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witchdoctor 5th Jun 2003 23:26

My cat snores, but farts silently. Back in house after rooftop adventure and doing what cats do best - sleeping.

Blokes at house over the other side of the back alley almost finished installing new double glazing. Bet they paid more than I did.

Tyne and Wear metro much better than London Underground - it has no bloody Londoners on it, only shell suit wearing teenage toe rags.

Sultan Ismail 5th Jun 2003 23:27



I believe the answer is Olympia

Takes off anorak, please send day card to Kuala Lumpur

Sultan Ismail

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:27

Yeeehaaa!!! 100 posts in err, I will have to work it out, I think we might just have beat Tricky Woo's record

Right then, the first post was posted by your truley at
15.27 the hundredth was posted by Sultan Ishmail.
Err add three subtract six, divide by err, thingy
that makes three hours one minute.

Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 23:29

Not Olympia Sultan me old son, sorry...okay here's a clue for the duffle coats watching the anoraks from the touch line there are 6 consonants in a row - too easy now...


IFTB 5th Jun 2003 23:29

Turn left, second corridor on the right and then second door on your left.
Make sure you lift the lid: :yuk:

Binoculars 5th Jun 2003 23:30

Can we finish it now?

Who was it that was complaining about Question Time?

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 23:31

This thread is just a cynical marketing excercise.

SLF 999 5th Jun 2003 23:31

Ill swap someone a map of the london underground for one of the Glasgow underground (fondly known as the clockwork orange)

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:32

Finish it? Oh no, I believe it has only just started....

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 23:32

The rain has come on, PLAY HAS STOPPED!

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:34

Wrong thread dude.

BALIX 5th Jun 2003 23:37

It's not raining in Ayrshire, IFTB. It is overcast, stratus clouds, the odd stratocumulus. But no precipitation, which is odd considering that this is Ayrshire.

Odd, but not very interesting.

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 23:38

It's all so confusing.........

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:39

I am quite fond of Ayrshire roll.

LITOW 5th Jun 2003 23:39

My hovercraft is full of eels

BALIX 5th Jun 2003 23:41

Are there any other football players named after bodily fluids?

Apart from Arthur Piss of course.

SLF 999 5th Jun 2003 23:41

I wish I had a hovercraft

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 23:42

There's a Moscow underground station whose name is entirely made up of consonants - VDNKh.

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 23:42

My hovercraft is completely absent of eels.

In fact I don't even have a hovercraft. Nor any eels. Nor any other fishy watery related type things except for the bright yellow rubber duck previously mentioned.

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:42

It has to be cut very thin though, I mourn the loss of proper bacon,
Feckin EEC, :suspect:

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