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CAA Approved Cardiologists

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CAA Approved Cardiologists

Old 22nd Mar 2017, 09:51
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CAA Approved Cardiologists

Is there anywhere online I can find a list of CAA approved Cardiologists? I've looked through the CAA website and it doesn't seem to have them anywhere and the AMeC have only given me one option.
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Old 22nd Mar 2017, 17:01
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There are no longer any 'approved' cardiologists. You can arrange an appointment with any consultant cardiologist, just make sure that they're aware of the CAA requirements. Your GP may be able to advise you.
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Old 22nd Mar 2017, 20:34
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Your AME is the best Dr to advise you. GP's aren't interested, unless the UK NHS requires investigations. Expect to pay £250 for an initial private patient Cardiologist consultation and £180 for annual follow ups. £240 for an excersise ECG in addition. The Belgrano CAA Medical Branch was much cheaper..
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Old 22nd Mar 2017, 21:45
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The stress ECG is all about the Bruce Protocol which doesn't hurt any more than any other. You'll probably have to fund it yourself and if the treadmill test is what this is all about, make sure that you take the original trace with you and get the specialist to send you the necessary letter by email for forwarding to the CAA.
Spire hospitals appear to have cardiologists who practice the arts of private practice. The ones I've met have all seemed perfectly au fait with the style of CAA requirements and their input has always been accepted by the CAA.
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Old 23rd Mar 2017, 21:32
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I think you also have to make sure that the consultant is accredited to the appropriate professional organisation.
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 19:39
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Reading between the lines, what you're looking for is a Cardiologist who specialises in Physiology. Call your nearest Spire/Circle etc and ask who they have on their list. You'll need a referral though as they don't normally just take people off the street.
As for the Campaign, any decent Cardiologist can bat away their 'experts' opinions, most of these Cardios know each other but they're just like the rest of us, each has their own opinion.
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Old 10th Apr 2017, 21:57
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A consultant cardiologist is a consultant cardiologist. Accreditation is the process by which a doctor becomes a consultant, and they dont specialise in physiology! The problem is that the CAA will want the report to confirm specific elements which are often taken for granted by doctors and so not written down in non CAA reports, so I agree the best thing is to ask your AME for the name of a cardiologist who has done this before

You will probably need to see them privately in a private hospital. The cardiologist will normally work in the private hospital nearest their NHS hospital simply for convenience. This may be run by Circle or Spire, but they are just hospital operators, dont 'employ' or 'own' consultants. The doctor is just renting space and so the name of the hospital/landlord is totally irrelevant. In London cardiologists work in rooms and this may be cheaper and faster, but always get a quote in advance.

And finally, although opinions can differ, for a standard test such as an exercise ECG it matters not a jot. I am sure you have enough to worry about without making a meal out of a simple task of finding a doctor!
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Old 21st Apr 2017, 19:10
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Apologies Radgirl, what I meant was Electro Physiology, my error. And for the record, I was directed to a Cardiologist 4 years ago who had operated on a colleague and fitted a stent. When I spoke to his secretary about my issue, she said I needed to see someone who specialises in Electro Physiology rather than one who specialises in Interventional Cardiology. So, if that particular medical secretary misspoke, then it appears I have been furnished with the wrong information.

It's nice to see that PPRuNe is still a bastion of self righteousness. No wonder I wandered off into the wilderness years ago...............
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Old 22nd Apr 2017, 09:42
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Thanks Standard Noise

Yes electrophysiological studies are a sub specialty of cardiology. However, to confuse you it is interventional cardiology. I think my advice still stands - the OP didnt suggest that he needed an EPS. As you point out, if someone asks for a consultation with the 'wrong' consultant, his secretary will normally put them right and nobody is offended.

Not sure where the self righteousness comes in - most OPs on this board have concerns about their ability to keep flying, especially if it is their career. We need to give them simple advice so they can get the matter sorted. Getting to see a cardiologist isnt rocket science.
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Old 22nd Apr 2017, 13:44
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There is in most centres very little crossover between EP and the coronary angioplasty bods, ergo the need for separate referrals even if both subsets technically belong under the interventional cardiology umbrella. And don't even get me started on the percutaneous valve chaps/chapesses...

Radgirl, you often offer sound and timely advice but you do come across a bit curt a lot of the time, just saying...
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