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rate1turn 21st Aug 2019 10:43

Euro Class 3 to Class 1 Medical
Hey folks, I have a current European Class 3 ATCO and Class 2 PPL medical, I'm looking at a wee change, and was looking to get a Class 1 medical.
The Euro Class 3 ATCO medical is very similar to the Class 1, does anyone have any experience of doing this?
Do I require an Initial issue by an AeME? Or would my local AME suffice?
Waded through the Part FCL and Part ATCO med docs, but couldn't find any regulation on it.

Seems a bit crazy when I hold a CAA medical which is almost identical, to have to go to London/wherever for an Initial.

Mustapha Cuppa 23rd Aug 2019 18:16

See MED.A.040(b)(1) (Annex IV to Commission Regulation (EU) NO 1178/2011).

rate1turn 24th Aug 2019 11:29

Thanks Mustapha... I've had a good look through all the docs and there's not really any guidance on this... Looks like they treat it absolutely separately...

Any other places to look or personal experience?

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