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No food for QR pilots

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

No food for QR pilots

Old 15th Oct 2004, 21:36
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Lightbulb No food for QR pilots

A capt just got terminated from QR because AAB found him eating onboard on ground.The flight was double sector DOH TO DUB
45min flight time so no time to eat in flight.It seems that there is a memo signed by AAB that no pilot has seen about flightdeck crew eating on gnd exactly like caputchino peanuts and orange juice.
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Old 15th Oct 2004, 21:57
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Old 15th Oct 2004, 22:36
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(Russian Gynegology)
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Something to do with Ramadan?
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Old 16th Oct 2004, 05:05
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Devil Evil

That man is so evil!
God when are you going to do something to end this freaks reign?
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Old 16th Oct 2004, 05:32
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Cool I told you guys

And what about all this speculations about him leaving QR??

He'll never leave!! you will quit before he does!!
No drinks no food! no flight!!
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Old 16th Oct 2004, 06:30
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I dont know if the guy is fired or not.

The cabin crew did receive a memo from AAB himself ( he obviously has nothing better to do) that on ground, flight deck crew should only be given a bottle of water and a cup.

No food, no hot drinks!

In case of delay, he leaves it to the CS/CSD common sense to do what he/she wants. Yeah right, as if any of them will dare to go against this note.

Further: no dates, nu nuts, no orange juice and no pax meals( even what is leftover) should be given to the flight deck.

Because flight deck can not be served untill pax service is finished a lot of us dont eat at all anymore on board since most of the flights are just too short!

Real life situation: cabin crew stuffing themselves with all the goodies on board, engineers-ground crew and cleaning drinking all the fresh orange juice upon arrival of the aircraft..
Pilots: left with a lousy crew meal and a bottle of water if time permits!
Only on LH flights we eat normally!

Flight deck crew where not issued this note so as far as I am concerned, on my next 12H duty with 2X 3hrs on the ground double dubai sector I will go to Mcdonalds, buy a take away bag and eat that in my cockpit! No notes forbids me to eat on ground, I just cannot be served!!!!!

QR is probably the only airline in the world where pilots are forced to eat when performing their duties in the air!!!!

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Old 16th Oct 2004, 13:35
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i work for this airline another month and then leave to civilization...

this airline is no less and no more than a JOKE

especially with the whole mangagement being all JOKERS, its like being in a pack of playing cards

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Old 17th Oct 2004, 09:08
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Is all this talk of interference, in trivial normal everyday routines on any flight deck in any airline such as having meals on ground etc, by no less than the CEO, really true in the case of Qatar Airways?

From the QR threads that I have read so far, it appears that QR CEO has nothing else better to do than engage/involve himself in petty things that are much below any CEO's status to interfere in eg. stewardess's grooming, cockpit crew meals. What's mind boggling is, does he actually do all that or is it an attempt to malign him? Why? Doesn't the company have managers and chief pilots to take care of implementing company policies?

The episodes being narrated here on PPRuNe of sackings at whims etc seem a little far fetched. Surely there must have been strong reasons for awarding the maximum punishment of termination.

It will be appreciated if a balanced view of life as a QR employee vis a vis the alleged dreaded management style is presented by someone who is unbiased, for the benefit of the community, to fairly assess QR working environment.

I don't know but to me all the talk of QR CEO's antics and tantrums seems a stretch, afterall he is running a successful airline that is doing well, and employees being the ones who deliver the goods would not be proving productive for the company and achieving results if such was the state of their morale....as has been time and again written here.

If the situation at QR is as has been told here in various threads on PPRuNe then why don't the SLAVES revolt? Enmasse resignations? Despite the alleged whimsical management style at QR the employees continue to endure it. Why?

There is more to it than meets the eye.
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 11:38
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Unfortunately and amazingly, all that is said about QR and the senior management is spot on.
The culture is management by fear and the word empowerment is not in a Qatari dictionary - so yes there are some managers with the ability and the willingness to make decisions and use their experience to the benefit of the organisation but are basically not allowed too....nothing - I mean literally nothing is done without the signature of the CEO as this is the only way to maintain job security - this includes minor tasks such as waiving excess baggage on departure, upgrading passengers, or buying a printer for your office.
Senior managers have the ability to sign off a max of about $500 without his approval plus heaps of justifications.
This means the airline is very slow to react to anything and is unable to be spontaneous in its actions.
In the UK Etihad are very proactive in their approach to the market and are far more visilbe than QR ever have been - basically to get any thing approved is so painful - most don't bother!

Yes the airline does well in terms of product but if those running the show were allowed to manage it would be so much better. Managers from far better airlines have been recruited but left shortly afterwards due to the straight jackets they were expected to work in.
The reason people stay is the money and most are just waiting til something better comes along.
Morale is low and troops frustrated but fortunately for QR most are professional and continue to carry out their dutys while watching their back.
The CEO makes regular to visits the airport andon the flights pre departure to see everyone is behaving themselves (as per this thread). Or making phone calls to check how much leave certain staff have been taking as he has imposed rules about this as well. He has a radio on his desk which has an open channel to the airport so he can hear QR staff. DO YOU GET THE PICTURE?

Im sure others will give you their view as well...
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 12:11
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ruby tuesday

Thanks for your post. Do you work or have worked for this supposed FIEND?

It seems that QR is a sort of a rogue existence somewhere in the galaxy being ruled by a villain mutant, with a million eyes, a trillion ears, and obviously no respect for human values and sensitivities.

More views from members will be welcome.
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 12:23
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Yes you are correct - and a few others like him....
I used to be at QR in a previous life...but escaped before my CV was scarred for life!
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 12:33
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Ruby Tuesday has posted an account which is, unfortunately, 100% accurate.

Nothing more can really be added by way of contradiction or argument.
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Old 17th Oct 2004, 22:14
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Yes the sackings are true, very hard to believe sometimes, I remember one british girl sacked for not wearing her hat correctly, and one CSD suspended for loosing her goat on her hat
One German CSD sacked for something stupid. Many more tales too many to mention.

Seems the flight deck are getting treated badly now is there no stopping the Bouncer. Me thinks he is trying to sabotage the airline for when he is kicked out so he can turn round and say well it was good when I was there.

Unfortunately a lot of the crew put up with ridiculious whims of the man, because they make better money than they would in their own country. Who can blame them, unfortunately many western / australian crew left because they can earn just as much money back home without the ridiculious rules and games.

Ruby, think you were there when I was, in the good old days, crew parties, no back stabbing from juniour crew etc. Hope your well and having fun

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Old 18th Oct 2004, 15:31
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Goat ....... LOL, thats the worst rendition of the Arabian Oryx ever, they should have stuck to the previous version from their old livery.
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Old 18th Oct 2004, 19:39
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Time QA removed the Rudolf from the tail and replaced it with Micky Mouse.
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Old 19th Oct 2004, 05:16
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This is one of my previous post i quote

"Amazing that AAB didn't have enough from terminating employees that now he came with a new notice to cabin crew regarding service to deck crew on ground ( with out even noticing the deck crew about it ) which is as follows :
Pre Flight ;
1) Flight Crew are only to be offerd a bottle of water,cups&napkins...!!!!

2) Items of food (ie. sandwiches, snacks,buscuicts ,crew meals ,ETC) not to be offered on ground till after T/O

3) If the flight is delayed or long ground time ( may a week ) A JUDGMENT CALL must be made by the CSD ( so what the use of having a COMANDER ) next they will be having the Capt and F/O not flying without permission of the cleaners (without disrespect of any person or job)

After T/O:
1) Hot/Cold Drinks are to be offered after T/O
2)Food that been catered for the flight crew should be offered on completion of Pax service

Keeping in mind that the crew are not allowed to drink Espresso Or Capacino or orange juice or laban Anyway....

this brings me to the piont what is next no meals at all or not allowed to drink even Nescafe Or what ......

Please Please Please GROW UP .........

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Old 19th Oct 2004, 18:58
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Ruby Tuesday is absolutely right. Go to some QR city offices in Europe and Asia and you will not be able to pay by credit card, because local personnel can not be bothered to ask "Doha" to sign the contract to accept credit cards. QR is more like a government office of a dictatorship. All are scared nobody opens his/her mouth. Go to Head Office and you can literally see the fear and oppression in the faces of the employees. This is modern slavery, most employees from developing nations have no choice but to endure this dicatorship. Dont think, dont open your mouth, be careful what you tell your colleague......
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Old 19th Oct 2004, 19:06
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. . . . and yet, people are lined up around the block wanting to get in and check it out for themselves.
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Old 22nd Oct 2004, 10:22
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Keeping in mind that the crew are not allowed to drink... ...laban Anyway....
Hmmmm...I always thought avoiding vile, disgusting tastes like laban ( IMHO!!) was a GOOD thing!

All joking aside, even though I HATE that laban much as I do Brussel Sprouts, I feel complete sympathy for anyone having to work in Qatar under that little tyrant. Every time I see the flying goat I wonder what hell the crew must be dealing with there.

Chin up, and escape as soon as you (all) can.

~Ray Darr
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Old 23rd Oct 2004, 06:21
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Thumbs down Why do you erased my posts???

this forum should be free! why do delete my previous posts??

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