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Air Arabia - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Air Arabia - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 25th Dec 2010, 03:30
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Hello every one,
I know this might not be relevant following the previous post, but just wanted to know if any one has any info on AA line training if available?

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Old 6th Jan 2011, 07:20
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Can someone please PM me the interview process for AA and advise me of what to expect, tech questions, air law, panel interview, sim ride
thanks a lot

[email protected]
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Old 23rd Apr 2011, 02:04
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Any updates?
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Old 27th May 2011, 18:41
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I just give a look at new conditions from Air Arabia and it seems they are following the way of Etihad by degrading their T&C. Now to be on the highest pay you need above 3,000 hours on type (previously above 2,000); now you'll have a bond; Loss of License Insurance as gone as well as the seniority allowance.

It's just me or the sandpit is becoming less and less atractive day after day?

Happy landings
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Old 28th May 2011, 05:30
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Check Facts

Seniority allowance and LOL are there as usual. Yes, they have revised the hours for change of salary slabs (basic). Check your facts before posting
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Old 28th May 2011, 12:36
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Thanks for the clarification smart123.
I was just only speaking for what I saw on the pdf document provided on their website for the Sharjah hub.

Happy landings
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Old 10th Jun 2011, 12:02
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Anyone has updated infos on AA interview questions/SIM and upgrade possibility ? I know they're short of pilots both seats and cx flights.
Appreciate any public or PM to me.
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Old 10th Jun 2011, 14:11
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Update me as well

yeah pls shoot me a pm or post a message ..whats going on with AA
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Old 11th Jun 2011, 02:18
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It appears that they are offering short term contracts for the summer 3 month with shamefully low pay.
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Old 11th Jun 2011, 04:31
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is it true that their Cadet Program has been transformed into a Pay 2 Fly program?
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Old 11th Jun 2011, 04:34
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Summer Vacation

Most of the guys are going on Summer vacation back North..and some have high time or maxing out..come oct some guys are already done for the year flying..so it makes sense to get some guys from agencies to fill Temp position
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Old 29th Jun 2011, 10:44
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Have AA taken any contract F/Os now over the summer? I noticed that the ad with Parc is gone.
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Old 2nd Sep 2011, 16:09
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Hi Guy's;

Looking for any recent update about AirArabia Morocco.

Current situation / pilot satisfaction.
DEC Recruitment. (10.000 hrs TT / 6.000 on type).
T&C's / salary package / taxes issue.
Roster. Part-time. (1 week on - 1 week off / 1 month on - 1 month off).

Contact number or @mail adress.
Application on their website for months, but no reply.

In advance Many Thanks.

Safe flights & happy landings.
Le cap & le moral, du rhum & du Havane.
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Old 8th Nov 2011, 02:42
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There seems to be alot of people requesting AA information, but unfortunately none sharing after they may have recieved it!

It defeats the point of a forum.

I suggest that who-ever has the information should post it AFTER CLEANING IT of identifying information; That would be helpful to all and stop hundreds of posts asking for 'PM me info'.

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Old 6th Feb 2012, 02:15
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Hi Everyone,

I would appreciate any information on the Air Arabia Interview process? What sort of Sim Eval will be conducted? Written Tests? Interview questions?

PM me if you are able to provide any info

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Old 6th Feb 2012, 11:44
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Old 28th Feb 2012, 10:55
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Thumbs up

i jus did da Air Arabia entrance exam n i passed
regarding the entrance exam n interview stuff its very easy
1) u gotta do a test on basic english and maths(mostly trigonometry. triangles and dat sin,tan,cos stuff) its all multi choice questions n yer nt allowed to use a calculator u gotta score a minimum of 75% in both papers......if by any chance u dnt score 75% or above in da maths paper dey will give u a retry and in dat u can use a calculator...
2) psycometric test: in dis test der r gonna understand ur personality n find out if u r fit fer dem so da most important quality they look fer in dat test is "TEAM WORK"
3)aptitude test: u'll be given a joy stick in yer hand n 2 paddels under yer feet to check yer eye,hand and feet cordination.
4)Interview: nothin to be nervous bout.its very simple da guy will jus ask u a few questions bout yer self n like y u wanna be a pilot n stuff like dat.no technicall questions will be asked only general knowledge....remember U r going der to LEARN ok so u dnt need to worry bout nothin da interview will last fer bout 20-30 mins n da guy will be takin down sum notes bout u so be confident..
after dat u'll get yer result......
dats all der is so u dnt need to prepare much....
i hope i ws of some help to u wid dis!!!

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Old 28th Feb 2012, 14:23
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Basic English test? You passed??????
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Old 29th Feb 2012, 03:01
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I do not want to be on a Fly Dubai aircraft if Zakura is anywhere near the cockpit!!

With such atrocious English skills, I seriously wonder if he/she can read FCOM's QRH's etc...!?!?
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Old 29th Feb 2012, 05:19
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For what recruitment did you write this particular entrance exam ?

Is it for ab initio CPL holder ?
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