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Hawk28 23rd May 2020 15:27

Kidney stones in pilots
Hi everyone!
I just wanted to know if there are any pilots who have had problems with kidney stones. I haven't had any kidney stones yet ( I'm 18) but, my father and grandfather, both have had kidney stones in the past(my dad's had 3 yet, he's 50). I believe this puts me at a higher risk, and I'm doing my best to avoid them. Has anyone had a problem like this? Will this prevent me from getting a medical to fly commercially?

Radgirl 24th May 2020 11:20

If you get a stone yes. Your family doctor can advise you as to the actual increased risk if your father will release his details. Your doctor can also give you advice about minimising that risk. You may wish to review your career aspirations in the light of this information.

In Europe a family history wouldnt be an issue. In Mumbai I dont know

Hawk28 24th May 2020 13:32

Thanks for the reply! My dad had stones made of calcium oxalate. The Dr told him to increase his water intake and lower salt in food, which he followed prudently only for a few months. I have done some research regarding how I could prevent them and I've found that, apart from drinking copious amounts of water and lowering salt, I should avoid vegetables that are high in oxalate. Vegetables like spinach, rhubarb, sweet potatoes are what I'm trying to avoid. What I'm afraid about is the hereditary risk.

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