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rust_bucket 31st Mar 2019 11:56

Clarification needed for UK Class 1 medical locations
As title suggests, Iím looking for clarification on where I can obtain a class 1 medical in the UK. The CAA website lists AMEs throughout the UK that offer class 1 services but Iíve also been told the only way to get one is through 3 places in/around London.

Thanks in advance.

anchorhold 31st Mar 2019 18:24

Rust Bucket ....

It is difficult to understand how we ended up with a situation where you can only obtain an initial class one medical in the London area. I was possible to do this at NATS in both Prestwick and Bournemouth, but no more. If you like anywhere north of Manchester it would probably be worth a try to do a class one in Dublin, both cheaper and nearer. I can PM you the details of the chief medical examiner there,

rust_bucket 1st Apr 2019 11:48

Thanks for the offer but Iím going to book up with one if the London ones as theyíre close to me. Just a little confused as there are numerous AMEs listed on the CAA website that offer a class 1 but in reality there is just the three options. Wonder if more options/competition would also lower the cost as well

Radgirl 2nd Apr 2019 09:25

I am told by those that have set up these new 'initial' organisations that it has been an expensive nightmare with a mass of regulations and a need to provide considerably more infrastructure. Personally I am in the dark; I see no extra facilities, although they do have the ability to send a pilot to a specialist as does every doctor, and medicine is full of regulations and requirements. But I am reporting what I am told

My suspicion is that other AMEs are just not interested. They are facing increased bureaucracy and inspections themselves, and their professional indemnity insurance has increased so much that it really isnt viable unless you do it fairly full time. most would not contemplate this. This perfect storm is unique to the UK

The worry is that choice may fall further as the current band of AMEs retire or give up.

beamer 4th Apr 2019 08:04

The AME I used for twenty years gave it up in part due to the day to day chaos that is the CAA. i have found a replacement and decent chap that he is, I still find the fees excessive !

custardpsc 4th Apr 2019 21:45

AMEs cannot do initial class ones, they can only perfom renewals where the class one is expired by less than 5 years. You need an Aeromedical Centre for initial issue, of which there are the three you mention

tinners93 9th Apr 2019 06:59

Thereís one at Heathrow and one at Gatwick.

Cant post links yet but you can just google it

parkfell 9th Apr 2019 16:11

Gone full circle then.

Back in 1981, I had to attend the CAA in Kingsway.
And an EEG was part of the initial Class One issue process.

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