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uniandpilot 6th Nov 2012 17:41

PPL Health, ears and weight and height ratio
i want to start my ppl soon and will like to do my medical test before i start so i dont waste money.

Im however worried about my hearing, my hearing in the left ear is weak. my right ear is perfect. Will this stop me getting my medical.

also im overweight, im 16 stones and looking at the height to weight ration my ideal weight is around 10.

Although im losing the weight slowly i wont be able to lose 6 stones before i start my ppl. will this affect my chances as well

Loose rivets 7th Nov 2012 03:35

16 Stone! It will affect your ability to clear the fence at the end of the runway.

and looking at the height to weight ration my ideal weight is around 10.
Is that the equivalent of a Freudian slip?:}

Being a pilot is a lot about self discipline. Weight control is a lot about determination. You've made a start, so good luck.

The hearing thing: You'll probably need to approach the medical department armed with specialist opinion. Odds are, if you don't have that, they'll simply tell you to go do it.

Should there be a rule that would cause total rejection, it could probably be determined on the phone ahead of spending anything - if no one on this forum knows the answer.

gingernut 7th Nov 2012 07:34

Good luck with the weight loss. There seems to be some good advice here... Lose weight - Live Well - NHS Choices

It's worth remembering the importance of the balance between activity and fuel-seeking exercise that makes you puffy and red in the face will burn calories.

If things remain static, it may be worth having a word with your GP, as he may access to low level interventions (health promotion team/trainers and the like) who may be able to give you the encouragement you need.

My personal opinion is try and stay away from medicines aimed at weight loss, (orlistat and the like), as they appear not to reap long term benefits.

From experience on this forum, the medics start getting a bit twitchy when your BMI reaches 40 kg/m>2.

As a sturdy chapp myself, I found cockpits rather cramped, and it may be that you need a larger aircraft to learn, (which is more expensive and I found harder to land). Having a 9 stone intructor helps.

My first passenger on gaining my PPL was also a sturdy chap, and it was quite disconcerting to nearly do an "Alan Sugar" bumping down 27 at Barton ! (And yes, I did do the calculations:p)

The hearing check for a class 2 medical is rather subjective- it involves the AME whispering at the side of your head and asking you to repeat what he says. If you don't hear him, he moves closer until you do !

Class 1 medical is a different kettle of fish, I think there checks are more objective, headphones and the like.

Let us know how you get on for future reference:)

dobbin1 7th Nov 2012 07:48

The medical standards are here:-Guidance for Medical Certification of aircrew | Medical | Personal Licences and Training

If you can meet these standards (class 2 for a PPL) your biggest problem will be finding a suitable aircraft in which to train. I have a 17 stone, 6'8" student who fits in a C172, but not much else.

If you can't meet the class 2 medical standards, then a LAPL may still be possible.

uniandpilot 7th Nov 2012 07:54

Thanks everyone, hopefully i will lose around a few stones by the time comes around summer when i will start my intensive course.

i exercise regularly, and never take them pills that make you lose weight, the old fashion way is the best.

iv got a hospital appointment for my ear soon and will ask him

gingernut 7th Nov 2012 08:02

Take you're point about the self discipline thing LR, but must say, can't help thinking we're breeding a ntion of fatties. Every time I try and fill me' car up with derv, there's someone trying to sell me a "supersize" Galaxy bar.

Loose rivets 8th Nov 2012 00:05

Here in Texas, they have one pipe for fuel and another for coffee. Coffee is a syrup of sugar, milk and toffee. One gets a free gallon of that.

I am exaggerating a bit, but it takes several hours of driving to get the stickiness out of one's mouth after gas station coffee.

mad_jock 8th Nov 2012 10:13

Try and go for a tommahawk for training its the best of the two seaters for pie munchers. Instructors included :ok:

The medical won't actually fail you for being fat if its linked to other things such as high blood pressure it might cause you grief.

gingernut 8th Nov 2012 19:09

and double check the fuel.

(Aircraft, not you.)

Scottish.CPL 9th Nov 2012 18:23

remember that your BMI index is not to be taken at gold, many people including myself, are fit and healthy, and due to large muscle mass from sports, my BMI is hight because my height in slightly lower for my build...

getting fitter is good, but any good doctor that accesses you and will advise that weight loss would be beneficial..

FirstOfficer 13th Nov 2012 10:01

Greetings all,

Since we are talking a bit about ears, is there a possibility of sinus mucus blocking an ear?

gingernut 13th Nov 2012 18:58

Yes, 'specially this time of year.

FirstOfficer 14th Nov 2012 11:21

Thank You gingernut.

I was getting worried. I had blocked ear so I went to my GP surgery and the nurse said my ear was clean and not blocked, she suggested it might be sinus mucus blockage on the back of the ear.

Every now and then I hear some "pops" and can hear slightly better, hope it goes away soon. The nurse suggested some hot water steam breathing and sudafed.

Bazza1400 14th Nov 2012 13:39

I have limited hearing in my left ear also and have passed the Class 2 medical. Whilst no guarantee for you, you don't need perfect hearing.

For actual flying get a headset with stero volume controls so you can balance the volume for radio work.



sherburn2LA 15th Nov 2012 02:13

just go with a beefy instructor in a 150. You will never have to worry about those pesky weight and balance calculations.....

gingernut 15th Nov 2012 19:46

sudafed's ok, but beware the "rebound" effect.

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