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AlexanderH 10th Apr 2019 16:43

Simulator session whilst medical suspended
Hi quick question guys. If your medical licence has been temporarily suspended can you still sit in the simulator for OPC and LPC sessions?


ciderman 11th Apr 2019 15:29

Happened to me once. The guy I was examining for renewal of my TRE/TRI had no current medical. I picked it up at the briefing stage and we did wonder where we stood if he had a heart attack during the session. Not going to reveal the outcome because there must be a rule somewhere to cover this. Neither me nor the CAA man knew the answer.

BluSdUp 11th Apr 2019 21:45

I did SFI stuff with a broken arm.
There should be no reason why you could not be a second crewmember as long as the actual candidate does not mind.

kwaiyai 12th Apr 2019 13:56

Hello AlexanderH,

Sent you a PM,


Landflap 13th Apr 2019 07:58

My thinking is that your Licence permits you to fly "air"craft. A Sim is not an "air" craft. Temporary suspension of your licence bars you from operating aircraft. Happened to me too. Three months of medical suspension but I gladly went in for LHS during renewals, training of new guys etc. I was not deemed fit, though, for renewal of my own Licence as I was temporarily unfit to fly.

Council Van 14th Apr 2019 09:34

My medical is currently long term suspended following a serious illness, I have been told that I could renew my LPC without my medical being valid.

Landflap 16th Apr 2019 09:07

CV : Yes, I guess the over-rider is that the Medical Cert gives the final green light. Supposedly, nothing to stop sim renewals keeping your flying licence up to date but the medical cert finally gets you airborne again. My company's take was open to discussion but I was on full pay and enjoyed sitting in the LHS pulling the gear up & down .My own illness far less serious as the medics just insisted on time to see if the treatment worked. Wish you a comfortable recovery.

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