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BlueDiamond 5th Jun 2004 08:08

Tiz a year today since someone dropped a full pint bottle of milk in ones street.

So ... did anyone clean up the mess yet???


singaporegirl 5th Jun 2004 08:09

I doubt that there is much to envy, Mr Lee. And the only jewels I am interested in are replacement diamonds for my tiara.

A swan crossed with a goose is called a swoose. Perhaps a little experiment for Mr Draper to try next time he's in the park?

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 08:18

Indeed the mess was swept up eventualy.
Shame on you Mamasan Flappy, one loves the dawn chorus,not so much a chorus in the city of course more a few solo performers that commense to chirp and sing at about 3 am.
Wonder if thingy ever found a map of the London underground.
A Labradore Poodle cross is gloriously known as a Labradoodle, singaporegirl,be almost worth having one so when folks say,
"nice dog what is he"?one would be able to say that word.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2004 08:56

Hmmmm...I wonder what one gets if one crosses a Bull Terrier with a Shih-Tzu? :rolleyes:

BlueDiamond 5th Jun 2004 09:05

I don't know, singaporegirl, but I have been advised that if you cross a Jehovah's Witness with a very large Hell's Angel, you get a person who knocks on your door and tells you to **** off.


IB4138 5th Jun 2004 09:07

Thats easy singy girl

A Bullhit!

Or isn't that quite what you had in mind!

My dog is a cross between a long haired dachshund and a pomerarian. Have a go at that and see what you can come up with!

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 09:22

Hmmm interesting development in ones park,a Deer has been sighted scuttling about,beats me how it got there,said park is surrounded by miles of urbal sprawl now, one supposes there is a route from the South,theres couple of estates belonging to the landed gentry and such,yes that must be it.

IB4138 5th Jun 2004 09:26


By the same method that I encountered a kangeroo on a roundabout beneath the M25 in Hertfordshire, at 6.25 am, a few years ago.

Also a friend woke up to two deer in his garden in High Wycombe, one morning.

That Captain James T Kirk has a lot to answer for, as has Scotty!

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 09:47

Yers that certainly beats me Deer IB,althoug one understands we have quite a large population of antipodean fauna at large in Englands green and pleasent land now.
Nice morning here now, one is sitting at total peace with the world listening to me new Shadows CD,apart from the hurty back things could not be berra.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2004 10:24

There was a big fuss a few years ago over foxes killing wallabies in Battersea Park children's zoo. The council had to spend thousands on erecting a fence to protect them.

IB4138 5th Jun 2004 10:28

Ms. Singy

Your last post is not quite clear.

What was being protected from what?

Wallies from foxes, foxes from wallies, wallies from children, foxes from children or both types of animuls from the childrun!:E

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 10:31

Tiz only the last couple of years we have had Squirrels in ones park, Grey ones unfortunately,yer Reds are exceedingly shy compared to yer Grey, we did have a fox at one time many years ago,never understood our lack of megafauna, tiz a very large park.
The Chief Constable of Newcastle payed for a Monkey House to be built in Victorian times, alas it was not a success, monkeys doing what monkeys do caused offence to Victorian ladies, and they had to be banished.

BlueWolf 5th Jun 2004 10:33

You've said things about squirrels in other threads Mr D, are you really worried about this thread going belly-up?

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 10:35

Not worried Wolfy, we have to move to new premises is all.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2004 10:35

I saw a black grey squirrel the other day (maybe it was just grubby). But I haven't seen Albi, the albino squirrel, for over a year. :(

IB4138 5th Jun 2004 10:36

In the park in Benalmadena we has Swans, Pelicans, ducks, terrapins, carp, rabbits, hens, geese, goats, emus, ostrich, peacocks, peahens and radio controlled model MTB's to try and ram the ducks with!

tony draper 5th Jun 2004 10:36

Right thats it peeps everybody out,we have a brand new home.

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