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fast cruiser 21st Jan 2020 13:20

Asia medical requirements
Hi Guys

Are the medical requirements for Vietnam/Thailand/Singapore etc as strict as the Astronaut medicals within China?

Is it Asia in general or just China.



kwaiyai 22nd Jan 2020 09:07

No I dont believe so, China I understand yes and just read the posts on SE Asia forum. I had to do the JCAB Initial (Japan) and that was also very involved.

When I worked in Malaysia my AME was also UK CAA approved AME and leaving UK revals out the MY C1 was pretty much the same
as UK so used to do both anyway at same time.

In Thailand I had license validation of MY FAA ATP so had to keep FAA 1st class med valid, again no prob as my FAA AME
was and still is in BKK, Thai DCA dont give ATPL to foreigners or at least didnt when I was there. As for other countries
I worked in 3 others in SE Asia using License Validation of my UK ATPL and that meant keeping my UK C1 valid.
Cant comment on Vietnam or Spore but feedback from friends in Country suggest no Arstronaut stuff.

Hope that helps your question, Regard's,

discus2 23rd Jan 2020 00:10

You can be fit as an Astronaut for a C note in Vietnam...

fast cruiser 23rd Jan 2020 21:28

Hi Kwaiyai

Thanks for the reply, yes, much appreciated



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