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ASK-13 9th Aug 2018 18:26

Atrial Fibrillation
I was successfully treated for Atrial Fibrillation ten years ago after a Catheter Ablation procedure. Unfortunately I had another short lived bout of A/F recently, and within a matter of hours reverted to regular Sinus Rhythm without any medical intervention. Any ideas how this will affect my Class One Medical. What treatment if any can I expect the authorities to insist on to regain Class One Medical Certification?

gingernut 10th Aug 2018 18:06

Probably difficult to give a definitive answer on here re: the regulatory authorities standpoint ASK, but I think, it's fair to say, you at least need to inform them. Which will probably result in an instant grounding.

I suspect the factors they may be interested in, initially, are how the diagnosis was made, and the nature of any associated symptoms (collapse, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness etc.).

I should imagine the first stages your quack would want to make, are taking a decent history, and investigations to rule out the obvious, (anaemia, thyroid tests etc). I think you should make it clear that your employment relies on this, which, hopefully, should prompt a low threshold for referral to a cardiologist.

FAR CU 10th Aug 2018 20:55

In Australia the Avmed people allow, in some cases of AF, single pilot privileges upon fitment of pacemaker.

Lou Scannon 11th Aug 2018 11:10

I am a long retired airline pilot. I needed three ablations in retirement before the cardio cracked it back in 2010. Since then I have had one run of what could have been atrial fibrillation ( the pulse was irregular for a couple of hours) following eating something very cold (ice cream).
Since then, apart from the odd extra, ectopic, beats it has been like clockwork.

So, with luck, your irregular run could have been a "one off" and not necessarily atrial fib.

bafanguy 11th Aug 2018 17:52

The problem with interpreting one's own chest sensations is there can be a variety of them that aren't A-Fib: PVC, PAC, etc.

Unless one documents it on a Holter monitor or cardiac event monitor, it's hard to say what's going on with any specific episode of sensations one might have. If it's paroxysmal, catching it is much harder.

I developed mine post retirement so never had to joust with the Feds over it.

smallonions 12th Aug 2018 03:49

Had my first bout 4 years ago..ATC so declared it at medical.No pain, no interference with normal routine, 24 hour Holter moniter every 12 months, Echo cardiogram EKG etc...declared fit for duty.
Pills to regulate pulse, blood thinners for clotting, more pills for rhythm ....Canadian Class 2 medical so can't compare to Class 1 . Look at sleep apnea , apparently there is a link. Good luck.

double-oscar 20th Aug 2018 20:44

The medical section on the UK CAA website has a flow chart showing the process to be followed. I think initially you would be declared unfit pending investigation and then a lot would depend on your personal circumstances as to what follow up actions would be required. If you are in the UK try and find a cardiologist used to dealing with the CAA.

doubletap 22nd Aug 2018 21:15

Recently had cryoablation for AF with an attempt to correct things with cardioversion prior to that. Feel free to PM me re CAA assessment, medical procedure etc.

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