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Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Etihad Employment - threads merged - all you need to know

Old 3rd Feb 2007, 18:26
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Join Date: Feb 2007
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Per Diem: NO
ProductivityPay: NO
Loss of Licence Insurance: NO
Profit Sharing: NO
Pension Scheme: NO
Exchange Rate Protection Pay: NO
Coach Potatoe did you know all of this before you joined Etihad? If you did then why did you join them and why complain now
Hi Easy,
I do not complain, this is only facts.
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Old 4th Feb 2007, 04:27
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thanks semper fii was really thinking to write to etihad and inform them im not coming anymore .....i dont know anyone in etihad so my only resource of information is this forum.
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Old 4th Feb 2007, 08:37
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Hi guys

Does anyone have any new info with regards to the new pilot selection at etihad??? ie technical questions,english test ,phsycometric tests,group ex and sim etc

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Old 6th Feb 2007, 03:51
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What about staff travel and leave?
And any ideas on timeframes for command upgrades?
Overall, it looks better than some of the options I've seen.
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Old 10th Feb 2007, 00:09
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Hi 2 all of u out there.I just noticed that Etihad does not require a type rating any more.But 2 be honest i ve seen 2 many negative comments in the forum concerning housing roster stability etc etc.Also does any1 has any clue if a provident fund does exist over there.Any info would be very much appreciated.Whats the etihad policy on upgrades?Pms are welcome as well.

PS i am a single 30 year old with 4500 and a 7 years experience in B737.So its time for me to fly something bigger.
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 07:52
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New! Subsistence Allowances

Hot off the press. Effective 01 Feb 2007, Etihad is paying subsistence allowances for layovers. This is the first announcement of further enhancements to the renumeration package.
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 12:27
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They'll just take it off your 700 Dhs you now make every day you work
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Old 11th Feb 2007, 14:50
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Effective 01 Feb 2007, Etihad is paying subsistence allowances for layovers
Long overdue. One small step in the right direction. Housing MUST BE next. With these 2 issues solved, heads and minds will turn inwards to help it become a very good company to work for.
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Old 12th Feb 2007, 07:54
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Maybe some additional help???

Hi everybody

I have my interview with Etihad and rest of the assessment process scheduled from February 20 - 22; I checked all the threads (I did my homework) but didn't find any explicit information regarding technical quiz, English test, psyhometric test, group exercises... personal interview itself??.. questions asked???.. any information from anybody who had interview with EY recently??.. I used the booklet "Preparing for Emirates Interview: The Pilot's Guide".. can I rely on it or there is something else??.. any suggestion??.. adivise???

Thank you for help .. I would really appreciate..

Happy landing to all of you...
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Old 10th Mar 2007, 21:28
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Hello all Etihad experienced people.
This thread is entitled Etihad employment- all you need to know.
Well, I've had a good look round but can't find much on the substance of the Etihad recruitment process. Several other guys have appealed in a similar vein. Does this info exist. Can anyone assist. Any help appreciated.
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 13:19
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New Slary package does little

For a new joiner it may seem that there has been improvement but to those here many are not happy.

Inflation (now over 20 percent)and housing (going up 30 percent) are going up every day while your take home pay does not . Also with the durham somehow tied directly to the dollar those of us from Eurpoe are taking further cut as dollar sinks. EY has no currency protection as EK does.

If you should look closely at EK, I know some of us are going to. This management doesn't treat employees as anything other than a slave. While it is run by Europeans, they are not the ones who approve contracts.

I see very little future here, especially for new joiners as you will be at bottom on "senority list" with only a few more aircraft to be delivery.
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 19:47
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Better still ...If you dont like it then leave!
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Old 11th Mar 2007, 22:08
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Wink already left

FirbolgsBetter still ...If you dont like it then leave!

I already have I do not put up with that kind of cra. ....p
Old 20th Mar 2007, 13:19
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Recruitment INFO please.

Hey Guys, I've been over this thread from the start to end, and would appreciate if anyone could give some meaningful info on what to expect at the interview.

I know about the salay, just need a outlook on what goes on over the 3 days ??

Sample questions would also help, thanks.
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Old 20th Mar 2007, 23:22
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Join Date: Mar 2007
Location: United Arab Emirates
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Thumbs up Etihad Cadet Pilot interview

Hi guys..

i will be going for the Cadet pilots program interview and assessment on 28th of this month, i've been advised by one of my friends to get help to know what to do in the pilots interview from this website but i couldnt know how, i will be going for (Etihad Airlaines) Which is based in the United Arab Emirates, my origin. And i ask if you kindly help me to know what to do or say in an interview like that. im already working in Emirates Airlines for 3 years and half , i did the Aircraft Engineering course and working now as a Lead Aircraft Mechanic. i'll be greatly thankfull if you help me with that...
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Old 21st Mar 2007, 13:47
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Why you dont then join emirates cadet programme ?!!
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Old 22nd Mar 2007, 13:26
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well my dear, the stopped engineering graduates from transferring to the cadets program, why? i dont know..!
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Old 23rd Mar 2007, 12:12
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Get a book called ACE THE TECHICAL PILOS INTERVIEW. U should do fine as it is a good book and covers most of the ground classes.
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Old 24th Mar 2007, 04:45
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EY Pilots

Hello EY pilots i would like some help about the interview with EY, i have a month without a job, so i applied to QR and EK, i know everything about the interview with QR and EK so that isnot a problem; but i would like to know about the interview with EY, like what should i study for the written test and oral test, what kind of sim they use for the interview, i am applying to F/O position because i don't have PIC time, so any help i will appreciate it, because i can not lose this chance.

Thank you
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Old 27th Mar 2007, 01:04
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anyone knows how many planes will EY take in 07/08 and how many pilots are they looking to hire in 07 .
and how many on standby shift
plz respone if yoy work there.
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