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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 8th Sep 2010, 15:04
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Hello Saviboy, it s in your webmail. The latest FOB.
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 15:14
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you go on leave for a few days and the world is upside down!!!

thanks NTM.
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 15:18
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Welcome back !!!
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 15:32
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still on leave brother!!
enjoying kangaroo meat on the grill!!
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 16:05
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Thanks a lot to you guys for your answers!
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Old 8th Sep 2010, 19:41
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Hi all

Long new career progression which finally makes sense. Its fair and gives more upgrades and chances for fleet transfers. 18 upgrades in three months and more to come. The more the better and the less DECs gives us a brighter future in terms of command
This has been in the rumor mill for a few weeks but its finally out and official and now we can move forward. Few other things to sort out.

Oh last i heard on the line today is 3 POSSIBLE 4 new layovers on the 320 starting end of October, AMM, MAA and COK and possible DEL. that will kill a few of the night flights so again moving in the right direction.

Lets hope things keep moving in this direction.

Safe flying to all
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 00:28
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I am expecting interview in Oct. Can anybody tell me what kind of tech exam is there and Qs asked in the interview. Thanks
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 00:31
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I am expecting an interview in Oct. can anybody tell me what kind of tech exam is there and the Qs asked in the interview. Thanks
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Old 11th Sep 2010, 10:54
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777 selection

Hi Guys

Can someone give me info on the 777 selection please? Specifically anyone who has done it recently. I see the A320 guys are revising FCOM1 but obviously it's different for 777 - just wondering what to revise for the tech quiz. Specifically after example questions from the tech quiz.
Also, are the interview questions "Give us an example of..." type questions? Any tech questions asked during interview?

Many Thanks

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Old 11th Sep 2010, 18:05
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Mideastflyer Hope this new procedure u guys got will stick, but tomorrow is Sunday and things seems to change on any given Sunday. Plus it seems that any official (or otherwise) procedure doesn't really mean it will be that for any pre-determined amount of time. Sorry to sound negative but if you been in either EY or the ME in general you know what I'm talking about. I don't really agree (entirely) with that new policy, yes it is hopefully a step forward for the 320 guys if it turns out to hold true but itís not fixing the problem, it may actually create additional problems as far as I think.
You have a procedure which says today we upgrade on this plane and tomorrow we may go on that plane see how we go! The procedure should be clear and simple. So everyone knows without confusion what he or she will do and will go when his/hers upgrade will come, some possible change is always inevitable as there is an Airbus and a Boeing fleet but as a base line should be very simple. All this policy does, is give the Management flexibility to change the upgrade fleet as they see fit so who they want will go to the wide body and everyone else on the mini-bus.
It should be on one base fleet and move upwards, simple upgrade 320 and then MFF to the 330, followed when all required company and operational needs are met to the 340 if the crew wishes to bid for the long haul kind of flying, if not you have a two lifestyle fleet plan 320/330 short to medium and 330/340. None of these today you go on the 320 and tomorrow you go on the 330 it is not a transparent system is just going to create a mess.
Say you and I work for the same outfit, and we both come up for the upgrade? You are first in the seniority list so they say today the 320 fleet is the upgrade fleet. You take it, the next command slot comes to me and I get the 330 today, look at your lifestyle and look at mine, youíll be pissed as so would anyone else. It should be a simple and linear progression from the bottom to the top, it would work faster and fairer (my opinion only)
I was always told (KISS) Keep It Simple Stupid. we donít need to re-invent the wheel in aviation. Upgrades should just be on the 320, 500 hours on type left seat and you are clear to bid for 330 slots, DONE! That will push more people into the 320 (especially left seat) and free the current guys to go 330 MFF. That also quickly builds the pool of 320/330 MFF pilots and the roster becomes more stable and even between the two.
Having said that, what is on offer now is better than previously available, so yes a step in the right direction. But why must the pilot community settle for a mediocre solution (just because is better than before) when at no extra cost you get a fair and clear one instead.

Once again I stress out before I get bombarded by replies that some is better than nothing but just because it is, it doesnít make it good.

Safe Flying
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Old 14th Sep 2010, 14:20
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Hi guys.
I am working for a neighbour airline, with a logo that looks similar to a goat
Looking for a better lifestyle as life in DOH is not really great. Currently flying 320 here with an upgrading/transfer policy not clear at all, with pilots bypassing us from everywhere, stuff Im sure you already know and hear about working here.
Even though Ive been reading 320 sucks in Etihad I supose its not really different from here and money looks better plus Abu Dhabi is 10 years ahead from DOH.
What do you think about this career move guys, is it worth to do it?
My plan is to stay a couple of years in Middle East and make some money, then go back to Europe, not reallly interested in Cpt Upgrade, I dont see myself here 8 more years.
Many thanks in advance, any tips really appreciated.
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Old 15th Sep 2010, 14:00
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B777 interview

If anyone has recently completed interview assessment could you if possible please message me with some detail on the process and tech exam. Much appreciated.

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Old 15th Sep 2010, 21:11
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If you could also cc me in on that please that would be much appreciated anorafly

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Old 18th Sep 2010, 07:02
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Hi Jumbito,

I would say give it a try. No harm trying. Even if everything else the same (work wise, career wise) but there'll be definitely an upgrade in lifestyle compare to Goat Airways and DOH. Travelling back to Europe during off days with less restrictions....that's the greatest plus points!
Make the call mate!
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Old 18th Sep 2010, 15:10
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any chance

hey guys
is there any chance to get an interview for etihad ariways if your not typed on there airccraft, im only typed on med size jet so is it possible???
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Old 18th Sep 2010, 18:43
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Thanks for the true info's
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 00:52
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Anyone kindly tell me about the 320 FO,

Any chance for up size to 330 or 340 ,if so how long?

Are they recruiting 320 FO now?

I heard that almost no layover for 320fleet, is that true?

For the layover, where are they going?

Thank you your help guy.
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 18:14
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The A320 has a layover in Minsk
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Old 21st Sep 2010, 19:26
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do not accept a 320 position unless you are out of a job and/or in serious need of money. everything written by Laker is true.
Conversely if you want to age a few years in a few months, you will love it here.
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Old 25th Sep 2010, 09:25
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Hi all,

I have an upcoming interview for direct entry on the 777. I would really appreciate some informations as most of this thread is about the A320 interview.
Infos on the 3 day process, what to prepare ? Is there a psychologist interview ?
Also as there are more 777 coming next year any infos on new routes or roster appreciated.

Thanks a lot
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