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ZFT 27th Jul 2022 11:44

Age has finally caught up with me and Docs are now suggesting knee replacement.

Before I go down this radical route I'm wondering what other have experienced with lubricant injections into the joint.

Does it relieve the pain and if so for how long? Is it a viable alternative or am I just delaying the inevitable?

Having a checkered history with blood clots I try to avoid surgery .

jolihokistix 27th Jul 2022 12:12

Horses for courses of course, but I went through a long bad patch with my knees many years ago, back in my 50s and 60s. Sharp needle pains, especially on stairs, until out of curiosity and with no other immediate avenue forwards I started taking glucosamine and chondroitin pills manufactured by various different companies. Not cheap, and not really expecting much, but to my own surprise they worked! Now I take occasionally, whenever I feel twinges approaching again.

cliver029 27th Jul 2022 15:14

There are a couple of threads going back some about hips and knees, try and look at them.
personally I have had both hips and a knee done by the same surgeon in Cambridge and his opinion
is that although gluco whatever can work in the short term bear in mind it's the cartlidge that is screwed, so bone on bone
can be sort of painful in the long run.

but whatever,it is a very subjective problem and all you can do is listen to all the sage advice and then make up your own mind as to which route you take but in the meantime have a look here.


good luck
Clive R

ZFT 27th Jul 2022 15:41

Thanks. Useful and helpful reading. I've been taking various supplements as suggested above but the bone on bone pain is becoming somewhat challenging now. Age is a bitch.

CovidRefugee 9th Aug 2022 21:07

knee osteoarthritus
If you are truly bone on bone then you have my sympathy. If however, you do have some cartilage, then PRP injections might be worth a shot. Its inexpensive with no side effects and has had excellent results in some cases.

ZFT 9th Aug 2022 21:19

I'm currently trying a 6mL Synvisc viscosupplement injection to see if this can delay the inevitable. 4 days after the jab and significant pain relief already. Was advised to limit walking/exercise for 4 days so will soon find out just how successful this has been, although the Doc did say it can take up to 2 weeks before the full effect of the gel is realised.

RatherBeFlying 10th Aug 2022 17:36

Losing any surplus weight can help.

​​​​​​Aging Backwards has a number of exercises and stretches that can help.

Most important of all is regular activity. I walk 5-8 km up and down the local river valley most days.

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