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Asher87 5th Nov 2013 13:44

Dental question for FAA Class 1
Dear all,

I apologize if this comes as a repeat post on a previously posted thread, but I can't seem to find any information on dental conditions for the FAA class 1 medical (other than clear communication, mostly speech-related) so here goes:

I recently experienced an unfortunate motorcycle accident that caused the loss of a tooth and am planning to undergo implant surgery. I'm hoping to enter flight school mid 2014 and was wondering if dental implants affect the FAA class 1 medical in any way?

Thanks in advance to all who answer :)

gingernut 5th Nov 2013 21:28

I wouldn't have thought so Asher, unless you've got residual symptoms, which is unlikely.

cavortingcheetah 6th Nov 2013 03:35

Perhaps you'd better get a note from your dentist stating that the bonding agent for the implants was nitro-glycerine free? Just as a precaution to head the Indians off at the pass.
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