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Kolibear 6th Jun 2003 19:25

There is a genus of birds with the scientific name 'Arses'

tony draper 6th Jun 2003 19:38

I have a Trilobite on my bookshelf, but its been dead a long time,it doesn't smell though.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 19:44

Marbled newts, like axototls, can regenerate missing organs.

Don't think any have been found on London Underground though.

topcat450 6th Jun 2003 19:46

I've a post-it note on my monitor...and I have had it for months and it says *Hotel*. But I haven't got a clue which hotel, where, for who, or am i supposed to book it...cancel it? get a rate..who knows..it's going in the bin though now.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 19:54

'Velcro' is made up of the words 'velour' and 'crochet'.

tony draper 6th Jun 2003 19:54

Circumlocution is a good word, not quite as good as Verisimilitude though, one shall probably use it in a future post.

The Axolotl can remain in the tadpole stage all its life if it so chooses, not having to shave every morning must be tempting.

iainpoll 6th Jun 2003 20:11

my mouse needs cleaning:=

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 20:18

I suppose it just shows the general lack of imagination when it comes to names. Like Hammy Hamster or Woody Woodpecker.

Unwell_Raptor 6th Jun 2003 20:27

Rizla papers were invented by a bloke called Lacroix.

Hence the logo reads RIZ(rice paper)LA+ = Lacroix.

He was a proper little joker wasn't he?

Flying Duck 6th Jun 2003 20:34

There are black squirrels in the trees near where I live

Davaar 6th Jun 2003 20:39

Multiculturalism. We have black swans on the river, but the white ones pick on them. That's true.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 20:43

In which case Tommy the tortoise isn't bad - could have been Torty the tortoise.

I saw an albino squirrel where I live a couple of years ago. I called it Snowy.

Could this be similar to genetic adaptations in moths - becoming darker where it's more polluted so they don't stand out to predators?

Ozzy 6th Jun 2003 20:46

over here, electricity cables are above ground not below ground like in developed countries. Strung to telegraph poles, they are a nice source of heat for the birdies on chilly mornings. Round our way we have suicidal squirrels. Once a month or so there's an electrocuted vermite lying prostrate at the foot of the electricity cable bearing telegraph pole. I guess the poor chaps just can't take a life of nuts and trees and decide to end it all.


Flying Duck 6th Jun 2003 20:52

Hmm... hadn't thought about it before - maybe I need to move to a less polluted area.

Or maybe the squirrels find it eaier to find their nuts in the dark... :ooh:

Buster Hyman 6th Jun 2003 21:15

I went to school with the guy who hosts Australia's "Who wants to be a millionaire".:zzz:

Duckbutt 6th Jun 2003 21:19

I went to the same school that Acker Bilk's brother went to (but not at the same time as he was there).

tony draper 6th Jun 2003 21:20

Me and Hank Marvin went to different schools together.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 21:26

The name 'axolotl' comes from the Aztec language 'Nahuatl'. One of the most popular translations of the name connects the Axolotl to the god of deformations and death, Xolotl, while the most commonly accepted one is 'water-dog' (from 'atl' for water and 'xolotl' which can also mean dog).

Chaffers 6th Jun 2003 21:27

A friend of mine has the same birthdate as David Beckham. He's bald, poor, single, crappy at football and feels that the No 7 is rubbing things in somewhat.

singaporegirl 6th Jun 2003 21:29

I was born in the same month as Prince Charles (and many years later, obviously).

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