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Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Joining Qatar Airways (QR) - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 20th Mar 2012, 01:37
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Guys, were all in the same boat. Some already more advanced some not. At the end all more or less experienced aviators,with different reasons for a change.be polite and respectful and remember where"you" coming from!
Just my 50 cents
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 03:06
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For those who may be interested, I applied for the FO position (not type rated): My timeline from application to joining:

Application sent: Aug 25
Interview invitation: Sep 27
Interview Date: Nov 08
Success notice: Dec 06
Aircraft Assignment: Feb 29 (A320)
Joining Date: Apr 29
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 05:34
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Qatar airman medical

I've heard that the medical is based off of the JAR medical. Wondering if anyone could offer any insight into the medical. In particular I'm concerned about the eye exam. If first hand info is available it would be much appreciated. Also, how often does the medical need to be renewed and why do they ask you to show up with a fresh medical. Thanks all!
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 05:58
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my apologize the way I replied even though it was only directed to etravis82, because he received the mail like some of us.
But good luck anyway, and for those waiting hold tight, it is indeed very frustrating, I waited 4 months for the contract... hope to see u in DOH !
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 06:38
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Shouldn't post that to anybody. Especially not you!
Go back a few pages and look at how you were moaning on here.

That guy will do fine in QR, good luck to you here though.

Good Day.
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 07:26
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The medical is just a pain, but it is doable. If I might offer a suggestion, do NOT use the doctor at the Al Alhi hospital. Use the other facility (can't remember the name). You will pass using either one, but the equipment at the Al Alhi hospital seems to be a bit flaky and the doctor will send you off to several specialists to have them sign you off. It takes time and is a bit stressful, but have not heard of anyone not passing, and there are some over 55 doing an initial.

You will need cash to pay for the medical examinations. It may cost up to 1,500 QAR depending if you get sent off to some specialists. Submit all bills to the fleet secretary and EVENTUALLY they will be paid.

The medical requires two visits to the hospital/clinic. It is early in the process (first week) so transportation is provided. The second visit is to cover the results and have the doctor sign off the aviation form for your license. A copy of this must go to the fleet secretary when you turn in your receipts.

The eye examination is no worse than anything experienced in other exams.

Once again, when arriving here, have access to a fair bit of cash. If you bring US Dollars, they must be printed since 2007 or they may be rejected (as I found out at the hotel). US Dollars exchange at a fixed rate.

The first 10 days are very, very busy. Water and rest, as much as you can for the more senior chaps. For the younger lads... party on (though you may find the prices in the bar a bit daunting).
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 08:37
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Position: Flight Deck Opportunities- Captains Job Reference: FO/SN/20565 Posted: 26 Feb '12 Open Department: Flight Deck Crew Company / Division: Emirates Airline Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Back to Job Vacancies
The Emirates Group comprises of Dnata, the successful Airport Ground Services and Travel Industry division, and Emirates, the Group's rapidly expanding and award winning international Airline. At Emirates, our fleet growth matches our vision.
As a global airline we operate the latest Airbus A340, A330, A380 and Boeing 777 aircraft, serving six continents and flying to over 100 destinations around the world. In addition we have over US$85 billion of new aircraft on order, which will take the Emirates fleet from our current 151 to 200 by 2012 and to around 300 by 2016. To operate our expanding fleet we are now recruiting the best pilots globally to work within our multi-cultural team of over 160 nationalities. Besides career growth, Dubai is a tourism centre and modern cosmopolitan city with high standards of healthcare, education and leisure pursuits for residents. It also is one of the most desirable lifestyle locations in the world for families and individuals.
The Position: We offer technically proficient Captains challenging career opportunities, which include world-class training, the chance to fly an extensive international route network

Salary & Benefits: For information on our recently updated terms and conditions for Flight Crew positions, please click the link below. Our website also has a wealth of information on the airline, employee benefits and living in Dubai. Employee Benefits | Explore Our Careers | Emirates Group Careers Centre
Requirements for the Position of Captain A330/B777
  • A minimum of 7000 hours total flying time (only front seat time on turboprop and/or turbojet aircraft can be counted).
  • A minimum of 3000 hours command time on multi-crew, multi-engine commercial jet aircraft with an MTOW of 50 tonnes or more.
Note: We do not accept simulator time for flying hours calculation.
  • Must hold a valid ICAO ATPL with an unrestricted class one medical certificate
  • English language fluency (written and verbal comprehension); must be at least equal to ICAO English level 5.
  • Must have flown as an aircraft commander on a jet meeting the above mentioned criteria, within 12 months of joining
  • Preference will be given to type rated Airbus A330/340, B777 or other relevant wide body commanders and Instructors/Examiners
To express your interest in a flying career with Emirates, please apply on-line by clicking below, and complete our application form. Our Flight Operations Recruitment team will review your application and make contact with you should there be interest in further evaluating your application.

Tool Box

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Old 20th Mar 2012, 10:10
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Does Qatar Airways require the MCC and JAR ATPL exams before being invited to the interview or pilots can do the interview before submitting the required documents?
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 11:55
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You do require an MCC and a Frozen ATP in order to get contacted/shortlisted by Qatar Airways.
I'm afraid this is not very accurate bond737!

You must hold at least frozen ATPL to get invited to the assessment. but not necessarily an MCC.

I've met many who have been invited to the assessment before they've done their MCC. However, the MCC is still a main requirement before joining. Also it would be for your own benefit guys if you have the MCC beforehand as it will enrich your knowledge and CRM during both the interview and the sim ride! Some interview questions are really based on your CRM knowledge and experience.

All the best
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 16:24
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...would Mr Chuck Yeager do for them?...don't think so..he hasn't 2000 hours over 40 tons!..just 22000 on fighters with 65000 feet initial climb capabilities!....anyway, wrong forum...cheers
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 16:36
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@ 777 aviator

it was the case when you could get your MCC after induction. You are right on that. But now, thats not the case. You need to have MCC and FATP OR just ATP to be called/shortlisted.
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 16:39
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Hey there!

I had the interview early Feb... still waiting for an answer! I applied as S/O ab initio (200hrs FT).

Anyone here who also had the interview on the same date and still waiting for a feedback from them?


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Old 20th Mar 2012, 17:27
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Joining in may, applied as FTSO, but now I have FO requirements, anyone else with similar experience ?
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 17:48
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Need on honest answer!

Hi everyone,

I have a short question.

I'm around 50 hours short (flight time) for one of requirements for fast track second officer. Should I wait to apply or is it OK if I still go ahead and apply? (I'm currently not flying anymore)

I would appreciate for an honest answer???
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 21:24
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Been on the selection for S/O on Feb. 12th.
787 SIM.
Still no answer ! :/ i haven't heard anything ever since...
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 21:31
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Any different contract

Hi guys, I was wondering if somebody knows any recent hired with TR in A320, that got placed in the A330 or 777, that way they have to sing the bond, just asking...thanks..cheers
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Old 20th Mar 2012, 22:13
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Hello all,

I understand when joining Qatar Airways crew are provided with uniform. I've also read on here that flight bags, shoes and company belts are provided? Is this the case?

If so, are the company flight bags and shoes a compulsory part of the uniform or can we use our own? My beloved flight bag has been with me for yonks

What make are the bags and shoes? (Just interested !)

Good luck to those awaiting good news and thanks for any information.

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Old 21st Mar 2012, 07:37
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Bags and Shoes

The flight bag is made by Delsey and is a roller board lockable flight bag. I looked at the Delsey website but could not find this model so suspect it may be custom made. The bag includes a computer sleeve and gadget container. Not bad but definitely not a nostalgia design.

Shoes are Hush Puppies. I have always worn shoes from another manufacturer as I believe in comfort over design. However, after wearing the allotted shoes, find them very comfortable AND security scanner safe. Very conventional with soft souls.

Uniform doesn't look too bad though try EVERYTHING on before taking it away, even the belt and the tie tacks (some don't secure properly).

Not been here long enough to know if they expect the issued flight bag to be used on the line, but have seen some well worn bags that I am SURE the airline wishes were put to rest .

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Old 21st Mar 2012, 10:11
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Thanks for the info Flytdeck !

Are overnight bags provided for layovers as well?

Many thanks

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Old 21st Mar 2012, 10:18
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Receiving the good news

Guys, I just want to share the great news, after 9 weeks I got an email a few minutes ago telling me that I made it, for a F/O position, so happy at the moment, just have to wait a few more weeks for the formal offer. Thanks again for the good info received here, good luck to everybody, cheers
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