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SixStarAnsett 26th Jul 2003 23:04

nursery rhymes
I like nursery rhymes. I'd like to let you know of one of my favourites, and don't mean to infringe any copyright rules...so don't sue me :D

Little Miss Muffet
Sat on her tuffet
Eating her curds and whey
Along came a spider
And sat down beside her
And said "get offa my tuffet, b1tch!"


tony draper 26th Jul 2003 23:14

Thats a new one, I never heard it called a tuffet before. :cool:

Ozzy 26th Jul 2003 23:40

Got a bloody call from a telemarketer this morning, don't they get Saturdays off? [email protected]


spork 27th Jul 2003 01:25

Then there was this fairy who got pregnant from sitting on a toadstool...

singaporegirl 27th Jul 2003 06:59

I wonder whether the increasingly sedentary habits noted in some children could be related to the influence of nursery rhymes. For example, all that sitting around done by the likes of Little Miss Muffet, Little Jack Horner and Little Polly Flinders may well encourage a similar 'couch potato' mentality in impressionable young minds. Perhaps we should be promoting more active role models, such as Wee Willie Winkie (running through the town) or Jack and Jill (going up the hill).

spork 27th Jul 2003 07:11

I quite agree, but did you know that all bacteria are prokaryotes and are the smallest, simplest and most abundant organism. They move around a lot too - an excellent example to the youth of today. :ok:

Windle Poons 27th Jul 2003 08:18

WD-40 literally means Water Displacer 40th attempt. In 1953 a chap by the name of Norm Larsen was trying to create an anti-corrosion formula, working on the principle of displacing the water, rather than treating the metal. He couldn’t get the formula quite right, but carried on trying, and eventually got it right on the fortieth go.


Ozzy 27th Jul 2003 15:00

singaporegirl has been quiet hasn't she? Nearly been 24 hours. Where's my amphibious landing craft shaped tank top she's knitting?


singaporegirl 27th Jul 2003 20:18

Sorry Ozzy. I've been caught up with a rush job for the newly released Jeffrey Archer. He wants six identical engagement diaries. (Or was it novels? I'm sure it was diaries, but I'd better check.) I persuaded him to go for the deluxe version, which includes our unique patented option to unstitch individual pages and replace them with others of his choice.

We developed this after all those problems we had with that government dossier. Having completed it as ordered and sent it off to No 10 carefully wrapped in acid-free paper, we were surprised when it was returned with a note from Ali C asking for a new introduction to be added (in 'hot pink' to show that it contained explosive information). For good measure, I also got Avril, one of our best needleworkers, to embroider THE TRUTH in a particularly fetching shade of purple on the front page.

They seemed quite pleased with it at the time, but I heard unofficially that some of it is now starting to unravel. I must check with Avril about the security of her finishing-off techniques.

maggioneato 27th Jul 2003 20:56

We got woken up this morning at 11am, by some firemen banging on the door, the car next door was on fire so they wanted us out of the house in case that went up in smoke as well. Exitement all over now, the car was a new one, so glad it was'nt mine.

aged 27th Jul 2003 22:16

I once saw an Austin Allegro on fire, but I think it was a mercy killing.
It was "old people light brown" colour.

Slim20 28th Jul 2003 02:58

I just ordered a pizza on the internet. It's probably the most decadent thing since pot noodle became socially accceptable.

surely not 28th Jul 2003 03:12

Apparently your feet can sweat a pint and a half of fluid a day.

Must go down to the pub to replace the liquid my feet have lost!

timmcat 28th Jul 2003 05:35

Hey, look at my TV progs thread, the 5% rule is SO bang on!!!

Ozzy 28th Jul 2003 09:32

Isn't said Mr Archer already married singaporegirl? Why does he need to get engaged six times over? I hope he likes what you run him up though. It's incredibly hot here this evening.


topcat450 28th Jul 2003 16:14

So I did miss the 1000th post eh? oh well, maybe I'll be around to witness the 2000th.

PS I saw two lorries collide side by side this morning at 60mph, I did well to avoid the huge mudflap that fell off into my path.

redandwhite 28th Jul 2003 18:23

Did you know that a hod is a good as a sink to a blind norse?

btw, drapes, how is the Northumberland standing up? Haven't been back to my old county for years, and if you think the area wet, you should try western ireland!:ugh:

singaporegirl 28th Jul 2003 20:49

And I don't know what they teach in domestic science (or CDT or whatever it's called these days), but personally I would recommend killing (and plucking) blackbirds before baking them in a pie. It sounds as if the oven temperature was too low as well. No wonder the queen preferred bread and honey.

tony draper 28th Jul 2003 22:15

Northumbria is fine [email protected],out of town its as beautiful in its solitude as ever.still having a job keeping those jocks out though.


Tiz a sin to kill the blackbird Singapore girl, they wake me up in the spring with their splendid song,a fine chanter is yer blackbird, never heard a nightingale, they gorra be good to beat the humble black bird.
PS, we once had a white blackbird in our park, albino I think he was , we still see his offspring around the place.

henry crun 29th Jul 2003 05:40

Nightingales are good Drapes, far more melodious than yer Blackbird.

How do I know ? a pair used to nest in a laburnum not far from my bedroom window when I were a lad.
The novelty wears off after a while when yer trying to get to sleep.

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