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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 7th Jan 2011, 22:44
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If given the choice between a EK F/O position or EY Capt position on A320, what would you choose? I have heard that after 2 years with EY you can apply to go on the 777, would it not be much better to 'do my time' on the A320 as a skipper for a few years rather than 'doing my time' as as F/O for at least 5-7 years at EK, even given some of the apparent better conditions with EK? Any suggestions welcome.
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 01:42
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Hey Sec 3,

Forget your medication?
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Old 8th Jan 2011, 10:38
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Thanks ATC83!
This thread was created to help pilots who are applying to EY!
Nowadays, it's pretty rare to get precise info... but you made it!
Please, just don't waste your time answering some loosers comments!
They don't deserve it!

Once again, thanks!

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Old 8th Jan 2011, 14:50
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Ey Dec 320

anyone has been called for interview for DEC 320 in the last few weeks...
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Old 11th Jan 2011, 01:06
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EY Medical

Does anybody know if strabism is allowed and to what limit on the eye examination.
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Old 17th Jan 2011, 03:25
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A320 Pay

Hi Guys,

Can anyone please tell me what's the average take home of an A320 F/O at EY. Thanks in advance.

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Old 17th Jan 2011, 17:30
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I had an interest in Etihad, until I read this thread.

There appears to be no clear career progression then for the F/Os on the 320?

What I mean is, with the orders for 787s, A350s, and the A380s yet to arrive (as well as additional 320s) - any possibility of things improving for the 320 F/Os as these machines arrive? Or will they continue to be bypassed by rated/non-type rated drivers, and be offered the MFF on the 330 which doesn't seem to be amounting to much?
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Old 17th Jan 2011, 17:52
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There appears to be no clear career progression then for the F/Os on the 320?
after 500 hrs and 2 opc you can bid for a 330 ccq,and you will get it according to seniority
by the time being 8 pilots per month are cross qualified to fly both 320 and 330,expect at least one year before getting the ccq and the mff
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Old 17th Jan 2011, 18:29
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That's good to hear. When these pilots do indeed get the CCQ, does the balance of 320/330 flying improve or is it as the others have stated, the 330 flying being once or twice a month (or just enough to remain current)?

Any cases of a fleet transfer to the Boeing for example, as F/O or Captain, or is this extremely rare as well? I understand there's a 2-year minimum period before being able to bid.

Just trying to get a better understanding for how these things work at EY
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Old 18th Jan 2011, 08:18
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Good responses, thanks for the info.

Every airline has pros and cons. Your experience is largely 'what you make of it' as they say - the biggest challenge always being in how to deal with the negatives. At my airline we have one big positive - which is a fast command, but that's about it. The negatives - the aircraft are getting old, no plans for expansion or new aircraft orders on the horizon, and not much variety in our destinations. Small housing allowance, not much of a medical plan or any proper retirement benefits don't make it much of a career airline. The other 'negative' of the fast command here is once you get it, you are now limited to mostly 320 contract positions worldwide, and the option of joining a big airline like EK, EY, etc. becomes less attractive (as you have now lost a few years of seniority and have to start as F/O all over again - unless of course you go as DEC at EY, but that's another story). I'm not saying a 320 command position is something to be looked down upon, only that personally it would be nice to have the option of progressing to other equipment, other routes, etc.

Etihad on the other hand has a lot of aircraft orders, the option to be CCQ'd on a different aircraft type, or to possibly bid for a fleet transfer, which despite not appearing to be running efficiently at the moment, hopefully will improve with time. At least something to look forward to. As for the DEC issue, I know F/Os at Emirates must have been disappointed to say the least while EK was running that scheme and thank goodness it came to an end. Hopefully the same will happen at Etihad with time. (No disrespect to the DECs btw, as someone said earlier they also have to feed their families; I'm speaking strictly from an F/O point-of-view).

It seems as if at my company we are dealing with a management that is resistant to change, reluctant to think outside the box or to be innovative, while you guys at Etihad deal with a management that applies changes constantly, maybe sometimes with no real direction. Unfortunately I doubt we'll ever see a perfect medium anywhere.

Of course, EK looks attractive and I'll have to wait another 2 years to have the minimums, but if I don't get the job or something else happens, I still believe Etihad would be a very good option despite its drawbacks. I was also curious about that other airline down the street (what's it called? Goat Airways?) but from what I understand it's best to steer clear from there.
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Old 18th Jan 2011, 12:46
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I haven't read anything that naive for a long time.
I wish it will work out fine for you, but most of the guys who were naive enough to believe that EY could change whatsoever are still moaning here, including me, and I have been there for a long long time, coz I don't have any other choice now that I'm in this cy outfit.

Should you elect to do the same mistake that most of us did, pretend to be an ostrich and put you head in the sand to avoid seing the actual truth that you made a foolish decision, well, welcome and join the club, and we will welcome you again moaning on this particular thread 6 months after joining date. Let's have a rendez vous there, will you ??
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Old 18th Jan 2011, 18:26
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Haha, thanks Chandler. At the end of the day everyone's outfit sucks. Same thing people used to say about the air ambulance outfit I used to fly for, or for the charter company before that.

Surely there must be some positives during your time at EY. Otherwise you're just as naive as I am if you think you'll be happy elsewhere. I'm not under any illusion that Etihad or even Emirates are wonderful, flawless companies, but when you make an informed decision to go somewhere, and willing to accept that there may be negative aspects, then I don't consider that being naive. We all have choices, you're not happy with your current position, I hope for your sake you either attain what you're looking for or find an alternative soon.

All the best.
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Old 18th Jan 2011, 18:38
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Hello there P-Factor!

Don't even bother about Chandler buddy; He's a lost case.
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Old 4th Feb 2011, 14:04
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Flight Duty Time Limitations

Read a lot of posts about extremely long and frequent night flights on the A320. Can anyone give me an idea of the Flight duty time limitations followed by Etihad?
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Old 5th Feb 2011, 07:30
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that's a fine question
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 06:01
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Thnx pilotuser. A really nice and detailed explanation of the situation at Etihad. After reading ur bit, I am now convinced that I should stay away from them as far as possible.
Thanks again.
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Old 13th Feb 2011, 17:33
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After reading a lot of these posts about EK, EY, QR, Flydubai, I am convinced that if I were to apply to a Middle East carrier one day, I would probably focus on Emirates. Sure, EK has its big warts too, but it seems like it is the best of the bunch - so long as you can handle the long-haul fatigue flying there too. EY and QR seem like worse quality of life on offer and more autocratic management teams.
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 12:12
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What a load of exaggerated tosh is spouted here.

To anyone intelligent reading all this, my opinion is.....
every airline has unhappy/disgruntled pilots. Most of them come on here to spout on and try and defend their own lack of research. The happy majority have no reason to read all this fictional diatribe, let alone reply!

This is far from the perfect job, but there is really no such thing!

Too many people believe there is......................
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Old 14th Feb 2011, 18:17
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I have to say EY has some major issues, but what is written on here is mainly rubbish. The housing, the health issues etc. All rubbish, but as I said i'm not saying all is perfect and yes EK is a better option right now.
I think you need to be careful when talking about our two friends who passed away, neither of these Gentlemen's passing was in any way related to EY and to suggest otherwise is wrong. In one case EY was helping in anyway it could.
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Old 15th Feb 2011, 10:05
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Etihad application

Morning Folks,

Just wondering on average how long it takes from submitting the online application (Non rated FO B777) to being called for interview? Earlier post seem to indicate that the recruitment department is very slow!
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