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U.S. to order military dependents out of Bahrain

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

U.S. to order military dependents out of Bahrain

Old 3rd Jul 2004, 08:13
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U.S. to order military dependents out of Bahrain

What do you all think of this?

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Up to 900 U.S. military dependents will be ordered out of Bahrain because of "credible intelligence" that the tiny Persian Gulf state could be the next site of a terrorist kidnapping or other attack against Americans, Pentagon sources said Friday.

Bahrain is headquarters for the U.S. Navy's 5th Fleet and maritime components of the U.S. Central Command, which both operate in the Gulf region. The military has 4,500 service members stationed there. There are 370 military and Defense Department families in the country.

Military sources said a number of "town-hall" meetings have been held with military families in Bahrain in the past several days.

The Pentagon insists the mandatory departure is not an evacuation, but rather a "temporary relocation." It was unclear when the dependents will be allowed to return.

The base has no military housing but is home to the Bahrain School -- run by the Pentagon and attended by children of military families.

Earlier Friday, the State Department urged all U.S. citizens in Bahrain to consider leaving.

"The department has received information that extremists are planning attacks against U.S. and other Western interests in the Kingdom of Bahrain," said the department's travel warning. "Credible information indicates that extremists remain at large and are planning attacks in Bahrain."

State Department deputy spokesman Adam Ereli said U.S. officials felt compelled to warn Americans about the security risks, "given the fact there is information individuals are planning attacks and are at-large."

The decision to send the families out of Bahrain marks the first mandatory order of that type in the Gulf nation.

Before the Iraq war, military families could voluntarily leave Bahrain and travel home at government expense.
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Old 3rd Jul 2004, 23:04
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Cool Yeah!

they better bail out!

After watching Farenheit 9/11 I don't believe them anymore!
but thanks for the advice though.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 03:47
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And you believe Michael Moore?????

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Old 4th Jul 2004, 19:14
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The Americans are making sure they don't get sued in case anything do happen, they can say 'we told you so'.

We're staying put.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 19:24
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Sorry to see that this disease is spreading from these Brain Dead
I read a book a couple of years ago from Michael Moore titled
Stupid White Men.
After seeing his movie I find it just as Stupid as his book.
The Guy is a Flaming Idiot.
People such as this is what is helping to spread this problem in the Middle East.
Along with the lack of security in the region.
I read on the news that they had these 6 terrorist in custody in Bahrain and just let them go. Lack of evidence, also they did not look for any.
I am sure Michael Moore will have a theory as to why this happened.
Maybe he should write a biography on his self and call it:
Stupid Fat People or Lard Asses in Denial

We are staying put in Saudi Arabia also.
If we all leave these fanatics win.
Hope the people in Bahrain do the same.

Last edited by Earl; 4th Jul 2004 at 20:28.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 21:15
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I would doubt the wisdom of suggesting that the US can be entirely absolved on the "looking for evidence" count........
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 21:48
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Bahrain Lad,
Everytime the USA has posted a warning for Americans to leave they have been 100% correct.
Their batting average is excellent.
These are only done to insure the safety of American citizens.
As far as getting sued for this, its really difficult to sue the US government, not like Macdonalds or a car accident.
Should the expats leave and give into these fanatics, NOT!
Are you leaving?
I would hope that all expats in the region stand up to these fanatics and stay.
I do know that it is hard after what we have witnessed here recently.
I was one of the first that wanted to bail out.
After careful consideration and looking at how they destroyed all of our lives in many ways, I will stay.
If we leave then they have won.
Then only the fanatics will control everything to include the honest ones left behind.
Its time for all expats to stand together against these people.
The alternative is not good.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 21:55
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We're singing from the same sheet here.....of course I'm not leaving.

I remember the last British "we're all going to die" message......3 days before Christmas. Triumph of PR that one.
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Old 4th Jul 2004, 23:23
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Long Live Michael Moore....

The required 15 characters being typed....

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Old 5th Jul 2004, 04:42
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only 20 letters to typed
(the difference, one got a award for is propanganda and rusdie got a Jihad against him and is on the run since 1995, and that is self explain....)
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 05:57
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Dont think I would venture to Saudie Arabia, (seriously bad publicity) but wouln't hesitate about going to the UAE.
As far as Michael Moron goes, what a [email protected]!

Stupid Fat People or Lard Asses in Denial
describes his next movie brilliantlyl.
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 09:02
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Hello All,

I need your advise about the following;

what is your opinion about the safety and security for next 1-2 years in the small Gulf States.

I am asking ,cause have an offer to work and relocate to Doha and this is my only fear about it.

I am asking everybody I can,read the local news on the Net,but I still dont have the answer.

Is there any possibility for these countries(Qatar,Bah,UAE) to get in the same situation like Saudi Arabia or might be anything that hits their current security records?

I am not living there,so I am not familiar if Qatar has some good and safe system inside to avoid threatnings.

Any answer appretiated even by PM.

Thank You all,

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Old 5th Jul 2004, 09:07
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I still feel a hundred times safer here than I do in London. Personal opinion.
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 10:41
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Should the expats leave and give into these fanatics, NOT!
Its time for all expats to stand together against these people
Are you for real? Oh so what do you propose? We expats start our own little army and bang the terrorists?? I am sorry but you live in a dreamworld my friend. Was your life back in UK, North America or wherever you are from so bad that you won't return? SAUDI is not a safe place period. The US Gov believe Bahrain will follow suit.. if and when?? who knows. Why would you even take a chance, how would you feel if your wife and child were out at a shopping mall and someone let off a car bomb at the entrance? OHH it was all worth it for the all mighty buck! I don't know you personally but your comments knocked me on my a**. It's time all expats evaluate their situations in SAUDI/Bahrain. Do you actually think the gov out here (bahrain for example) could avert such a disaster? They can't even control speeding on the roads.. how do you expect them to filter out the bad guys at the causeway! Both my wife and I are outta here in a couple weeks... til then we are laying low and not putting ourselves in a position where we could be a "soft targets".
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 12:37
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Some facts to take into account:

Last January the Admiral asked his aides to draw up a report showing how much money they would save by sending all the dependants home and moving all their personell into single accomodation (Family rent allowance BD 1000, Single rent allowance BD 350).

The yanks then told the Bahraini government that they had some "credible" intelligence that these six "terrorists" were bad lads who had been for training. The Bahraini's duly arrested them, their families kicked up a stink and the King ordered them to be released.

The Yanks are now extremely pissed of with the Bahraini King as they do not think he is taking seriously the threat of terrorism in Bahrain, and have pulled forward their already existing plan to get dependants out and therefore remove a serious amount of money from the Bahrain economy.

And thats the fact as relayed to me by a very senior officer in Mickey' boat club.

On On
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 13:37
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Smile Information for the Braves!



We judge that there is a high threat from terrorism.
You should review your security arrangements carefully. You should remain vigilant, particularly in public places.


We judge that there is a high threat from terrorism against western, including British, targets.
We are particularly concerned about potential threats to places where westerners might gather.
You should review your security arrangements carefully. You should remain vigilant, particularly in public places


Recent attacks in the Middle East confirm a continuing security threat throughout the region. Military actions continue in Iraq, and the situation remains hazardous and unpredictable. Random and indiscriminate terrorist acts in Israel, the West Bank and Gaza, in addition to ongoing military operations, pose major risks. Moreover, large-scale attacks in Syria and Saudi Arabia, plus a thwarted chemical bomb attack in Jordan, further demonstrate that the security situation can deteriorate rapidly without notice. There is a high probability of future attacks occurring anywhere in the region without warning.

Canadians travelling or residing in the Middle East should maintain a high level of personal security awareness at all times, especially in commercial and public areas frequented by foreigners. They should also monitor local developments, avoid crowds and demonstrations, and register and remain in contact with the nearest Canadian embassy or consulate or Foreign Affairs Canada (call collect 613-996-8885).



This Advice is current for Monday, 05 July 2004, EST
The Advice was issued on Tuesday, 22 June 2004, 17:09:20, EST
This advice has been reviewed and reissued with new Safety and Security information. The overall level of the advice has not changed.
Australians in Bahrain should exercise a high degree of caution and monitor developments that might affect their safety. There are ongoing tensions in the Middle East and the risk of possible terrorist attacks against Western interests remains. Particular care should be exercised in commercial and public areas known to be frequented by foreigners.
Australian travellers should be aware of the increased threat of terrorism globally and should consult the General Advice to Australian.

You need more?
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 14:09
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Damn right I "need more".....that advice has been the same for the past 2 years and in a similar guise since 1996 when the internal strife started......literally outside my front door I might add!

Was this "credible" evidence similar to the "credible" evidence presented by the US in respect of the Algerian pilot trainer arrested in the UK? If so, no wonder the 6 were released.
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Old 5th Jul 2004, 19:55
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I've been in and around Bahrain since, oh when, I first landed here as a young Flying Officer on the eve of the 6 day War in 1967 when I found things very interesting here, and they've been interesting ever since! As expats, we have to make up our own minds; mind you, I don't recall the British Govt. giving my wife and me a warning the day we went to Manchester when the IRA blew up the Arndale Center. Whilst not trying to bury our heads in the sand, its important to keep an objective perspective. In this instance, the Americans are annoyed with the Bahrainis and are playing politics with them, and will risk losing some of the few friends they have in the Middle East.
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Old 6th Jul 2004, 05:21
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....nobody seems to have learn from the past hum! U.S still in the penalty box from their inaction in Pearl Harbour, same stuff with 9/11 investigation....but when they take action to prevent such coward attacks, they go back in the penalty box again.....what a disturb world we are living in!!!!!!
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Old 6th Jul 2004, 09:57
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billy 34 kit,

great post..very well said
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