true they will be Airbus type rated and I guess will go straight to the top of the waiting list for a start date.

Rumours suggest that there are a lot of guys still sat around in Doha waiting for a start on the type training, anywhere between 40 and 100 depending who you believe.

Additionally, the 787 troubles has thrown a big, if temporary, spanner in the works.

Probably not the best news if you're sat around waiting for a DOJ but recruitment will continue, just not at the crazy rate recently seen.

I'm unable to give any sort of idea of timeline for NTSO/FO start dates and its impossible to offer advice on whether you should wait or move on.....that depends entirely on your personal circumstances.


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Old 9th Feb 2013, 07:34
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The questions that you ask have been answered already.

Basically NO FTSO/NTSO for 2013 (or at least most of the year). SO's are not generally needed and will be taken from CTC and the school first. You would be a fool if you dont keep persuing other avenues of flying if you can.

At least 100+ SO's and FTSO's awaiting line training! not to mention the FO's that will also get priority that are waiting.

If you are in hold pool, you will be lucky if you get called if you dont have Jet time or rating already. They are really full with trying to get the people here done, so no need to keep inviting people from the "hold pool" that are SO's or not very experienced. (this has been said enough)

Yes, Gulf air pilots coming across.....

FO's are trickling in still but slowly.

Re: Hold pool...... there is a thread for that, Tritzo you started it, so better to post hold pool questions there as this thread is very clogged with "whats happening questions!
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Old 9th Feb 2013, 18:22
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New DEC process

Does anyone know anything about new DEC assessment ? I had an application last year but I had to do a new one this year, a totally different process in the website. No more filling up, but only CV, documents and licenses attachments.
Haven't hear anything about it since.
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