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ONCALL 24th Jan 2010 00:19

JAA Medical - Please recommend a place in London
Fellow pilots, I currently live in the states and I need to get my initial JAA class 1 medical done soon. Could anyone please recommend a place that I could go to near London? I will likely be flying into London Heathrow airport. What is the cost, how long will it take, and please provide a website if you know one. Finally, will I be able to renew the medical in the US or is it only renewed in the UK? Thank you for all of your responses and help.


bsal 24th Jan 2010 01:16

I think in the UK you can only do a class 1 medical at Gatwick, not sure though.

ONCALL 24th Jan 2010 14:22

cheers, I looked it up and know what to do. thank you!

kaptene 25th Jan 2010 13:07

If you have never had any JAA medical, you'll need to pass the JAA initial class I. the only place as far as I know in the UK is in the Gatwick medical center. The cost is 330. It takes half a day to be completed. If you have had already a JAA class I , and you're looking to renew it or revalidate it, you may find many AMC's around london area. check out this link:

Medical | Safety Regulation

AME Search Results | Medical | Safety Regulation

Good luck

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