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singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 22:42

Maybe it was a tin roof.

witchdoctor 5th Jun 2003 22:45

I've not had any tea, or coffee today. Just a glass of milk and a golden syrup sandwich. It doesn't taste as good on brown bread.

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 22:45

England 173 - 5 at tea........

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 22:46

Two hundred ten, two hundred eleven..........

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 22:47

There are two people with my Christian name in the office.

Ozzy 5th Jun 2003 22:48

well bloody well ask them for it back Chaffers old boy


tony draper 5th Jun 2003 22:49

I once met Erich von Daniken, he didnt have a map of the London Underground either.

IFTB 5th Jun 2003 22:49

You can not just do that. You must understand that there are some limitations involved.

I wonder why the map of the Amsterdam underground is plastic covered?

Rugz 5th Jun 2003 22:50

Someone should rename this thread the 'We don't have (or have lost) a map of the London Underground' thread

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 22:51

If you indulge in nepotism, thats whats likely to occur Chaffers.

singaporegirl 5th Jun 2003 22:58

Did you know that on the London Underground map within the area bounded by the Circle line there are 11 stations that have no interchange with any other line?

witchdoctor 5th Jun 2003 22:59

Aforementioned defecating cat is now chasing a petal of some descriptiona round on aforementioned flat roof. Is it one of yours Mr. Woo? Not sure the wind is right from Switzerland - perhaps it has been up there some time.

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:01

**** me!. 73 posts in two hours twenty minutes, bet a certain Mancunian dwelling in the land of the Gnomes has a sweat on.

BALIX 5th Jun 2003 23:01

Even without a map of the London Underground, I know that Arsenal station is on the Picadilly Line.

I've got a plastic David Seaman charachter on my PC monitor, you know, the ones with the small body and big head. It was free with a box of teabags.

David Seaman plays for Arsenal.

I hate tea.

iainpoll 5th Jun 2003 23:03

David Seaman plays for Man City now..........

T_richard 5th Jun 2003 23:03

If you leave dog crap on the floor long enough it will begin to look like a map of the London Underground

topcat450 5th Jun 2003 23:05

I don't have a Diary or a map of the underground

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:06

If I leave a map of the London Underground on the floor long enough will it turn into a dog crap?

tony draper 5th Jun 2003 23:06

I have been on the London Underground only once in my life, and that was in 1959, I didn't have a map either.
I have however sailed up the Manchester Ship Canal in a proper ship, not many prooners will have done that.

Chaffers 5th Jun 2003 23:07

I have been in a cattle truck before.

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