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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 4th Jul 2012, 18:12
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Applied end of 2011
Invited for the selections early February 2012
No news until....
Good news + Talent pool email: July 2012!

Further news to be expected in late July. But I guess another round of waiting time is coming!

Good luck to all waiting for a good news!

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 06:32
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Assessment for B777 F/O rated

Hi ,
I have an interview with Qatar coming soon . What can i expect for the assessment ; i am already rated on B777 .
Thanks for your answers .
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 15:52
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Anybody received DOJ from QR , since Holly M. Email???
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 17:38
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Hi guys quick question I recieved my contract around 5 weeks ago and submitted the contract back to HR along with my passport copy and also put down the date I wanted to join. The date I requested to Join is in October.

About 2 weeks later I got the mass email from H miles that everybody got . Was that email the talent hold email ??? . It did not say anything about talent hold pool. Since that email I have not got anything from anyone else. Is there anyone that is in my position or can someone clarify.

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 17:45
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. . there must be bags of people in your situation, be patient. What exactly needs to be clarified!
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 18:24
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got the same email 5 weeks ago and didn't mention anything about talent pool either. I think there was two different emails sent out , one stating they were re-evaluating their training footprint and the other for a talent pool. Don't know what the difference is ........

Hopefully the people who got the first email will get DOJ's soon , fingers crossed
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 18:45
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Hi, Intake,
I have had the same problem when willing to attach my documents.
Had to re-scan all of them, at a much lower resolution, until reaching an acceptable "weight", while still keeping them clearly readable documents.
Good Luck to you,
See you soon ?
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 18:57
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Join Date: May 2012
Location: arabian gulf
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the difference between the 2 emails ??

i noticed that :

1- those who got the contract , signed it and sent it back recieved the (Holly .M ) email with the 3 questions

2- those who didnt get their contract yet recieved the ( talent pool )

i think this is the difference between the 2 emails ? someone correct me please if im wrong !!

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 19:25
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you may be right i just wanted to see if people that got the contract were also getting the talent pool email.

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Old 5th Jul 2012, 20:08
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You're right supersonic75, I think the talent pool email is from the recruitement departement and the other one was from HR.
speedhold, I'm in the same situation as you.
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 20:34
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okay so other people are in the same boat ...
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 21:23
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@ supersonic

I totally agree with you.
I 'm still waiting for the DOJ.
It's been 7 weeks now!!!And not even a ''wait untill...'' from them....
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Old 5th Jul 2012, 23:32
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Arrow ....

Patience,patience specially those already assigned 320.
Same as speed hold and others ,check my mail everyday.

They clearly work to reduce the backlog as I can see by prompt replies concerning documents that had a change like passport.
Its hard but all we can do wait ,we have a offer signed and that is the big difference.

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Old 6th Jul 2012, 07:03
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And then there were who didn't receive anything since the pass mail, such as myself.
I received the pass mail in March, and waiting since then. No talent pool, no contract.
And still waiting...
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 12:54
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is there a time limit for waiting ?

i posted this (info) before :

after i got my contract ( F.O / A320 ) back in ( may-2012 ) i called my joining cordinator asking her : how long can i delay my join date ? she told me you must join before and no more than 12 months from your interview date !!

i understod from this that they have maximum 12 months from interview date for the candidate to join ?? i dont know if :

1- thats still the case now ,or

2- its been changed since they are really not being able to handle all those massive numbers of new pilots joining ??

@ cccc cheer up and stay positive
as for me , i beleive that all those who got the (good news) email shouldnt worry , even if they didnt get any email after that till now !! i dont think QR will waste the money of your visa ,ticket , hotel and sim flying and find you as a (good pilot) passed all the interview bull and then simply just let you go ?? that would be really stupid !! i dont think they would do that keeping in mind they are still doing interviews which means they didnt get the ( number ) of new pilots they have in mind yet
thats why im saying : they (need you) , if you ( passed ) then you are ( in )

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Old 6th Jul 2012, 15:01
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if this is true, its like shooting yourself in the leg.

why pay so much money for accomodating people in hotels during interviews, blocking training captains AND simulators for days, just to assess people and screen then (if they already have a shortage of both), a whole lot of hr and recruitment paperwork and THEN kick them out after one has passed? Which was initially not even ones fault but the lack of proper pre-planning.
Just to recruit more people to have even more blockage of simulators and ground staff.

the problem is, i believe anything can happen in mid east by someones unthroughthought decision. good things and bad things, also sometimes stupid things.

lets hope this is not true.
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 15:45
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And what about all those June's A330 assigned SO's contracts???
Why did they offered them the job??
I only believe its a matter of time for everyone who has signed an offer of employment....
For the rest who are in the pool , they just have to wait for the 787's to arrive and then they will start contact people again...

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Old 6th Jul 2012, 16:54
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Any idea how long one can swim in the pool until the interview "expires" and a re-assessment is required?
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 17:31
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Talent pool email

Hi guys,
just an info please: I received the good news talent pool email few a weeks ago, (I'm A330 Type rated FO) but a bit worried because I'm not flying since January and the TR is expiring on November... do you think I should renew it at the SIM before joining QR ? I know they do provide a couple of FFS before line training regardless of you're type rated or not: do you think that it should be better to keep it current until joined or not? Thank you very much in advance , Cheers !
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Old 6th Jul 2012, 18:00
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They are financially powerful, youíre talking about QR ,they donít care.
You should observe and see that for QR itís all about circumstances and opportunities. Unlimited Adaptability, High flexibility and it works very well for them.
The time you waited compared to what youíve been told during your interview is a good example.The random time frame and order people are processed and the difference of treatement between each pilot no matter the category is a good example.The Spanair guys episod is a good example.
What they said today maybe totally different tomorrow.Who you are,whatís happening to you, how long did you wait, how difficult it was to get things done etc they donít care. Youíre just a tool.Company needs first mate.In this kind of environnement, you better have people inside.
If you understand that philosophy and accept it, youíll do well also and youíll be happy.

Good luck and it should be ok as you received the "talent" e-mail
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