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G. P. 12th Sep 2018 09:13

Medical Class 1 on hold
Hello fellow members ,
I am new here but I read some really useful information on this forum, which I appreciate.
I would like to ask a few questions that have been troubling me for a few days now
I am about to start my pilot training in a few months, and I went for my Medical Certification Class 1 in Bulgaria.

I passes all my physical tests with flying colours, but when the time came for an aviation psychologist exam , the psychologist told me that she cannot let me
through because I cannot pronounce the letter "l" the proper way. I was highly disappointed but appreciative of the professionalism of the director talking to me and telling me that I can come back and do my medical once the problem has been approached and fixed by a speech professional.

I have two options. Try and fix my problem within three months or try my luck in a foreign country and fix it later.
Please share any information that you have or any experience that you might have experienced in the past to help me decide.
I have always wanted to be a pilot since I can remember , not I cannot imagine doing anything else.

cavortingcheetah 12th Sep 2018 21:16

Perhaps you can access this 1965, Lerner and Loewe lyric movie with Bulgarian subtitles? You must watch the movie in the spoken English, a language which of course, not being British, you probably speak very well.
That will teach you how to pronounce your I's and E's and Y's, never be afraid to exaggerate in front of a mirror.
As Eliza might have said, in the beginning but not by the end, 'that'll learn yer.'


Radgirl 14th Sep 2018 14:40

If your speech is intelligible I suspect other countries would not be so difficult, but you would be advised to check first

tsvpilot 15th Sep 2018 12:35

Originally Posted by Radgirl (Post 10249185)
I think the psychologist needs more help than you...

Well that's a quick conclusion considering you have no idea intelligible his speech is.

If you apply in other countries you must declare that you were considered unfit in your initial assesment and give the reason. So they will certainly pay attention to your issue elsewhere as well now. Try and see if you can pass ICAO English level test, if so, then this is just one of the hoops you have to jump at regular inervals during your training.

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