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Logun94 5th Jan 2021 20:50

ATPL student with concerns for eyes sight

I am an integrated atpl student who is currently a class 1 medical holder with the CAA
I have completed my 14 east exams and am in the flying stage of my training, I have completed all of my solos and am starting the instrument phase of training

My worries are on loosing my medical due to my eye sight, the eyesight requirements are 6/6 binocular and 6/9 monocular for class 1

One of my eyes is 6/9 and just manages to scrape the requirement and the other is excellent with 6/6.

what happens if my weak eye goes below the required for class 1?

will I loose my medical and not be able to fly commercially? Ive heard that the CAA can be really helpful and put a restriction on my licence for mulitcrew only, is this true?

Any information would be greatly appreciated

thank you

Loose rivets 6th Jan 2021 01:15

It used to be that you could have one eye if you'd already got your licence, but that was years ago. The main thing is to find out what's happening to your eye.

These days you should be able to find out exactly what the problem is. If it's to do with the lens, then it's significant to mention that I've had good eyesight for years after both lenses were changed following vitrectomy. When I say good, I mean starting at the bottom line. I was in my 60's when this all started.

I had the vitrectomy operations about ten years apart because of floaters. The last one, with a 'peel' was with local anaesthetic.

I was not happy with the edge of the second lens and finally had a laser procedure with a lovely lady who did about ten zapps to tidy things up. It was an instant improvement. They use this to clear the lens encapsulation in older folk.

The point being, they can do one heck of a lot these days. Having got as far as you have, put work into researching just what can be done. My pal had lenses done when he finished flying and is enjoying the best eyesight he's ever had.

dns 8th Jan 2021 20:03

Do you currently wear glasses or contact lenses?

I've just done what I always thought was impossible and passed the Class 1 eyesight requirements (inc the additional opthamlic assessment as I have a 3.0 dioptre astigmatism in one eye.)

Even if you lost vision in your poor eye, it's my understanding that you'd still be ok with "acquired monocularity" as long as you still get 6/6 in your good eye. See the CAA guidance notes for details, they're very detailed.

Brakes to Park 31st Jan 2021 20:33

Dr Adrian Chorley at Aviation Vision Services spent 17 years at the CAA so might be someone worth speaking to.

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