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Jasmeetoberoi 24th Jul 2018 18:20

Height Requirement
Could anybody please give me info. on minimum height requirement for an Airbus 320??

tsvpilot 28th Jul 2018 07:22

Airliners require minimum height of 160-165cm.

AVIATROZ 30th Jul 2018 18:40

No height requirements
As far as i know there is no height requirement for pilot in asia specially for pilots in airline.
Have not heard of anyone facing any issues in airline jobs in india for that

the737capt 31st Jul 2018 02:02

As long as you reach pedals and fly you're fine but some airlines hire only more than +165cm

BluSdUp 6th Aug 2018 14:39

B 737
I can see the seat position in a 737 being limited by vision, full rudder and full stick back ( up)
Typically on a N-1 takeoff with a large split on V1 and Vr.
How high You have to be i would not know. I do know we have a jolly Captain that must be closer to 160 then 165.
Ask Boeing, they should know!
Good luck
Kind regards
Kpt B
Alternately borrow a FFS sim for 2 minutes?

mcdhu 12th Aug 2018 10:25

There was an article recently in the Airbus Safety Magazine which give the design criteria of the A320 pilotís seat.
Iíll have a look to see if I can find it.

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