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Air Arabia - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Middle East Many expats still flying in Knoteetingham. Regional issues can be discussed here.

Air Arabia - all you need to know about it (threads merged)

Old 13th Sep 2008, 16:51
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Location: United Arab Emirates
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Hi everyone,
Technical questions related to the Airbus 320, personality test, group dynamic, and interview.
I had this on my screening.
Don´t be afraid of anything they are very friendly , just be yourself in the interview. They mostly want to see that you fit in AirArabia.
We have 15 A320 and at least 4 more to come shortly I guess ( some more from Vueling) , dont know for sure, but the destinations are continuously growing.
There is more info about the fleet and destinations on the web i think.
Kisses, kisses
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Old 13th Sep 2008, 18:17
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check pm tuc

general info on interview process??
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Old 15th Sep 2008, 10:40
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Kisses, kisses

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Old 29th Sep 2008, 16:52
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Need some advice

Dear guys,
I am invited next month for an assessment as FO by Air Arabia. I have gone through the whole AA thread and I am very thankful for the information about the company with the pros and cons.
Because I still have some further questions about AA and the environment I would really appreciate some help from you guys, maybe some insider from AA could also provide me with some details:
1. It was mentioned in the previous posts that there was a high fluctuation of pilots in the past.So, what is the current state? If pilots leave the company, do you guess why? (Job offer from EK,EY,back to their homes……)
2. If I understood it right, the monthly duty plan was also a major issue in the past. Is it still a big deal, still a lot of changes within a month? Are you guys happy with your duty plan?
3. Is it correct if I am saying that most of the flights are starting in the evening ´til next morning?
How many days in a month you have dayshifts and how many days nightshifts? Do you have any Stdby days?
4. I am planning to take my family ( my wife and our 8 week old son) next month to Sharjah. For me it´s very important that my wife feels happy because I know that she is spending a lot of time without me.Is Sharjah a good place to live for? Can you people tell me some addresses where I can look for some flats, houses in the vicinity of the airport? Is the housing allowances for FO´s sufficient to find s.th. suitable e.g. a little house with a small garden and maybe a pool?
5. Are there any nice public beaches in the near around Sharjah where you can stay for a few hours with your family? Or do you have to go to Dubai, I was once there and know that the best beaches are around Jumeirah?
6. My next question needs some explanation. At the moment I am working as FO for a german airline.I received today my payslip and to be honest, I was a little bit frustrated. I earned 3.700,- euros net for 96 hours . Please do not misunderstand me, it is still a lot of money, I wished my parents had so much money when they came in the 70s to germany for a better life. Otherwise, like you guys I am looking to buy one day my own house and I know that I will need probably further 20 years if I stay where I am. I am not dreaming of making millions, I am looking for a company where I can safe some money at the end of the month and have not to think twice if I am going out for dinner. Our current CEO believes that pilots get to much money for doing nothing, from his point of view we should earn less than the half of above.
The german market is dead, some companies have no respect and treat you like a piece of sh..
Are you guys happy with AA?Do you feel comfortable and o you think the management respects you and takes your problems serious? Also,iIs there any FO who could share with me some information about his average salary?
7. My last question, I am invited by Gulfair also for a job as FO.From your point of view,why would you recommend AA instead of Gulfair? I dunno anything about GF and their operation with the A320,but I know for myself that I would really like to be at home every night rather stay somewhere in a hotel.

O.k., a lot of questions, but I know that If am leaving now my job in germany, I will never come back to germany again, because there are no good jobs anymore here.
Thank you all very much

Wish you always hapy landings
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Old 30th Sep 2008, 18:24
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Hi there Nik,

Sorry, I'm not with AA yet but I did the interview and joining soon. All I can tell you is that they were very nice to us during recruitment.

I also have a question for the guys currently working there.

I noticed houses are expensive, and traffic is a bit crazy also... is it possible to rent a house in AJman or ras al khaimah with 3 bedrooms and a garden or pool... for less than 150K Dhs/year ?

Getting to work from there, is it hard?

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Old 2nd Oct 2008, 06:08
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Location: asia
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anyone care to share a roster

hey myass check your pm!

To the A/A pilots out there ive been reading thru the threads and seems

that rosters are improved abit, but???

I was wondering is anyone would care to maybe share a typical roster

just curious to see if its the sorta flying we do here in europe.
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 12:43
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Hi Guys

Can anyone give me an example roster for a Captain in AA , is it possible to Commute from another Gulf Country ?

Thanks in advance
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Old 20th Oct 2008, 14:34
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Air arabia info to the above posts

Its' abit strange to see that no information with regards to the above

posts are not made. Any air arabia pilots on here with real facts to answer

at least some of the questions?
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 07:26
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An interview with Air Arabia

Q1) Are you type rated?
Ans: No sir, but I am your type.
Response: you mean a genius, Marhaba!

Q2) How many engines does an Airbus 320 have?
Ans: Sir! I told you I am not type rated.
Response: You are right technically, but take a wild guess.
(the applicant replies 320 engines after a lot of contemplation)
Response: Not really, but you were close.

Q3) OK, can you spell Airbus?
Ans: (Angrily) I just told you I am not type rated.
Response: Sorry Habibi! I forgot. Please disregard.

(Look at the next question. Apparently, the interviewer forgets again/ possesses no savvy)
Q4) Do you know about "Normal" Law?
Ans: Sorry Habibi, we don't have any such thing in our country.
Response: Great answer, could not be better.

Q5) What do you know about Air Arabia?
Ans: That it is Air ARABia, very simple.
Response: Man you are smart, what do you eat?

Q6) How many brothers and sisters do you have?
Ans: 12+ (and still counting....)
Response: 12+, very clever, very clever, I understand that there'll be more.

Q7) Have you applied for the left or right seat?
Ans: I can sit on any seat that is available.
Response: That is what we normally do here. You have a great attitude. I heard in a CRM class that flexibility is a great quality. We are looking for people like you.

Q8) Where are you from?
Ans: Bahrain.
Response: Ya Akhi! you should have told me before. I would never have asked you so many tough questions. Congratulations! you are hired as a TRI and TRE.

Applicant's Response: Ya Akhi! this is not fair. I applied as a pilot and NOT as a TRI or TRE. Shu haza...... life is so tough!

MORAL: Origin supersedes professionalism.

Last edited by Flyfirst; 21st Oct 2008 at 12:59.
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 12:12
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MORAL: Origin supersedes professionalism.
In that case I guess your professionalism shouldn't be questioned as your Arabic could be improved.
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 12:55
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could you kindly re-phrase that. i could not comprehend what you wrote at all!
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Old 21st Oct 2008, 16:19
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response to "An interview with Air Arabia"

None of that was an ounce of funny for even a second. Flyfirst, what age group were you targeting when you conceived this waste of text?

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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 04:09
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Flyfirst.. just because the TRE who failed you is Bahraini doesnt mean that all BAHs are bad dont you agree
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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 05:59
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Is it not true that some of Air Arabia pilots can not even read METARs, TAFs and NOTAMs?
I know that there are a very few professionals as well in AA and I have great respect for them. I'm sure they would agree with me (I think it was for that group!)
Just for the record no TRE has ever failed me.
Good luck to all poor passengers who fly with AA
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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 15:34
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No, its not true. Again, just because the Bahraini TRE failed you on decoding METARs/TAFs/NOTAMs doesn't mean that 'some' ABY pilots can't read them...you wont survive line training if you show that deficiency.

Maybe you should change your user name to thinkfirst


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Old 22nd Oct 2008, 19:49
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I certainly hope that "Flyfirst" is not a member of AirArabia. If he/she tried to get onboard and did not...there is no mystery why!
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 06:08
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Do you realise that Air Arabia has recently hired two expats who do not even hold an Instrument Rating?
In the past they have hired people who did not even hold a Multi Engine rating.
All I was highlighting is that the selection process is NOT fair.
All fair is foul and foul is fair...............
So now my friend "Axialflow" you do some research first. What is ridiculous is that you are not trying to defend Air Arabia but Bahrainis.
Now I am sure TREs would have passed you.
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 09:16
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Exclamation Hmmmm.....Loyalty !


Looks like we have some Loyal fans of the AA club!

Flyfirst. Lets ponder on a subject discussed on countless occassions....
What, in this land named Knoteetingham is considered FAIR?! Is there anything as SUCH?
Does this phenomenon exist here or in any of the aviation circles worldwide?

One thing I do know, is that UNLESS you are a member of the management conducting the whole selection process. NEITHER YOU or I, WILL EVER KNOW, cause it changes from one circumstance to another. The KEY word/criteria is unknown.......

Whether or not you can read a METAR/NOTAM proficiently/ HOLD AN IFR RATING/ HOLD A ME RATING are not criteria for the "ACTUAL" process...

I guess "WHEN IN ROME...DO AS THE ROMANS DO".....hence the replies from
AF & S.
Much appreciated !

I DO know.......Ironically, a WELL deserving (Long serving) AA Cabin Crew didn't get through the recent selection process, however an individual who could barely handle himself in the circuit (whilst training) did get through. (If people within the company find it tough, then WHAT is FAIR?)

The first guy must definitely be rethinking his AA Loyalty program terms & regulations now.....

Considering that the A320 is built for dummies like the latter. I presume....if you can request a Rwy 12 IAP from DESDI or a Visual for Rwy 30 at OMSJ, he will be fine.

Enjoy Flying, keep defending.........continue moaning! (Quite pointless, if you ask me! Then again that's my opinion)

Happy Flying Elsewhere
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Old 23rd Oct 2008, 12:38
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What is the current recruitment situation at AA, are the actively hireing, and howlong does it take at the moment to get invited for selection?


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Old 24th Oct 2008, 15:45
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go on the website....they have increased the hiring selection dates to June 30. That should tell you alot about what they are doing. They usually take 2-6 weeks to reply. Good Luck. Going further...the company has really nice people and they are fair in my opinion. So don't be influenced by what others say. The most I can say is, IT'S HARD WORK!!
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