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LeoBruce123 24th Jul 2022 22:09

Clarification on Asthma Guidelines
Hello all,

Question about Initial Class 1: Had childhood asthma, grew out of it and not an issue for me now. I was prescribed inhalers, and more importantly, courses of oral steroids when it was at its worst while I was young and not even a teenager but things got rapidly better and never had any inhalers since 2014 (12 years old) and officially not asthmatic anymore in the eyes of my medical record.

Just wanted to see if anyone could clarify the CAA asthma guidelines, specifically:

A history of asthma attacks requiring acute medical intervention/ admission within past 5 years for Class 1 and 2 years for Class 2 and/or repeated courses of oral steroids/frequent exacerbations is normally disqualifying.
Where it mentions oral steroids and exacerbations, is this within the 5 year window they're referring to about the Class 1? Or is this a flat-out disqualification if it has ever been prescribed? The "and/or" confuses me...

I know I'd be fine for the standard spirometry test because I had one not long ago for an unrelated thing and passed well above the CAA threshold, but wanted to see if anyone could help on this. Tried contacting some AME's but been a while since I've heard anything and thought it might not do any harm posting it here to see if anyone knows/or even has experience in a similar situation.


redsnail 24th Jul 2022 22:26

Whilst I am not a doctor, I am a mild asthma sufferer.
As you do not need oral steroids to control your asthma, you should be fine for a Class 1. My AME knows I take the occasional puff on the blue inhaler, and by occasionally, I mean about once or twice a year. My asthma is so quiet it is said to be dormant now.
The only time the docs get a bit interested in your asthma is if it is not well controlled or more importantly, you go onto oral steroids to control it.
Be prepared for them to investigate it (eg a possible run around the building) but it sounds like you'll be ok.
Good luck.

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